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...And Oceans1998War Vol. IBlack Metal160k 
...And Oceans1999The Symmetry Of I The Circle Of OBlack Metal128k 
...And Oceans1999The Symmetry Of I The Circle Of O (Bonus Disk)Black Metal192k 
...And Oceans2001Allotropic_Metamorphic Genesis Of DismorphismBlack Metal192k 
...And Oceans2002CypherBlack Metal192k 
...And Oceans2003Dynamic Gallery of ThoughtsBlack Metal192k 
12 Stones2004Potter's FieldPost-Grunge256k 
13492003LiberationBlack Metal256k 
13492004Beyond the ApocalypseBlack Metal256k 
13492005HellfireBlack Metal256k 
16 Volt1995SkinIndustrial128k 
16 Volt1996Dreams That Rot In Your Heart CD5Industrial160k 
16 Volt1998Supercool NothingIndustrial160k 
16 Volt vs Hate Dept1997Remix Wars IIIIndustrial128k 
2 Unlimited Bonus Tracks (radio & clip versions + remixes)Techno160k 
2 Unlimited1992Get ReadyTechno160k 
2 Unlimited1993No LimitsTechno160k 
2 Unlimited1994Real ThingsTechno160k 
2 Unlimited1995Hits UnlimitedTechno192k 
2 Unlimited1997Singles CollectionTechno192k 
2 Unlimited1999IITechno160k 
2 Unlimited2002Trance RemixesTrance192k 
22 Piste Pirkko1998ElevenAlt. Rock128k 
2cents2006Lost at SeaAlt. MetalVBR 246 
2K1997Fuck The Millennium (JP) CD5Dance128k 
2Pac2004Loyal to the GameRap192k 
3 Doors Down2000The Better LifeAlternative256k 
3 Doors Down2002Away From The SunAlt. Metal/Post-Grunge192k 
3 Doors Down2005Seventeen DaysAlternative256k 
3 Inches Of Blood2004Advance And VanquishHeavy/Speed MetalVBR 243 
3 Inches Of Blood2007Fire Up the BladesPower/Heavy MetalVBR 247 
30 Seconds To Mars200230 Seconds To MarsPost-Grunge192k 
3111995311Rapcore/AlternativeVBR 256 
3111997TransistorRapcore/AlternativeVBR 255 
3112000From ChaosDeath Metal192k 
3112003EvolverRapcore/AlternativeVBR 255 
3112004Greatest Hits 1993-2003 (promo)AlternativeVBR 184 
3112005Don't Tread on MeRapcore/Alternative256k 
3242006RebelgrindGrindcoreVBR 239 
4 Hero1997JazzanovaLo-Fi192k 
4 Non Blondes1992Bigger, Better, Faster, More!Rock160k 
4 Strings2002Take Me Away into the NightTrance192k 
4hero1998Two Pages RemixedDrum & Bass192k 
5IVE20015iveSludge Metal192k 
5IVE2001Telestic DisfractureMelodic Sludge/Drone/Doom MetalVBR 208 
5IVE2003The Hemophiliac DreamMelodic Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal224k 
5IVE2006Versus EPMelodic Sludge/Drone/Doom MetalVBR 229 
69 Eyes1999Wasting of the DawnGothic Rock128k 
69 Eyes2000Blessed BeGothic Rock160k 
69 Eyes2002Paris KillsGothic Rock256k 
69 Eyes2004DevilsGothic RockVBR 231 
7days2006The Weight of the WorldDoom MetalVBR 219 
8 Foot Sativa2004Breed The PainDeath MetalVBR 259 
9 Lazy 91994Electric LazylandTrip-Hop128k 
9 Lazy 91994Paradise BlownTrip-Hop128k 
A Canorous Quintet The Only Pure HateBlack Metal128k 
A II Z2006Witch of Berkeley: LiveHeavy MetalVBR 217 
A Perfect Circle2000Mer De NomsRock192k 
A Perfect Circle2003Thirteenth StepAlternativeMPC 
A Perfect Circle2004Amotion (Bonus Remix CD)AlternativeVBR 203 
A Perfect Circle2004EmotiveAlternativeVBR 210 
A Taste For Murder2004Italian Girls (The Best In The World)HardcoreVBR 234 
A Tribute To Accept1999A Tribute To AcceptRock128k 
A Tribute To ACDC1997ThunderboltRock128k 
A Tribute To Aerosmith1999A Tribute To AerosmithRock128k 
A Tribute To Bathory1998In Conspiracy With SatanRock128k 
A Tribute To Deep Purple1994Smoke on the WaterRock128k 
A Tribute To Elvis Presley1994It's Now Or NeverRock128k 
A Tribute To Guns N' Roses1999Appetite For ReconstructionRock128k 
A Tribute To Iggy Pop1997We Will FallRock128k 
A Tribute To Jimmi Hendrix1995In From The Storm - The Music Of Jimmi HendrixRock128k 
A Tribute To Judas Priest1996Tribute To Judas Priest [vol 1]Rock128k 
A Tribute To Judas Priest1996Tribute To Judas Priest [vol 2]Rock128k 
A Tribute To Kiss1994RegroovedRock128k 
A Tribute To Pantera2000Southern DeathHeavy Metal192k 
A Tribute To Queen1996Dragon AttackRock128k 
A Tribute To Rainbow1999Catch the RainbowRock128k 
A Triggering Myth2006The Remedy of AbstractionProgressive RockVBR 200 
A-Ha1985Hunting High And LowRock128k 
A-Ha1986Scoundrel DaysRock128k 
A-Ha1988Stay On These RoadsRock128k 
A-Ha1990East Of The Sun West Of The MoonRock128k 
A-Ha1993Memorial BeachRock128k 
A-Ha2000Minor Earth I Major SkyRock128k 
A.F.I.2004A.F.I.PunkVBR 239 
A.W.A.S.2007HopeDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 234 
Aabsinthe2007In Search Of LightAtmospheric Death MetalVBR 225 
Abandoned2006Thrash NotesThrash MetalVBR 245 
Abazagorath Tenebrarum Cadent ExsugemusDeath Metal128k 
Abazagorath2004Sacraments Of The Final AtrocityBlack MetalVBR 
Abeyance2005Experience Is the Words That Are WrittenDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 250 
Abigor1997ApokalypseBlack Metal256k 
Abigor2001Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)Black MetalVBR 255 
Abigor2004Nachthymnen_ Orkblut-The RetaliationBlack MetalVBR 222 
Abigor2004Verwustung/Invoke the Dark Age [2xCD]Black MetalVBR 234 
Ablaze My Sorrow1998PlagueMelodic Death Metal192k 
Ablaze My Sorrow2002Anger, Hate and FuryMelodic Death Metal256k 
Abominant2000UngodlyDeath Metal256k 
Abominant2002Upon Black HorizonsDeath Metal256k 
Aborted2005The Archaic AbattoirDeath Metal256k 
Aborym1999Kali Yuga BizarreBlack Metal192k 
Aborym2001Fire Walk With UsBlack Metal160k 
Aborym2003With No Human InterventionBlack Metal192k 
Aborym2006GeneratorIndustrial Black MetalVBR 212 
About The Fire2004Rites Of Passage_A Study In Failure And RedemptionHardcoreVBR 233 
Abscess2004Damned and MummifiedDeath MetalVBR 214 
Abscess2007HorrorhammerDeath MetalVBR 222 
Absence2006The Decomposition ProcessMelodic Death MetalVBR 260 
Absonus Noctis2005Penumbral InorgantiaBlack MetalVBR 206 
Absurd Minds2000DeceptionIndustrial160k 
Abydos2004Abydos (promo)Progressive RockVBR 211 
Abysmal Dawn2006From AshesDeath MetalVBR 245 
ABYSS1997Summon The BeastBlack Metal256k 
ABYSS2001The Other Side And Summon The BeastBlack Metal256k 
Abyssaria2001All The Dying On EarthBlack Metal160k 
Abyssaria2003Architecture Of ChaosBlack Metal192k 
Abyssos1997Together We Summon the DarkBlack Metal128k 
Abyssos1999Fhinsthanian NightbreedBlack MetalVBR 267 
AC-DC1976High VoltageHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1977Let There Be RockHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1978If You Want BloodHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1978PowerageHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1979Highway To HellHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1980Back In BlackHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1981Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1981For Those About To Rock We Salute YouHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1983Flick of the SwitchHard Rock128k 
AC-DC198474 JailbreakHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1985Fly On The WallHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1986Who Made WhoHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1988Blow up your videoHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1988Heatseeker (Vinyl)Hard Rock192k 
AC-DC1990The Razors EdgeHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1992BallbreakerHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1992High Voltage (Australian)Hard Rock128k 
AC-DC1992Live (Disk One)Hard Rock128k 
AC-DC1992Live (Disk Two)Hard Rock128k 
AC-DC1994TntHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1997Bonfire - (1) Live from The Atlantic StudiosHard Rock128k 
AC-DC1997Bonfire - (2) (Let There Be Rock, The Movie - Pt.1)Hard Rock128k 
AC-DC1997Bonfire - (3) (Let There Be Rock, The Movie - Pt.2)Hard Rock128k 
AC-DC1997Bonfire - (4) VoltsHard Rock128k 
AC-DC2000Stiff Upper LipMetalVBR 
Accept1981BreakerHeavy Metal192k 
Accept1985Metal HeartHeavy Metal192k 
Accept1986Russian RouletteHeavy Metal256k 
Accept2002Metal Blast From The PastHeavy Metal192k 
Accid Reign2007AwakenGothic MetalVBR 219 
Accuser1990Taken By the ThroatAlt. Pop/Rock160k 
Accuser1992RepentAlt. Pop/Rock160k 
Acedia2004Everyone you love will eventually dieThrash MetalVBR 
Acephalous2007Divine PurityBlack/Death MetalVBR 210 
Acheron2002XomalyBlack Metal192k 
Acheron2004Decade Infernus_1988-1998 [2xCD]Death MetalVBR 198 
Acheron2004Rebirth Metamorphosing Into GodhoodDeath Metal320k 
Acrostichon1993Engraved In BlackDeath Metal192k 
Acrostichon1995SentencedDeath Metal192k 
Act of Gods2006MaatDeath MetalVBR 243 
Ad Hominem2002Planet Z.O.GBlack Metal192k 
Ad Hominem2005Climax of HatredBlack Metal192k 
Ad Inferna2002L'empire des sensBlack Metal192k 
Adagio2001Sanctus IgnisPower Metal192k 
Adam F1997ColoursJungle/Drum & Bass128k 
Adrem2006A Prova Do CrimeDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 237 
Adrenalin Drum1997X-Perimental GoaPsychedelic192k 
Adversus2003Winter, so unsagbar Winter...Orchestral Doom Black192k 
Aeba-Shemhamforash2004Des Hasses Antlitz (promo)Black MetalVBR 248 
Aeon (swe)2005Bleeding the FalseDeath Metal192k 
Aeons2002SupergreenGothic Metal192k 
Aerosmith2001Just Push PlayPop/Rock192k 
Aesma Daeva2000Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In WaterGothic192k 
Aesma Daeva2002The Eros of Frigid BeautyAmbient Gothic192k 
Aesma Daeva2003The New Athens EthosGothic Metal256k 
Aeternitas2004La Danse MacabreGothic RockVBR 226 
Aeternus2000Shadows of OldBlack/Death Metal192k 
Aeternus2001Ascension Of TerrorBlack Metal192k 
Aeternus2001Burning The ShroudBlack Metal192k 
Aeternus2006HexaeonDeath Metal256k 
Aeturnus Dominion2006PsychoticDeath MetalVBR 222 
Afflicted1992Prodigal SunHeavy Metal128k 
Afflitus2005Promises You Can't KeepMelodic Death/MetalcoreVBR 217 
After Forever Prison Of DesireGothic128k 
After Forever1999Ephemeral (demo)Gothic192k 
After Forever1999Wings of Illusion (demo)Gothic192k 
After Forever2001DecipherGothic192k 
After Forever2004Digital Deceit-Ltd.Ed.Gothic MetalVBR 253 
After Forever2004ExordiumGothic/Atmospheric Metal256k 
After Forever2004Invisible Circles (promo)Gothic MetalVBR 
After Forever2005RemagineGothic/Atmospheric Metal256k 
After Forever2006Mea Culpa .. best ofGothic/Atmospheric MetalVBR 218 
After Forever2007After ForeverSymphonic Power/Gothic Metal256k 
After The Eulogy2006Libertines DreamMelodic Death Metal/MetalcoreVBR 245 
After The Fall2004After The FallAlt.RockVBR 
Aftermath1994Eyes Of TomorrowTechnical Progressive Thrash256k 
Afterworld1999Dark Side Of MindHeavy Metal192k 
Agalloch2002The MantleBlack/Doom Metal192k 
Agalloch2006Ashes Against the GrainAtmospheric Folk/Doom Metal192k 
Agarta2003Under The Same SkyProgressive Rock256k 
Agathocles1997RobotizedBlack Metal128k 
Agathodaimon1998Blacken The AngelGothic Black Metal128k 
Agathodaimon1999Higher Art Of RebellionBlack Metal192k 
Agathodaimon2001Chapter IIIBlack Metal192k 
Agathodaimon2004Serpent's EmbraceBlack Metal256k 
Age of Nemesis2007Terra IncognitaProgressive MetalVBR 239 
Age of Ruin2002Black Sands of the HourglassMelodic Death Metal192k 
Age of Ruin2003The Longest Winter WoesMelodic Death Metal192k 
Age of Ruin2004Tides of TragedyMelodic Death MetalVBR 211 
Age of Silence2004AccelerationProgressive MetalVBR 231 
Agent Steel1985Mad Locust RisingSpeed Metal256k 
Agent Steel1985Skeptics ApocalypseSpeed Metal256k 
Agent Steel1999Omega ConspiracyThrash Metal192k 
Agent Steel2003Order of the IlluminatiSpeed Metal256k 
Aghast View1995Chemical Storm [MCD]Industrial160k 
Aghora2000AghoraProgressive Rock128k 
Agiel2002Dark Pantheons Again Will ReignDeath/Brutal MetalVBR 254 
Agmen2000EternalMelodic Death/Black MetalVBR 199 
Agnosis2005ZeroDoom MetalVBR 214 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed1998Honky ReductionsNoise/Grindcore128k 
Agressor1995Symposium Of RebirthDeath Metal192k 
Agressor1999Medieval RitesDeath Metal256k 
Ahab2006The Call of the Wretched SeaFuneral Doom Metal256k 
Ahumado Granujo2004Chemical HolocaustGoregrind256k 
Aiboforcen Face (of) DeathElectronic160k 
Aina2004Days Of Rising Doom_ The Metal OperaMetal Opera256k 
Aion MidianRock128k 
Air1998Moon SafariElectronic256k 
Air200110000 Hz LegendElectronic192k 
Air2002Everybody HertzElectronic192k 
Air2004Talkie WalkieElectronic256k 
Ajattara2001ItseBlack Metal192k 
Ajattara2003KuolemaBlack Metal256k 
Ajattara2004TyhjyysBlack MetalVBR 242 
Ak12001999Lock & RollDrum & Bass128k 
Akercocke2001Rape Of The Bastard NazareneDeath Metal160k 
Akercocke2001The Goat Of MendesDeath Metal160k 
Akercocke2003ChoronzonDeath/Black Metal256k 
Akercocke2005Words That Go Unspoken Deeds That Go UndoneProgressive Black/Death Metal256k 
Akercocke2007AntichristProgressive Black/Death MetalVBR 209 
Akitsa2006La Grande InfamieBlack MetalVBR 212 
Al Bano & Romina Power1982Aria PuraItalian Pop192k 
Al DiMeola1976Elegant GypsyGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1976Land Of The Midnight SunGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1977CasinoGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1979Splendido HotelGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1981Electric RendevousGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1983ScenarioGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1988Kiss My AxeGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1990World SinfoniaGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1994OrangeAnd BlueGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1996Tirami SuGuitar/Fusion160k 
Al DiMeola1998World Sinfonia - Heart Of ImmigrantGuitar/Fusion160k 
Alabama ThunderPussy1999ConstellationHard RockMPC 
Alabama ThunderPussy2002Staring At The DivineHard RockMPC 
Alanis Morissette2002Under Rug SweptAlt. Rock192k 
Alas2001Absolute PurityGothic Rock192k 
Alastis1996The Other SideDark Metal128k 
Alastis1998RevengeDeath/Doom MetalVBR 262 
Alastis2000UnityDark Metal160k 
Alchemist1997SpiritechProgressive Death/Black Metal256k 
Alchemist2000OrganasmDeath Metal256k 
Alec Empire1995Generation StarwarsElectronic192k 
Alex Rease1996So FarJungle128k 
Alghazanth1999Thy Aeons Envenomed SanityBlack MetalMPC 
Alghazanth2001Osiris_Typhon UnmaskedBlack/Death Metal224k 
Alghazanth2001Subliminal AntenoraBlack Metal192k 
Alghazanth2004The Polarity AxiomBlack MetalVBR 227 
Algol2006Searching for Inner and OuterBlack MetalVBR 190 
Alias Eye2003Field of NamesProgressive Rock256k 
Alice Cooper1975Welcome To My NightmareHard Rock160k 
Alice Cooper1991Hey StoopidHard Rock192k 
Alice In Chains2001Greatest HitsHard Rock192k 
Alien Ant Farm2001AnthologyGrunge192k 
Alien Ant Farm2003truANTGrunge256k 
Alien Project2003JuicePsychedelic320k 
Alkonost2002AlkonostFolk/Pagan/Doom/Black MetalVBR 226 
Alkonost2004Between the WorldsFolk/Pagan/Doom/Black Metal192k 
Alkonost2006Put NeproidennyiFolk/Pagan/Doom/Black MetalVBR 237 
All 4 One2002A41R&B160k 
All Shall Perish2006The Price of ExistenceDeathcoreVBR 251 
All That Remains2002Behind Silence and SolitudeHardcore192k 
All that Remains2004This Darkened HeartDeath MetalVBR 
All That Remains2006The Fall of IdealsMetalcore/Melodic Death Metal256k 
Allegiance1996BlodrnsofferBlack Metal128k 
Allegiance1999VredeDeath Metal192k 
Allfader2006At Least We Will Die TogetherBlack/Death MetalVBR 263 
Almighty1989Blood Fire And LoveHeavy Metal192k 
Alphaville1984Forever YoungRock192k 
Altaria2003InvitationPower Metal256k 
Altaria2004Divinity (promo)Power MetalVBR 215 
Alter Bridge2004One Day RemainsAlt. Rock256k 
Alter Ego1996AlterismTechnoVBR 
Alter Ego1996Decoding the Hacker MythTechnoVBR 
Amaran2004Pristine in Bondage (promo)Heavy Metal192k 
Amartia2006MarionetteGothic/Atmospheric MetalVBR 224 
Ambeon2001Fate Of A DreamerAmbient192k 
Ambryo2007Dead End StreetMetalcoreVBR 241 
Amentia2007Burn To HateBrutal Death MetalVBR 249 
Amok2006Necrospiritual DeathcoreDeath MetalVBR 221 
Amok Vedar2002Seelenfriede (Demo)Black Metal192k 
Amon Amarth1998Once Sent From The Golden HallDeath Metal128k 
Amon Amarth1999The AvengerDeath Metal192k 
Amon Amarth2001The CrusherDeath Metal192k 
Amon Amarth2002Versus the WorldBlack/Death Metal192k 
Amon Amarth2004Fate Of Norns (promo)Death MetalVBR 253 
Amon Amarth2006With Oden on Our SideMelodic Death MetalVBR 258 
Amon Tobin1997BricolageJungle/Drum & BassVBR 
Amon Tobin1998PermutationJungle/Drum & BassVBR 
Amon Tobin2000Piranha Breaks EPDrum & Bass192k 
Amon Tobin2000SupermodifiedDrum & Bass192k 
Amon Tobin2002Out from out whereJungle/Drum & Bass192k 
Amoral2005DecrowningDeath MetalVBR 251 
Amoral2007Reptile RideDeath MetalVBR 243 
Amorphis1992The Karelian IsthmusHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1993Privilege Of EvilHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1994Tales From The Thousand LakesHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1995Black Winter DayHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1996ElegyHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1997My KanteleHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis1999TuonelaHeavy Metal192k 
Amorphis2000Story 10th AnniversaryHeavy Metal192k 
Amorphis2001Am UniversumHeavy Metal128k 
Amorphis2004Far From the SunHeavy MetalVBR 222 
Amorphous Androgynous1993Tales of EphidrinaAmbient192k 
An2005Revelation I: World Minus PopuBlack MetalVBR 235 
Anaal Nathrakh2004Domine Non Es Dignus (promo)Black MetalVBR 219 
Anaal Nathrakh2006EschatonBlack MetalVBR 247 
Anacrusis1993Screams And WhispersHeavy Metal128k 
Anal Cunt1992Morbid FloristCrap128k 
Anal Cunt1993Everyone Should Be KilledCrap Metal192k 
Anal Cunt199640 More Reasons to Hate UsCrap Metal192k 
Anal Cunt1997I Like it When You DieCrap Metal192k 
Anal Cunt1999It Just Gets WorseCrap Metal192k 
Anal Cunt2000The Early Years (1988-1991)Crap Metal192k 
Anal Cunt2001Defenders Of HateNoise/Grindcore192k 
Anasarca2004DyingDeath MetalVBR 231 
Anastacia2000Not This KindPop128k 
Anata2006The Conductor's DepartureDeath MetalVBR 247 
Anathema1990An Iliad Of Woes (demo tape)Death/Doom Metal192k 
Anathema1990Crusadors Of Damnation (demo tape)Death/Doom Metal160k 
Anathema1991All Faith Is Lost (demo tape)Gothic192k 
Anathema1992The CrestfallenDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Anathema1992They Die (7'')Death/Doom Metal192k 
Anathema1993SerenadesDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Anathema1994Live in BucharestDeath/Doom Metal128k 
Anathema1994Serenades & CrestfallenGothic128k 
Anathema1994We Are The Bible (7'')Death/Doom Metal128k 
Anathema1996Pentecost IIIGothic256k 
Anathema1998Alternative IVGothic256k 
Anathema1999Make It RightGothic Metal192k 
Anathema2001A Fine Day To ExitGothic Rock256k 
Anathema2001Resonance IAtmospheric Rock320k 
Anathema2003A Natural DisasterDark Metal256k 
Anathema2003The Silent Enigma (Remastered)Gothic/Doom192k 
Anathema & My Dying Bride1998Split EPDeath/Doom Metal128k 
Ancient1997Mad Grandiose BloodfiendsMelodic Black Metal256k 
Ancient1999Det Glemte RiketMelodic Black Metal256k 
Ancient1999Halls of EternityMelodic Black Metal256k 
Ancient2001Proxima CentauriBlack Metal256k 
Ancient Ceremony1997Under Moonlight We KissGothic/Black Metal256k 
Ancient Ceremony1998Fallen Angel's SymphonyGothic/Black Metal256k 
Ancient Ceremony2000Synagoga DiabolicaBlack Metal192k 
Ancient Ceremony2002The Third TestamentBlack Metal192k 
Ancient Existence2007Hate Is the LawDeath MetalVBR 240 
Ancient Rites1996Blasfemia EternalBlack Metal128k 
Ancient Rites1998FatherlandBlack Metal128k 
Ancient Rites2001Dim CarcosaDeath MetalVBR 
Ancient Wisdom1996For Snow Covered The NorthlandBlack Metal192k 
Ancient Wisdom1997The CallingBlack Metal192k 
Ancient Wisdom2000...And The Physical Shape Of Light BledBlack Metal320k 
Ancient Wisdom2004Cometh Doom, Cometh DeathBlack Metal192k 
Android Lust1998ResolutionIndustrial160k 
Andy C2003Sharpness Ryme Tyme-Live_at_ViRAM_WMCDrum & Bass192k 
Andy C2003Urban Jungle, Vol.2Drum & Bass192k 
Angel Dust1986Into The Dark PastPower Metal128k 
Angel Dust1988To Dust You Will DecayPower Metal192k 
Angel Dust1998Border Of RealityPower Metal128k 
Angel Dust1999BleedHeavy Metal128k 
Angel Dust2000Enlighten the DarknessPower Metal192k 
Angel Dust2002Of Human BondagePower Metal192k 
Angel Witch1980BronzeHeavy Metal128k 
Angelcorpse1998ExterminateBlack Metal128k 
Angelcorpse2007Of Lucifer And LightningDeath MetalVBR 210 
Angels Beneath Me2006The Scene is Over, Burn the ReelBrutal/Death MetalVBR 243 
Anger Within2005Fight live act giveThrash/Death Metal/CrossoverVBR 206 
Angizia1997Das Tagebuch Der Hanna AnikinGothic/Black Metal192k 
Angizia1997Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter LichterGothic/Black Metal192k 
Angizia1999Das Schachspiel des TrommelbubGothic/Doom Metal192k 
Angizia200139 Jahre fur den LeierkastenmannGothic Metal192k 
Angizia2004Ein Toter Faehrt Gern RingelspielDoom/Death/Gothic192k 
Anglagard1992HybrisProg-Rock/Art Rock256k 
Angra1995Angels CryProgressive PowerVBR 260 
Angra1995Holy LandRock192k 
Angra1998FireworksHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Angra2001RebirthHeavy Metal192k 
Angra2002Hunters and PreyHeavy/Power MetalVBR 256 
Angra2004Temple Of ShadowsProgressive Power256k 
Angra2006Aurora ConsurgensPower/Progressive Metal256k 
Anima Nera2002Anima NeraBlack/Death Metal192k 
Animals on Wheels1997Designs And MistakesElectronic160k 
Ankla2006Steep TrailsHardcore MetalVBR 238 
Anne Dudley1993The World Of Jeeves And WoosterNew Age128k 
Anne Dudley1995Ancient & ModernNew Age128k 
Anne Dudley1998American History XNew Age128k 
Annie Lennox2003BarePop/Rock192k 
Annihilator1989Alice In HellHeavy Metal128k 
Annihilator1993Set The World Of FireHeavy Metal128k 
Annihilator1996Refresh The DemonHeavy/Thrash MetalVBR 
Annihilator1997RemainsHeavy Metal128k 
Annihilator2001Carnival DiablosHeavy Metal192k 
Annihilator2003Double Live Annihilation [2xCD]Heavy/Thrash Metal256k 
Annihilator2004All for YouThrash Metal256k 
Annihilator2004Best ofSpeed/Thrash MetalVBR 218 
Annihilator2005Schizo DeluxeThrash/Groove256k 
Anorexia Nervosa1997ExileBlack MetalANY 
Anorexia Nervosa1999Sodomizing The ArchedangelBlack Metal256k 
Anorexia Nervosa2000DrudenhausBlack Metal256k 
Anorexia Nervosa2001New Order ObscurantisBlack Metal192k 
Anorexia Nervosa2004Redemption ProcessBlack MetalVBR 261 
Anorexia Nervosa2004Suicide is SexyBlack Metal128k 
Anthemon2003ArcanesGothic MetalVBR 
Anthemon2004DystopiaAtmospheric Doom MetalVBR 239 
Anthrax1984Fistful Of MetalHeavy Metal256k 
Anthrax1990Persistence Of TimeSpeed Metal128k 
Anthrax2004Greater of Two EvilsSpeed/Thrash MetalVBR 258 
Anthrax2004Music of Mass DestructionThrash MetalVBR 215 
Antichrisis1997Cantara AnachoretaGothic192k 
Antichrisis2001PerfumeMelodic Gothic/Black/Folk Metal256k 
Antimatter2000SaviourGothic Rock192k 
Antimatter2003Lights OutGothic Rock192k 
Antimatter2003Unreleased (1998-2003)Dark MetalVBR 
Antimatter2007Leaving EdenAtmospheric RockVBR 196 
Anuna1999Deep Dead BlueCelticVBR 181 
Anvil Of Doom2004DeathillusionDeath Metal192k 
Anyone'S Daughter2004WrongProgressive Rock256k 
Aphelion_Dismal2004SplitDeath MetalVBR 239 
Aphex Twin1993Selected Ambient WorksElectronic128k 
Aphex Twin1995ClassicsIDM/Techno128k 
Aphex Twin1995I Care Because You DoElectronic128k 
Aphex Twin1996Richard D.James AlbumElectronic128k 
Aphex Twin1999Come to DaddyElectronic128k 
Aphex Twin2001DrukqsElectronic192k 
Aphex Twin200326 Mixes For Cash [2xCD]Electronic256k 
Aphex Twin2005Hangable Auto BulbIDM/Techno256k 
Aphrodite1997Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass vol.2 [2xCD]Drum & Bass192k 
Aphrodite1997Full Force [2xCD]Drum & Bass128k 
Aphrodite1999Aphrodite [VVR1006952]Jungle160k 
Aphrodite2000Fanfare [APH035]Drum & Bass192k 
Apocalyptica1996Plays Metallica By Four CellosHeavy Metal128k 
Apocalyptica1998Inquisition SymphonyHeavy Metal192k 
Apocalyptica2000CultHeavy Metal256k 
Apocalyptica2005ApocalypticaSymphonic MetalVBR 214 
Apollo 4401997Electro Glide In BlueElectronic128k 
Apollo Four Forty1999Gettin' High On Your Own SupplyClub192k 
Apoptygma Berzerk1992The 2nd ManifestoIndustrial128k 
Apoptygma Berzerk1994BitchIndustrial128k 
Apoptygma Berzerk2002HarmonizerElectro-Gothic256k 
Apoptygma Berzerk2004Unicorn & HarmonizerElectro-Gothic256k 
Apoptygma Berzerk2005You and Me Against the WorldElectro-Gothic256k 
Apoptygma Berzerk2006Sonic DiaryElectro-Gothic192k 
Apostasy2005DevilutionMelodic Black Metal256k 
April Wine1998HitsRock192k 
Aquasky1999AftershockDrum & Bass192k 
Aquasky2003Live_on_Fire_106.7_FM_05-25Drum & Bass192k 
Arbitrator2004Voice Of The DeadThrash Metal256k 
Arcana1996Dark Age of ReasonGothic160k 
Arcana1997Cantar de ProcellaGothic160k 
Arcana1999Isabel MCDGothic192k 
Arcana2000The Last EmbraceGothic128k 
Arcana2002...Inner Pale SunBallad192k 
Arcana Coelestia2007Ubi secreta coluntBlack/Funeral DoomVBR 223 
Arcane Grail2006Mysteries Of The Ancient CharnelSympho-Black/Melodic Death MetalVBR 215 
Arcane Necrosis2006Arcane NecrosisBlack Metal/Ambient/AtmosphericVBR 195 
Arch Enemy1996Black EarthDeath Metal256k 
Arch Enemy1998StigmataDeath Metal192k 
Arch Enemy1999Burning BridgesDeath Metal160k 
Arch Enemy2000Burning (Japan Live)Death Metal192k 
Arch Enemy2001Wages Of SinBlack Metal192k 
Arch Enemy2003Anthems Of RebellionDeath Metal256k 
Arch Enemy2004Dead Eyes See No Future [EP]Death MetalVBR 
Arch Enemy2004Live in Quebec City (Bootleg)Death Metal192k 
Arch Enemy2005Doomsday MachineDeath Metal256k 
Arch Enemy/Cathedral1997Black Birth Machine (live bootleg)Black/Death Metal256k 
Archgoat2006Whore of BethlehemDeath/Black MetalVBR 204 
Archive1999Take My HeadTrip-Hop160k 
Archontes2004Book One: The Child Of Two WorldsPower Progressive256k 
Arckanum2006TrulenBlack MetalVBR 234 
Arckanum & Contamino2003Kosmos Wardhin Drpas Om Sin (Ltd Ed Ep)Black Metal192k 
Arcturus1996Aspera Hiems SymphoniaDeath Metal160k 
Arcturus1997La Masquerade InfernaleSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Arcturus1999Disguised MastersDeath Metal128k 
Arcturus2002The Sham MirrorsDeath MetalVBR 
Arecibo1995Trans Plutonian TransmissionsAmbient128k 
Arena2000ImmortalProgressive Metal256k 
Arena2003ContagionProgressive Metal256k 
Ares Wrath2004War Bombastic Black MetalBlack MetalVBR 
Argar2004CWM ANNWNBlack MetalVBR 215 
Argile2002The Monotonus Moment Of A MonologueBlack/Death Metal192k 
Argus Megere2006Solitar in StraniuBlack MetalVBR 205 
Ark2000ArkProgressive Metal256k 
Ark2001Burn the sunDeath Metal192k 
Arkangel2004Hope You die By OverdoseHardcoreVBR 225 
Armagedda2003Only True BelieversBlack Metal256k 
Armageddon2002ThreeMelodic Power Metal128k 
Armageddon Dildos2004MorgengrauenIndustrial256k 
Armageddon Project2002The Fifth Revelation (Vinyl)Industrial160k 
Armaggedon2006Ave SatanBlack MetalVBR 233 
Armored Saint2000RevelationHeavy Metal160k 
Army of Lovers1993The Gods Of Earth And HeavenPop/Rock128k 
Art inferno1999Abyssvs abyssvm invocatBlack Metal256k 
Art Of Noise1999Metaforce (#1)New Age256k 
Art Of Simplicity2006Caught In This Iless StormProgressive MetalVBR 236 
Art of Trance1999Voice of EarthTrance160k 
Artemesia2003ApocryphalMelodic Death Metal256k 
Arthemis2003Golden DawnPower MetalABR 239 
Artillery1990By InheritanceThrash Metal160k 
Artimus Pyledriver2006Artimus PyledriverSludge MetalVBR 240 
Artrosis1999Posrod kwiatow i cieniGothic192k 
Artrosis2000In The Flower's ShadeGothic Metal256k 
Artrosis2001FetishGothic Metal256k 
Artrosis2002MelangeGothic Metal256k 
Arum2004Inhuman Echoes from the ShadowBlack Metal192k 
Aryan Art2006And Despite All, Bulgaria Will SurviveBlack MetalVBR 191 
As I Lay Dying2001Beneath the Encasing of AshesDeath Metal192k 
As I Lay Dying2003Frail Words CollapseDeath Metal192k 
Asgaroth1999Absence spells beyond & Trapped in the depths of eveBlack/Doom Metal192k 
Asgaroth2000Absence Spells BeyondBlack Metal256k 
Asgaroth2003Red ShiftBlack Metal256k 
Asgeirr2005Diktat AllianzBlack MetalVBR 168 
Ashanti Ft Murder Inc2002Foolish (single)R&B192k 
Ashen Mortality1998Your CaressDoom Metal256k 
Ashes to Ashes2002Cardinal VIIProgressive Metal256k 
Asia1996Archiva 1Rock192k 
Asia1996Archiva 2Rock192k 
Asmegin2003Hin Vordende Sod And SoFolk Metal192k 
Asperity2004Final DemandMelodic Prog/Power MetalVBR 182 
Assemblage 232002DefianceElectronic192k 
Astarte2000Rise from WithinBlack Metal256k 
Astarte2004Sirens (promo)Black Metal192k 
Astor Piazolla1996Songs From A Heavy Heart 128k 
Astor Piazzolla1992Ballet TangoTango256k 
Astral Doors2005Evil Is ForeverHeavy Metal256k 
Astral Projection1996Trust In Trance 3Psychedelic128k 
Astral Projection1997Dancing GalaxyPsychedelic128k 
Astral Projection1997The Astral FilesPsychedelic128k 
Astral Projection1998The Unreleased Tracks (1989-1994)Psychedelic160k 
Astral Projection1999Another WorldPsychedelic160k 
Astral Projection2000In the MixPsychedelic192k 
Astral Projection2000Liquid SunPsychedelic192k 
Astral Projection2002AmenPsychedelic192k 
Astral Projection2004TenPsychedelic TranceVBR 190 
Astrofaes2005Those whose Past is ImmortalBlack MetalVBR 255 
Asunder2004A Clarion CallDoom Metal192k 
Asunder2006Works Will Come UndoneDoom MetalVBR 197 
Asura2000Code EternityAmbient192k 
At The Gates1991Gardens Of GriefDeath Metal128k 
At The Gates1992The Red In The Sky Is OursDeath Metal128k 
At The Gates1993With Fear I Kiss The Burning DarknessDeath Metal128k 
At The Gates1994Terminal Spirit DiseaseDeath Metal128k 
At The Gates1995Slaughter of the SoulDeath Metal128k 
At The Gates2001Suicidal Final ArtDeath Metal192k 
At the Gates2004Terminal Spirit DiseaseMelodic Death MetalVBR 215 
Ataraxia1999Lost AtlantisElectronic192k 
Ataraxie2003The Other PathDoom MetalVBR 
Atari Teenage Riot1995Delete Yourself!Gabba192k 
Atari Teenage Riot1997Burn, Berlin, BurnGabba192k 
Atari Teenage Riot199960 Second Wipe OutGabba160k 
Atari Teenage Riot1999Live in PhiladelphiaGabba192k 
Atheist1990Piece of TimeDeath Metal192k 
Atheist1991Unquestionable PresenceDeath Metal192k 
Atheist1993ElementsDeath Metal192k 
Atheretic2006Apocalyptic Nature FuryBrutal Technical Death MetalVBR 255 
Atkins & Mark Knopfler1991Neck and NeckRock256k 
Atmos2001 Re-ProcessedPsychedelic192k 
Atomizer2006Songs of slaughter songs of sacrificeThrash/Black MetalVBR 239 
Atreyu2002Suicide Notes & Butterfly KissesHardcore192k 
Atreyu2004The CurseHardcoreVBR 231 
Atreyu2006A Death-Grip on YesterdayAlt/Hardcore Metal256k 
Atrocity1990HallucinationsDeath MetalAPE 
Atrocity1992TodessehnsuchtDeath MetalVBR 
Atrocity1994BlutDeath Metal192k 
Atrocity1995Calling The RainFolkVBR 254 
Atrocity1996WillenskraftDeath MetalMPC 
Atrocity1997Werk 80Hardcore Punk192k 
Atrocity2000GeminiHardcore Punk192k 
Atrocity2000Taste Of SinGrindcoreVBR 258 
Atrocity2001Infected / Art of DeathHardcore256k 
Atrocity2004AtlantisDeath Metal192k 
Atrocity (USA)1992The Art of DeathHardcoreVBR 
Atrophia Red Sun2003Twisted LogicProgressive/Melodic Death Metal256k 
Atrophy1988Socialized HateSpeed Metal192k 
Atrox1997MesmerizedDoom/Gothic Metal192k 
Atrox2000ContentumDoom/Gothic Metal256k 
Atrox2002TerrestrialsDoom/Gothic Metal256k 
Atrox2003OrgasmDoom/Gothic Metal192k 
Audioslave2002AudioslaveAlt. Rock192k 
Audioslave2005Out of ExileAlternative-Rock256k 
Aural Float2001IntrospektivesAmbientVBR 
Aurora Borealis2006RelinquishBlack/Death MetalVBR 247 
Autechre Incunabula (Warp CD 17)ElectronicVBR 
Autechre Peel Sessions Part IIAmbient128k 
Autechre1991Cavity JobAmbient128k 
Autechre1994Anti EPAmbient128k 
Autechre1996 EP7Ambient192k 
Autechre1997Chiastic SlideAmbient128k 
Autechre1999Peel SessionAmbient128k 
Autopsy1990Severed SurvivalDeath Metal256k 
Autopsy2004Dead As FuckDeath Metal256k 
Autumn2002When Lust Evokes The CurseGothic256k 
Autumn2004Summer'S EndGothic/Doom MetalVBR 207 
Autumn (RUS)1997And we are the fallen leaves...Doom Metal128k 
Autumn (RUS)2000Chernye KryliaDoom Metal128k 
Autumn (RUS)2003Forever AutumnDoom Metal256k 
Autumn Leaves1999As Night Conquers DayMelodic Death Metal256k 
Autumn Tears2004EclipseGothicVBR 180 
Autumnblaze1999DammerElbenTragodieBlack/Doom Metal192k 
Autumnblaze2000BleakAmbient Doom Metal256k 
Autumnblaze2002Mute Boy, Sad GirlRock192k 
Avalanch2004Las Ruinas del EdnPower Metal256k 
Avalon1997Mystic PlacesProgressive Metal256k 
Avalon2000EurasiaMelodic Metal192k 
Avantasia2001The Metal OperaSpeed/Heavy Metal192k 
Avec Tristesse2002Ravishing BeautyDark/Doom Metal160k 
Avec Tristesse2004How Innocence DiesBlack Metal160k 
Avenged Sevenfold2003Waking the FallenAlternative-Rock192k 
Avenged Sevenfold2005City of EvilAlt. Metal256k 
Avenging Angels2006Fragmentary RealityDeath MetalVBR 240 
Aventura2002We Broke the RulesDance/Pop/Latin256k 
Averse Sefira1999Homecoming's MarchBlack Metal256k 
Averse Sefira2001Battle's ClarionBlack Metal256k 
Avi Nissim (Astral Projection)2003Live on Radio BU 99FMPsychedelic192k 
Avrigus2001The Secret KingdomGothicVBR 
Avril Lavigne2002Let GoAlt. Pop/RockVBR 256 
Avril Lavigne2003My WorldAlt. Pop/RockVBR 264 
Avril Lavigne2004Under My SkinAlt. Pop/RockVBR 256 
Avulsed1999Stabwound Orgasm 192k 
Avulsed2002Yearning for the grotesqueDeath Metal192k 
Axamenta2004IncognationGothicVBR 240 
Axamenta2006Ever-Arch-I-Tech-TureMelodic Death/Black MetalVBR 225 
Axxis1989Kingdom Of The NightRock128k 
Ayreon1998Into The Electric Castle [2xCD]ProgressiveMPC 
Ayreon2000The Dream SequencerHeavy Metal160k 
Ayreon2004The Human EquationProgressive256k 
Ayreon2005Actual Fantasy RevisiteDProgressive MetalVBR 219 
Aztec Jade2002Concrete EdenProgressive Metal256k 
B.B. King & Eric Clapton2000Riding With The KingBlues192k 
B.E.D.2005Ver. 1.5Pop256k 
B.Impatient2006IntensityMelodic MetalVBR 212 
Baal2004The lilith ComplexHardcoreVBR 232 
Baal Gadrial2006Awakening A New Era of DarknessBlack MetalVBR 163 
Baby Mammoth1997Bridging Two WorldsTrip-Hop128k 
Baby Mammoth1999SwimmingTrip-Hop192k 
Bach Johann Sebastian VariousClassical128k 
Backlash2006SynopsixsixsixMetalVBR 227 
Bad Company1974Bad CompanyRock160k 
Bad Company1975Straight ShooterRock160k 
Bad Company2000Inside The Machine LPDrum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2000Live at InnovationJungle192k 
Bad Company2000Live at Worlddancephase 2Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2001Book of The Bad Vol.3Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2001Book Of The Bad Vol.1Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2001Book Of The Bad Vol.2Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2001Book Of The Bad [BCRUKEPCD001]Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2002Live at Biggest and Best 6Drum & Bass192k 
Bad Company2002Shot Down On SafariDrum & Bass192k 
Bal Sagoth1994A Black Moon Broods Over LemuriaDeath Metal128k 
Bal Sagoth1998Battle MagicDeath Metal128k 
Bal Sagoth2001Atlantis AscendantSymphonic/Epic Metal256k 
Banco de Gaia1994MayaAmbient192k 
Banco de Gaia1995Last train to Lhasa [2xCD]Ambient192k 
Banco de Gaia1997Big men cryAmbient192k 
Banco de Gaia1999The Magical Sounds Of Banco De GaiaAmbient192k 
Banished1994Deliver Me Unto Pain 160k 
Baphometh2003In The BeginningThrash MetalVBR 178 
Barenaked Ladies1998StuntBritPop128k 
Barenaked Ladies2000Maroon (Special Edition)BritPop192k 
Barenaked Ladies2003Everything To EveryoneBritPop192k 
Barenaked Ladies2004Barenaked for the HolidaysBrit Pop256k 
Barenaked Ladies2006Barenaked Ladies Are MeBritPop192k 
Basic Unit1998TimelineDrum & Bass192k 
Bathory1984BathoryHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1985The ReturnHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1987Under The Sign Of The Black MarkHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1988Blood Fire DeathHeavy Metal192k 
Bathory1990HammerheartHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1991Twilight Of The GodsHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1994RequiemHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory1995OctagonThrash Metal256k 
Bathory1996Blood On IceHeavy Metal256k 
Bathory1998Jubileum Volumne IIIHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory2001Destroyer of WorldsHeavy Metal128k 
Bathory2002Nordland IBlack Metal256k 
Bathory2003Nordland IIViking MetalVBR 
Battalion2006Winter campaignOld School Death MetalVBR 246 
Battalion of Saints A.D.1995Death _R_ UsPunk160k 
Battlelore2002Where The Shadows LieDeath/Doom Metal192k 
Battlelore2003Swords SongDeath/Doom Metal192k 
Battletorn2005Evil ChainsThrashcore256k 
Bauhaus1999GothamAlternative Rock/Goth256k 
Beastie Boys1986Licensed to illAlt. Rap160k 
Beastie Boys1992Jimmy JamesAlt. Rap192k 
Beastie Boys1994Check Your HeadAlt. Rap128k 
Beastie Boys1994Ill CommunicationAlt. Rap160k 
Beastie Boys1998Pauls BoutiqueAlt. Rap128k 
Beastie Boys1999Antology [2xCD]Alt. Rap160k 
Beautiful World1995...In ExistenceNew Age256k 
Beck1994Mellow GoldAlt.Rock256k 
Beck1996OdelayAlternative Rock256k 
Beck2005GueroAlt. Rock256k 
Becoming the Archetype2007The Physics of FireProgressive Death MetalVBR 222 
Bedemon2006Child of DarknessDoom MetalVBR 238 
Bee Gees1971TrafalgarRock192k 
Bee Gees1997Still WatersRock & Roll128k 
Beethoven1990Toscanini / NBC Symphony Orchestra / Symphonies 1 & 3 EroicaClassical256k 
Before The Dawn20044 17 AMGothic MetalVBR 
Behemoth1993From The Pagan VastlandsBlack Metal160k 
Behemoth1994And The Forests Dream EternallyBlack Metal128k 
Behemoth1999Chaotica_The Essence Of The Underworld [2xCD]Black Metal128k 
Behemoth1999Live In Strasbourg (Satanica Bonus)Black Metal160k 
Behemoth2001Antichristian Phenomenon (Limited Tour Edition)Black Metal192k 
Behemoth2001Thelema.6Black Metal192k 
Behemoth2002Zos Kia CultusBlack Metal192k 
Behemoth2003ConjurationDeath Metal256k 
Behemoth2004Crush.Fukk.CreateBlack MetalVBR 201 
Behemoth2004DemigodBlack MetalVBR 249 
Behemoth2006Demonica... best ofBlack/Death MetalVBR 165 
Behemoth2007The ApostasyBlack/Death MetalVBR 234 
Behind the Scenery2001...of Honesty ForbiddenBlack Metal192k 
Behind The Sun2006Blood Covered Love LettersDeath/HardcoreVBR 235 
Beholder2004Lethal InjectionPower MetalVBR 214 
Belenos2004Triste Pense [2xCD]Dark MetalVBR 180 
Belphegor1997BlutsabbathBlack Metal192k 
Belphegor2003Lucifer IncestusBlack MetalAPE 
Belphegor2005Goatreich-FleshcultDeath/Black Metal256k 
Belphegor2006Pestapokalypse VIDeath/Black MetalVBR 255 
Belvedere2004Fast Forward Eats The TapePunkVBR 247 
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals2001Live From Mars [2xCD]Alternative-Rock256k 
Benassi Bros2004PumphoniaElectronic256k 
Beneath the Massacre2007Mechanics of DysfunctionBrutal/Technical Death MetalVBR 249 
Beneath the Red Dawn2006This Cold MourningProgressive Death/Black MetalVBR 157 
Benediction1992Dark is the SeasonDeath Metal128k 
Benediction1993Transcend The RubiconDeath Metal128k 
Benighted2004Insane cephalic productionDeath MetalVBR 
Benny Benassi2003HypnoticaTechno/Dance256k 
Benny Carter2000Benny Carter - My Favorite Blues ( )Jazz192k 
Benny Goodman2000Benny Goodman - Sometimes I'm Happy ( )Jazz256k 
Bentley Rhythm Ace1997Bentley Rhythm AceTrip-Hop192k 
Bentley Rhythm Ace2000For Your Ears OnlyTrip-Hop192k 
Beowulf2005WotansfolkAlt. MetalVBR 218 
Beseech1996...From a Bleeding HeartHeavy Metal128k 
Beseech2002Souls HighwayGothic Metal192k 
Beseech2004Drama (promo)Gothic192k 
Bethlehem1994Dark MetalBlack Metal256k 
Bethlehem1996Dictius Te NecareDoom MetalVBR 249 
Bethlehem1998Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiser DarbietungDeath Metal192k 
Bethlehem2001Schatten Aus Der AlexanderweltDoom Metal256k 
Bethlehem2004Dictius Te Necare [2xCD]Black MetalVBR 217 
Bethlehem2004Mein WegIndustrialVBR 195 
Beto Vazquez Infinity2001Beto Vazquez InfinityGothic Rock192k 
Betray My Secrets1999Betray My Secrets 128k 
Bewitched1996Diabolical DesecrationBlack MetalVBR 
Bewitched1996Encyclopedia Of EvilBlack MetalVBR 
Bewitched1997Pentagram PrayerBlack Metal256k 
Bewitched2000At The Gates Of HellBlack MetalVBR 
Bewitched2002Rise Of The AntichristBlack Metal256k 
Beyond Black Void2003DesolateSludge Funeral Doom192k 
Beyond Dawn1995Pity LoveDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Beyond The Embrace2004Insect SongMelodic Death MetalVBR 266 
Beyond Twilight2001The Devils Hall Of FameMetal192k 
Beyond Twilight2006For The Love Of Art And The MakingProgressive Metal256k 
Bifrost1998MythistoryBlack/Death Metal160k 
Bile2000Sex ReflexIndustrial128k 
Bile2002Demonic ElectronicIndustrial Metal192k 
Bill Drummond1989The ManDance128k 
Bill Laswell & Style Scott1997Dub MeltdownAmbient192k 
Bilskirnir2004AhnenerbeBlack Metal256k 
Bio-Tek1996A God Ignored is a Demon BornIndustial192k 
Biohazard1992Urban DisciplineAlternative160k 
Biohazard1994State Of The World AddressHeavy Metal128k 
Biohazard1996Mata LeaoAlternative160k 
Biohazard1999New world disorderAlternative128k 
Biosphere2004Autour De La LuneElectronic256k 
Birdflesh2006Mongo MusicaleGrindcoreVBR 172 
Bitrayer2007BitrayerAmbient Industrial MetalVBR 238 
Bjork Gudmundsdottir1977Bjork 1977General Alternative256k 
Black Boned Angel2006Bliss And Void InseparableDrone/Doom MetalVBR 216 
Black Cobra2006BestialSludge/Doom MetalVBR 201 
Black Countess2000Blood Desire and Dead NenupharsBlack, Doom/Gothic metalVBR 210 
Black Countess2001Carnivorous RomanceBlack Metal256k 
Black Countess2006Koroleva ZimyBlack MetalVBR 232 
Black Countess2006The Language of FleshBlack MetalVBR 229 
Black Crowes2001LionsHard Rock192k 
Black Eyed Peas1998Behind The FrontAlt. Rap192k 
Black Eyed Peas2000Bridging The GapRap192k 
Black Eyed Peas2003ElephunkPop Rap & Hip-HopVBR 264 
Black Eyed Peas2005Monkey BusinessHip-Hop & Rap256k 
Black Forest2000SadnessDoom Metal320k 
Black Forest/Black Sea2003Black Forest/Black SeaDoom Metal192k 
Black God2006The End of Christian UtopiaBlack MetalVBR 246 
Black Label Society2004Hangover Music_Vol. VIHeavy MetalVBR 206 
Black Label Society2005MafiaHard Rock256k 
Black Rose A Night of RehearsalHeavy MetalVBR 
Black Sabbath1970Black Sabbath (Remaster)Heavy Metal128k 
Black Sabbath1971MasterHeavy Metal256k 
Black Sabbath1973Sabbath Bloody SabbathHeavy Metal128k 
Black Sabbath1975SabotageHeavy Metal192k 
Black Sabbath1980Heaven And HellHeavy Metal160k 
Black Sabbath1983Born Again (Remaster)Heavy Metal192k 
Black Sabbath1985Seventh Star (Japanese Ed.)Heavy Metal256k 
Black Sabbath1989Headless CrossHeavy Metal128k 
Black Sabbath1990TyrHeavy Metal128k 
Black Sabbath1992DehumanizerHeavy Metal192k 
Black Sabbath1995ForbiddenHeavy Metal192k 
Black Sabbath1998Reunion [2xCD]Heavy Metal256k 
Black Sabbath2006Greatest Hits 1970-1978Heavy/Traditional, Doom Metal256k 
Black Star Liner2000Twelve Inch Confrontation MixAmbient Dub192k 
Black Symphony1998Black SymphonyPower/Prog Metal256k 
Black Symphony2001Tears of Blood PromoHeavy Metal192k 
Black Tape For A Blue Girl1987Mesmerized By The SirensGothic160k 
Black Tape For A Blue Girl1989Ashes In The Brittle AirGothic128k 
Black Tape For A Blue Girl1993This Lush Garden WithinGothic Rock192k 
Black Tape For A Blue Girl1998As One Aflame, Laid Bare By DesireGothic Rock192k 
Blackdeath2005Satan Macht FreiBlack Metal192k 
Blackmore's Night1998Shadow Of The MoonNew AgeVBR 
Blackmore's Night1999Under a Violet MoonNew Age128k 
Blackmore's Night2001Fires at MidnightNew Age256k 
Blackmore's Night2003Ghost of a RoseFolk/Rock192k 
Blackmore's Night2006The Village LanterneFolk/Rock256k 
Blacksun2005Tyrant From A Foreign LandHeavy MetalVBR 216 
Blank & Jones2004MonumentDance & Electronic256k 
Blaze2000Silicon MessiahHeavy Metal128k 
Blazing Eternity2000Times and Unknown WatersAtmospheric Doom192k 
Bleeding Through2006The TruthMetalcoreVBR 213 
Blind Guardian1990Tales From The Twilight WorldSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1992Somewhere Far BeyondSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1993Tokyo TalesSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1995Imaginations From HamburgSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1998Battalions Of FearSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1998Follow The BlindSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1998Imaginations From The Other SideSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1998The Forgotten TalesSpeed Metal128k 
Blind Guardian1999Nightfall In Middle-EarthSpeed Metal192k 
Blind Guardian2002A Night at the OperaSpeed Metal256k 
Blind Guardian2006A Twist in the MythPower/Progressive MetalVBR 218 
Blindead2006Devouring WeaknessProgressive Doom MetalVBR 242 
Blinded Colony2003DivineMelodic Death Metal256k 
Blindside2000A Thought Crushed My MindAlt. Metal256k 
Blindside2002SilenceAlt. Metal256k 
Blindside2004About a Burning FireAlt. Metal256k 
Blindside2005The Great DepressionAlt. Metal256k 
Blink 1821999Enema of the StatePunk192k 
Blink 1822000The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (Live)Punk192k 
Blink 1822001Take Off Your Pants & JacketPunk192k 
Blodsrit2004HelveteshymnerBlack Metal256k 
Blodsrit2006The Well Of Light Has Finally DriedBlack MetalVBR 207 
Blood Duster1996YeestDeath Metal192k 
Blood Freak2006Live Fast Die Young And Leave A Flesh Eating CorpseDeath/Grind MetalVBR 165 
Blood Red Throne2005Altered GenesisDeath MetalVBR 258 
Blood Red Throne2007Come DeathDeath MetalVBR 244 
Blood Stain Child2003Mystic Your HeartDeath Metal192k 
Blood Tsunami2007Thrash MetalTrash MetalVBR 237 
Blood Vomit2001Up From The GraveDeath Metal256k 
Bloodbath2000Breeding DeathDeath Metal256k 
Bloodbath2004Nightmares Made Flesh (promo)Death MetalVBR 254 
Bloodboil2006Festering FornicationBrutal Death MetalVBR 248 
Bloodlined Calligraphy2004The Beginning Of The End [EP]HardcoreVBR 234 
Bloodsimple2005A Cruel WorldAlt. Metal256k 
Bloodthorn1999Onwards into BattleBlack Metal256k 
Bloody Sign2004Vana-Vigala LoitsBlack Metal256k 
Blue Man Group1999AudioExperimental128k 
Blue Man Group2003The ComplexExperimental256k 
Blues Saraceno1994Hair PickInstrumental Rock160k 
Blumchen2000Die Welt gehort DirEurodance192k 
Blur2003Think TankAlt. Rock192k 
Blut Aus Nord1995Ultima ThuleBlack MetalVBR 223 
Boards of Canada1998Music Has The Right to ChildrenElectronic256k 
Boards of Canada2002GeogaddiElectronic192k 
Boards of Canada2002TwoismElectronic192k 
Bob Marley1999Chant Down BabylonReggae192k 
Boesedeath2004...Of DeathDeath MetalVBR 250 
Bolt Thrower1988In Battle There Is No LawGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1989Realm Of ChaosGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1991Cenotaph (single)Grindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1991The Peel Sessions 1988Grindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1991War MasterGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1992The IVth CrusadeGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1993Spearhead (single)Grindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1993Where Next To Conquer (Live)Grindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1994For VictoryGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1994Live WarGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1994Who Dares WinsGrindcore192k 
Bolt Thrower1998MercenaryDeath Metal192k 
Bolt Thrower2001Honour Valour PrideDeath Metal192k 
Bolt Thrower2001Honour Valour Pride (Promo)Death Metal192k 
Bolt Thrower2005Those Once LoyalDeath Metal256k 
Bon Jovi2000CrushRock192k 
Bon Jovi2002BounceRock192k 
Book Of Black Earth2006The FeastBlack MetalVBR 256 
Book Of Reflections2004Book Of ReflectionsPower MetalVBR 259 
Borknagar1996BorknagarSympho Black Metal256k 
Borknagar1997The Olden DomainBlack Metal160k 
Borknagar1998The Archaic CourseBlack Metal192k 
Borknagar2000QuintessenceBlack Metal192k 
Borknagar2001EmpiricismBlack Metal192k 
Borknagar2004EpicBlack MetalVBR 264 
Boy Sets Fire2002Live For Today [EP]Rock192k 
Boymerang1997Balance of the ForceDrum & Bass192k 
Bozzio Levin Stevens2000Situation Dangerous 192k 
Brainstorm2003Soul TemptationPower Metal192k 
Breaking Benjamin2004We Are Not AloneAlt. Rock256k 
Breath Of Life1994Taste Of SorrowGothic Rock128k 
Breath Of Life1996Lost ChildrenGothic256k 
Breath Of Life1998Sweet PartyGothic256k 
Breath Of Life2000Silver DropsGothic256k 
Brian Eno1982Ambient 4 _ On LandAmbientVBR 250 
Brian Eno1992Nerve NetProgressive Rock192k 
Brian Setzer Orchestra2001IgnitionRock256k 
Brilliant Coldness2006Beyond EternityBlack/Death MetalVBR 221 
Britney Spears2000Oops I Did It AgainPop192k 
Broken Circle2006As My Canvas BleedsDeath/Hardcore MetalVBR 218 
Browbeat2006STHardcore MetalVBR 245 
Bruce Dickinson1990Tattooed MillionaireHeavy Metal256k 
Bruce Dickinson1994Balls To PicassoHeavy Metal256k 
Bruce Dickinson1995Alive in Studio A [2xCD]Heavy Metal192k 
Bruce Dickinson1996SkunkworksHeavy Metal256k 
Bruce Dickinson1997Accident of BirthHeavy Metal128k 
Bruce Dickinson1998The Chemical WeddingHeavy Metal128k 
Bruce Dickinson1999Scream For Me BrasilHeavy Metal256k 
Bruce Willis2001Universal MastersRock128k 
Brujeria1993Matando GuerosDeath Metal128k 
Brujeria1995Raza OdiadaGrindcore128k 
Brujeria2000BrujerizmoDeath/Grind Metal256k 
Brujeria2001Mextremist HitsDeath Metal192k 
Brujeria2003The Mexecutioner!Death Metal256k 
Brutal Truth1992Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesDeath Metal/Grindcore192k 
Brutal Truth1992Perpetual ConversionDeath Metal/Grindcore192k 
Brutal Truth1994Need to ControlGrindcore256k 
Brutal Truth1996Kill Trend SuicideDeath Metal/Grindcore256k 
Brutal Truth1997Sounds Of The Animal KingdomDeath Metal/Grindcore192k 
Brutal Truth1998Live In Auckland, Nz (Bootleg)Death Metal/Grindcore192k 
Brutal Truth1999Goodbye Cruel World! (Live From Planet Earth +13) [2xCD]Death Metal/Grindcore192k 
Brutal Truth2000Assembled In BlasphemyDeath Metal/Grindcore192k 
Bryan Ferry2000Slave To LoveRock128k 
Buckcherry1999BuckcherryHard Rock256k 
Buckcherry2006FifteenAlt. Metal256k 
Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck LiveBlues128k 
Built Upon Frustration2006The Book Of MourningHardcore MetalVBR 225 
Bunkur2004BludgeonDrone/Doom Metal192k 
Burden of Grief2001On Darker TrailsDeath Metal192k 
Burden of Grief2004Fields Of SalvationDeath Metal192k 
Burden Of Grief2007Death End RoadMelodic Death MetalVBR 228 
Burial Hordes2006War Revenge and Total AnnihilationBlack MetalVBR 212 
Burning Skies2004Murder By Means of ExistenceDeath MetalVBR 257 
Burzum1997Daudhi BaldrsDark Ambient128k 
Burzum2005Draugen: RaritiesBlack MetalVBR 189 
Butterfly Messiah2004EternalElectronicVBR 
Butterfly Temple2003Tropoyu Krovi po Vole RodaBlack Metal256k 
By Night2006A New Shape Of DesperationThrash Metal/MetalcoreVBR 260 
Bypass Unit1997Tunnel Flotation [EP]Goa128k 
C.C. Catch1999Super 20Pop192k 
C.C.Catch1994Super Disco HitsDance/Disco256k 
Cabbage Boy1999Genetically ModifiedElectronic160k 
Cadacross2001So Pale Is the LightFolk/Power Metal256k 
Cadaver2004NecrosisDeath MetalVBR 
Cadaver Inc.2001DisciplineBlack/Thrash/Death Metal256k 
Cadaveres2006Soul Of A New BreedGroove MetalVBR 245 
Cafe Del Mar1995Vol. 2Lo-Fi160k 
Cafe Del Mar2001Vol. 8Lo-Fi192k 
Cafe Del Mar2003The Best Of [2xCD]Lo-Fi256k 
Caliban2004The Opposite From Within (promo)HardcoreVBR 284 
California Guitar Trio1995InvitationBlues Rock256k 
California Guitar Trio1998PathwaysBlues Rock192k 
California Guitar Trio2004White WaterBlues Rock256k 
Callenish Circle2001Graceful - yet forbiddingBlack Metal256k 
Callenish Circle2002Flesh Power DominionMelodic Death Metal256k 
Callenish Circle2003My Passion Your PainBlack Metal256k 
Callenish Circle2004Forbidden Empathy [2xCD]Melodic Death MetalVBR 235 
Calvarium2002The Skull of GolgothaBlack Metal192k 
Camper Van Beethoven2004Camper Vantiquities (remastered 1987)Rock256k 
Cancer1992Death Shall RiseDeath Metal192k 
Cancer2004To The Gory End (Reissue)Death Metal256k 
Candiria2004What Doesn't Kill YouAvant-GardeVBR 241 
Candlemass1987NightfallDeath Metal128k 
Candlemass1988Ancient DreamsDoom Metal256k 
Candlemass1989Tales of CreationEpic Heavy/Doom Metal256k 
Candlemass1992Chapter VIDoom Metal192k 
Candlemass1993Sjunger Sigge FurstDeath Metal256k 
Candlemass1999From the 13th SunEpic Heavy/Doom Metal256k 
Candlemass2002Epicus Doomicus Metallicus [2xCD]Doom Metal192k 
Candlemass2003Demons GateEpic Heavy/Doom MetalVBR 234 
Candlemass2005CandlemassEpic Heavy/Doom Metal256k 
Candlemass Mike Amott1998Dactylis GlomerataDoom Metal256k 
Cannibal Corpse1990Eaten Back To LifeDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1992 Butchered at BirthDeath Metal160k 
Cannibal Corpse1992Tomb Of The MutilatedDeath Metal128k 
Cannibal Corpse1993Hammer Smashed Face (EP)Death Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1993Meat Hook Sodomy (bootleg)Death Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1994The BleedingDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1995Created To Kill (demo)Death Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1996Live In HoustonDeath Metal128k 
Cannibal Corpse1996VileDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1998Gallery Of SuicideDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse1998Monolith Of Death (bootleg)Death Metal128k 
Cannibal Corpse1999BloodthirstDeath Metal160k 
Cannibal Corpse2000Live CannibalismDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse2002Gore ObsessedDeath Metal256k 
Cannibal Corpse200315 Year Killing Spree [3CD]Death Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse2004The Wretched SpawnDeath Metal192k 
Cannibal Corpse2006KillDeath/Gore MetalVBR 262 
Cannon2004The History [2xCD] RemasteredHeavy MetalVBR 256 
Capitollium2002Symphony Of PossessionSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Capitollium2004Seraphim's LairSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Capitollium2006Undivine AntipathySymphonic Black MetalVBR 200 
Caravan1998Songs For Oblivion FishermenProg/Art Rock256k 
Carcariass2002Killing ProcessDeath Metal192k 
Carcass1989Symphonies Of SicknessDeath/Black Metal256k 
Carcass1991Necroticism_Descanting The InsalubriousHeavy Metal192k 
Carcass1996Wake Up And Smell The CarcassHeavy/Thrash Metal256k 
Carcass2004Choice CutsHeavy/Thrash MetalVBR 240 
Carcass & Cathedral1992Gods of Grind Live '92Death Grind256k 
Cardinal Sin2004ResurrectionThrash Metal256k 
Carl Cox 5th BirthdayClub160k 
Carl Cox1997F.A.C.T. vol.2_Future Alliance of Community Tecknology [2xCD]Club/Dance192k 
Carl Cox1999Non Stop 2000Club160k 
Carl Orff VariousClassical128k 
Carnal Forge2001FiredemonSwedish Death Metal160k 
Carnal Forge2001Please Die!Death Metal192k 
Carnal Forge2004Arent You Dead Yet (promo)Death Metal256k 
Carnal Forge2007Testify for My VictimsDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 238 
Carnival in Coal2000French CancanDeathl/Black Metal192k 
Carnival in Coal2005Collection PrestigeDeath/Black Metal256k 
Carpathian Forest2001Morbid Fascination Of DeathBlack Metal192k 
Carpathian Forest2004Skjend Hans Lik (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Carpathian Forest2006Fuck You AllBlack MetalVBR 251 
Carpathian Full Moon1994Serenades In Blood MinorDeath Metal256k 
Carpe Tenebrum1997Majestic NothingnessBlack/Death Metal256k 
Carpticon2006Master MoralityBlack MetalVBR 208 
Cass & Slide2002Burning the candle at both endsProgressive TranceVBR 
Castaway2006Over the drowning waterProgressive MetalVBR 223 
Catacombs2006In The Depths Of R'lyehFuneral Doom MetalVBR 240 
Catafalc2004Pain PerformanceDeath Metal256k 
Catafalque2007DialectiqueAtmospheric Gothic MetalVBR 208 
Catamenia1998Halls of the Frozen NorthBlack Metal160k 
Catamenia1999Morning CrimsonBlack Metal256k 
Catamenia2000Eternal Winter's ProphecyBlack Metal128k 
Catamenia2002EskhataBlack Metal192k 
Catamenia2003Chaos BornBlack Metal192k 
Catamenia2005Winternight TragediesMelodic Black Metal256k 
Cataplasm2006Illusion of the EndHardcore MetalVBR 242 
Cataract2004With Triumph Comes Loss (promo)HardcoreVBR 270 
Catastrophic2001The CleansingDeath Metal256k 
Catharsis1998Proles FlorumPower Metal256k 
Catharsis1999Febris EroticaRock192k 
Catharsis2002ImagoPower Metal256k 
Catharsis2003Dea & Febris EroticaPower Metal320k 
Catharsis2004Prizrachnyj SvetPower Metal256k 
Cathedral1991Forest of EquilibriumDoom Metal192k 
Cathedral1993The Ethereal MirrorDoom MetalVBR 261 
Cathedral1995Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)Doom Metal256k 
Cathedral1995The Carnival BizarreDoom Metal192k 
Cathedral1996Supernatural Birth MachineDoom Metal192k 
Cathedral1997Black Birth Machine (live bootleg)Black/Death Metal256k 
Cathedral1999Caravan Beyond RedemptionDoom Metal192k 
Cathedral2001EndtymeDoom Metal256k 
Cathedral2002The 7th ComingDoom MetalVBR 261 
Cathedral2004The Serpent's Gold [2xCD]Doom Metal192k 
Cathedral2005The Garden of Unearthly DelightsDoom MetalVBR 209 
Catholicon2006The Death Throes Of ChristianiBlack MetalVBR 239 
Catscan2002Ltd 3 (Vinyl)Hardcore192k 
Cave In2004Live AirwavesAlt. RockVBR 
Cave in2005Perfect Pitch BlackHardcore/Alt. MetalVBR 228 
Celestia2006Apparitia - Sumptuous SpectreBlack MetalVBR 246 
Celestial Crown2006...Suicidal AngelsGothic/Doom/Black MetalVBR 211 
Celestial Season1993Forever Scarlet PassionDoom/Stoner Metal256k 
Celestial Season1995Solar loversDoom/Stoner Metal256k 
Celestial Season1995Sonic OrbDoom/Stoner Metal256k 
Celestial Season1997OrangeDoom/Stoner Metal256k 
Celestial Season1998ChromeDoom/Stoner Metal256k 
Celesty2002Reign of ElementsPower Metal192k 
Celesty2004Legacy of HatePower MetalVBR 231 
Cellador2006Enter DeceptionPower Metal256k 
Celtic Cross1998HicksvilleTrance160k 
Celtic Frost1984Morbid TalesThrash/Death, Avant-Garde256k 
Celtic Frost1985To Mega TherionThrash/Death, Avant-Garde256k 
Celtic Frost1987Into the PandemoniumThrash/Death, Avant-Garde256k 
Celtic Frost1988Cold LakeThrash/Death, Avant-garde256k 
Celtic Frost1989Vanity/NemesisThrash/Death, Avant-Garde256k 
Celtic Frost2006MonotheistThrash/Death, Avant-GardeVBR 217 
Cemetary1992An Evil Shade Of GreyHeavy Metal128k 
Cemetary1993Godless BeautyHeavy Metal128k 
Cemetary1994Black VanityHeavy Metal192k 
Cemetary1995SundownHeavy Metal128k 
Cemetary1997Last ConfessionsHeavy Metal128k 
Cemetary1998Sweetest TragediesHeavy Metal128k 
Cemetary2000The Beast DivineHeavy Metal192k 
Cemetery Of Scream1995MelancholyDeath Metal128k 
Cemetery Of Scream1998DeeppressionDeath Metal128k 
Cemetery Of Scream1999Fin De SiecleGothic Metal192k 
Cemetery of Scream2002Prelude To A Sentimental JourneyGothic Metal256k 
Cemetery of Scream2006The Event HorizonGothic Doom/Death MetalVBR 213 
Centinex2004Decadence Prophecies Of Cosmic ChaosDeath Metal192k 
Cephalic Carnage2005AnomaliesTechnical Grind/Death Metal256k 
Cerebral Effusion2005Smashed And Splattered OrgansDeath Metal256k 
Ceremonial Castings2003Midnight Deathcult PhenomenaMelodic Black Death Metal192k 
Chakra & Edi Mis1996The Promised LandPsychedelic128k 
Chalice2000Chronicles Of DysphoriaGothic/Doom Metal192k 
Chaos Opera2001Endless BattleMetal128k 
Chaosbreed2004Brutal (promo)Death MetalVBR 
Chaosfear2006One Step Behind AngerThrash MetalVBR 241 
Charon1998SorrowburnGothic RockANY 
Charon2000TearstainedGothic RockVBR 
Charon2002DownheartedGothic Rock192k 
Charon2003The Dying DaylightsGothic Rock256k 
Chemical Brohters1995Exit Planet DustBeat128k 
Chemical Brothers Music Response EPElectronic192k 
Chemical Brothers1999SurrenderBeat192k 
Chemical Brothers2002Come With UsElectronic128k 
Chemical Brothers2005Push the ButtonElectronic256k 
ChemiKiller2006EvilspeakThrash MetalVBR 204 
Chet Baker1999A Man Who Used To BeJazzVBR 
Chet Baker2000Street Of Dreams ( )Jazz256k 
Chevelle2004This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us InAlt. MetalVBR 229 
Children of Bodom1999HatebreederDeath Metal128k 
Children of Bodom1999Tokyo Warhearts (live)Black Metal192k 
Children of Bodom2000Hate Me (Single)Black Metal192k 
Children of Bodom2001Follow The ReaperBlack Metal192k 
Children of Bodom2003Hate Crew DeathrollDeath Metal192k 
Children Of Bodom2004Trashed, Lost & Strungout EPMelodic Death MetalVBR 260 
Children of Bodom2005Are You Dead Yet?Power/Speed Metal with Harsh Vocals256k 
Chimaira2000Darkness InsideHardcore192k 
Chimaira2000This Present DarknessHardcore192k 
Chimaira2001Pass Out Of ExistenceNu-Metal192k 
Chimaira2003Impossiblity of ReasonHardcore192k 
Chimaira2004Reasoning_The ImpossibleNu-Metal192k 
Chimaira2005ChimairaNu-Metal/HardcoreVBR 244 
Chimaira2007ResurrectionGroove/Post-Thrash/MetalcoreVBR 249 
China Muzax And China BlueRock128k 
Chinchilla2001MadnessHeavy/Thrash Metal256k 
Chinchilla2002The Last MillenniumHeavy/Thrash Metal256k 
Chinchilla2003MadtropolisHeavy/Thrash Metal256k 
Chris Cornell1999Euphoria MorningAlt. Rock192k 
Christian Death1982Only Theatre Of PainGothic Rock320k 
Christian Death1984Catastrophe Ballet With Rhapsody Of Youth And RainGothic Rock320k 
Christian Death1994The Rage Of AngelsGothic Rock320k 
Christian Death2002Lover Of SinGothic Rock192k 
Christina Aguilera2000My Kind of ChristmasPop128k 
Christina Aguilera2001Just Be FreePop/Rock160k 
Christina Aguilera2002StrippedPop192k 
Chroma Key2004Graveyard Mountain HomeProgressive Rock256k 
Chronic Torment2006DoomedDeath MetalVBR 194 
Chrysalis2006ChrysalisProgressive Gothic MetalVBR 224 
Church Of El Duce2006Not Suitable For Anyone!MetalVBR 214 
Cintecele Diavolui1997The Devil's SongsGothic192k 
Cipher System2004Central Tunnel EightDeath Metal256k 
Cirith Gorgor1999Onwards to the Spectral DefileBlack Metal256k 
Cirith Gorgor2001Unveiling the EssenceBlack Metal256k 
Clan of Xymox1985Clan Of XymoxGothic Rock256k 
Clan of Xymox1986MedusaGothic256k 
Clan of Xymox1989Twist Of ShadowsGothic Rock256k 
Clan of Xymox2001Notes from the UndergroundGothic Rock192k 
Clan of Xymox2003FarewellGothic Rock256k 
Clandestine Blaze2004Deliverers Of FaithBlack MetalVBR 268 
Clawfinger1993Deaf Dumb BlindIndustrial128k 
Clawfinger2001A Whole Lot of NothingCrossover192k 
Clawfinger2003Zeros And HeroesAlt. Metal192k 
Clawfinger2005Hate Yourself With StyleAlternativeVBR 240 
Clifford Gilberto1998Deliver the Weird!Drum & Bass256k 
Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination1999I was young and i neededAcid Jazz320k 
Clinic2004Winchester CathedralAlt. Rock/Post-Punk256k 
Closterkeller2004NeroGothic Rock256k 
Coal Chamber1997Coal Chamber [Digipack]Industrial192k 
Coal Chamber1999Chamber MusicAlternative/Nu-Metal256k 
Coal Chamber2002Dark DaysAlternative/Nu-Metal256k 
Coal Chamber2003Giving The Devil His DueAlternative/Nu-Metal256k 
Coal Chamber2004Best ofAlternative/Nu-MetalVBR 234 
Coalition2004Tortured by Eternal DreamDeath MetalVBR 227 
Cobalt 601996Born Again (EP)Industrial160k 
Cobalt 601996ElementalIndustrial128k 
Cobalt 601996If I Was (EP)Industrial160k 
Cobalt 601998TwelveIndustrial128k 
Code 0712000ReinforcedDrum & Bass192k 
Coil Astral Disaster (CD version)Industrial160k 
Coil1987Gold Is The MetalIndustrial128k 
Coil1994The Angelic ConversationIndustrial128k 
Coil1999Musick To Play In The Dark IIndustrial160k 
Cold2003Year of the SpiderNeo/Nu Metal256k 
Cold2005Different Kind of PainAlt. Metal256k 
ColdCut1989What's That NoiseElectronic128k 
ColdCut1996Journeys By DJsElectronic128k 
ColdCut1999Let Us Replay!Electronic160k 
Coldcut2002Stone Chilled GrooveElectronic128k 
Coldcut2004People Hold On The Best Of ColdcutElectronic256k 
Coldcut & DJ Food1999ColdKrushCutsTrip-Hop128k 
Coldplay2002A Rush Of Blood to The HeadBrit Pop192k 
Collective Soul2000BlenderRock192k 
Collide2003Some Kind of StrangeGothic256k 
Collide2004VortexGothic Metal256k 
Colosseum2007Chapter 1: DeliriumFuneral Doom MetalVBR 213 
Comecon1991Megatrends In BrutalityHeavy Metal128k 
Comecon1995Fable FrolicHeavy Metal128k 
Communic2005Conspiracy in MindProgressive/Power MetalVBR 245 
Con Anima The Book of RiddlesGothic Rock192k 
Concept of God2007VisionsProgressive Doom MetalVBR 224 
Concerto Moon1999Rain ForestHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Concerto Moon2000From Father to SonMelodic/Neo-Classical Metal256k 
Condemned Cell2004Shadows Of The PastDark/Doom Metal256k 
Confessor2004Blueprint SoulTechnical Doom Metal256k 
Congress2004ResurrectionHardcoreVBR 230 
Conqueror2000War Cult SupremacyThrash MetalVBR 
Constant Paranoia2004Spirals II InfinityDeath MetalVBR 238 
Construcdead2004VioladeadMelodic Death Metal192k 
Contradiction2006The WarchitectThrash MetalVBR 232 
Converge1998When Forever Comes CrashingHardcore192k 
Converge2005Petitioning the Empty Sky (remastered)HardcoreVBR 238 
Coroner1986Death CultThrash/Heavy Metal192k 
Coroner1987R.I.PThrash Metal256k 
Coroner1988Punishment For DecadenceThrash Metal256k 
Coroner1989No More ColorThrash Metal256k 
Coroner1991Mental vortexThrash Metal192k 
Coroner1993GrinThrash Metal192k 
Coroner1995CoronerThrash Metal192k 
Corpsefucking Art2004The Art of the Fucking CorpseDeath MetalVBR 197 
Corrosion of Conformity1985AnimosityCrossover/Sludge Metal256k 
Corrosion of Conformity1987TechnocracyCrossover/Sludge Metal256k 
Corrosion of Conformity1991BlindCrossover/Sludge Metal256k 
Corrosion of Conformity1994DeliveranceCrossover/Sludge Metal256k 
Corrosion of Conformity1996WisebloodSludge Metal256k 
Corrosion of Conformity2000America's Volume DealerAlternative256k 
Corrosion Of Conformity2005In the Arms of GodCrossover/Sludge MetalVBR 218 
Corrosion Of Conformity2005Ogden Theater, Denver, CO 3-27-2005Crossover, Sludge, Progressive Heavy Metal256k 
Corvus Corax1989Ante Casu PeccatiGerman Folk320k 
Corvus Corax1993Inter Deum Et Diabolum Semper Musica EstGerman FolkVBR 
Corvus Corax1995TritonusFolk/World160k 
Corvus Corax1998LiveGerman Folk128k 
Corvus Corax1998ViatorFolk/World192k 
Corvus Corax1999CongregatioFolk/World320k 
Corvus Corax2000Mille Anni Passi SuntGerman Folk128k 
Corvus Corax2000Mrchen aus alter Zeit erzhltFolk/World320k 
Corvus Corax2002In ElectronicaFolk/WorldVBR 
Corvus Corax2002SeikilosFolk/World192k 
Corvus Corax2003Gaudia ViteEthnic/World192k 
Corvus Corax2005Cantus BuranusGerman Folk256k 
Cosma2003Non StopPsychedelic192k 
Cosmosis1997Moonshine EPTrance160k 
Counterforce2001Popdivas Go MetalMetal192k 
Countess2006Holocaust Of The God BelieversBlack MetalVBR 202 
Courtney Love2004America's SweetheartAlternative256k 
Covenant1997SequencerBlack/Death MetalVBR 268 
Covenant1998Dreams of a CryotankElectro Industrial256k 
Covenant1998Nexus PolarisBlack/Death Metal320k 
Covenant2000United States of MindElectro Industrial256k 
Covenant2002Northern lightBlack/Death MetalVBR 261 
Covenant2006SkyshaperElectro Industrial256k 
Coveved in Filth2003Tribute to the Cradle of FilthBlack Metal192k 
Cradle Of Filth1992Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (demo)Black Metal160k 
Cradle of Filth1992The Black Goddess RisesBlack Metal256k 
Cradle Of Filth1992Total Fucking Darkness [RARE]Black Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1994The Principle Of Evil Made FleshDeath Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1996VempireBlack Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1996Vempire or Dark Faerytales in PhallusteinDeath Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1997Dusk..... And Her EmbraceBlack Metal128k 
Cradle Of Filth1997Sodomizing the Virgin VampsBlack Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1998Cruelty And The BeastDeath Metal128k 
Cradle of Filth1999From The Cradle To Enslave EPBlack Metal192k 
Cradle of Filth2000MidianBlack Metal192k 
Cradle of Filth2001Bitter Suites to SuccubiBlack Metal192k 
Cradle Of Filth2001The Black Goddess Rises IIBlack Metal128k 
Cradle Of Filth2002Live Bait For The Dead [2xCD]Black Metal256k 
Cradle of Filth2002Lovecraft & Witch Hearts [2xCD]Black Metal192k 
Cradle Of Filth2003Damnation And A DayBlack Metal192k 
Cradle Of Filth2004Nymphetamine (promo)Black MetalVBR 246 
Cradle of Filth2006ThornographyBlack MetalVBR 242 
Cranberries1994No Need To ArgueRockVBR 
Cranberries1996To The Faithful DepartedRock192k 
Cranberries1999Bury the HatchetRock128k 
Creep Colony2006Relief of DeathBlack MetalVBR 244 
Crematory1993TransmigrationGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1994Just DreamingGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1995IllusionsGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1996CrematoryGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1996LiveGothic Rock128k 
Crematory1997AwakeGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1999Act SevenGothic Rock256k 
Crematory1999Early Years Part 2Gothic Rock128k 
Crematory1999FlyGothic Rock128k 
Crematory2000BelieveGothic Rock192k 
Crematory2004RevolutionGothic RockVBR 
Crematory2006KlagebilderGothic MetalCBR 321 
Crepuscularia2006Buried and ForgottenDoom MetalVBR 214 
Criminal2004No Gods No Masters (promo)Thrash Metal192k 
Crimson Moonlight2003The Covenant ProgressBlack Metal256k 
Crionics2002Human Error: Ways to SelfdestMelodic Death/Black Metal256k 
Crionics2005Armageddon EvolutionBlack Metal256k 
Cripple Mr Onion2001ChronocideProgressive MetalVBR 206 
Crowbar1992Obedience Thru SufferingSludge Metal256k 
Crowbar1996Broken GlassSludge Metal256k 
Crowbar1998Odd Fellows RestSludge Metal256k 
Crown2000Deathrace KingHardcore256k 
Crowpath2004Red On ChromeThrash MetalVBR 
Cruachan1996Tuatha Na GaelCeltic/Folk Metal256k 
Cruachan2000The Middle KingdomCeltic/Folk Metal256k 
Cruachan2002Folk-LoreCeltic/Folk Metal192k 
Cruachan2004Pagan (promo)Metal FolkVBR 
Cryhavoc1998SweetbriersHeavy/Death Metal256k 
Cryogenic1999CelephaisBlack Metal192k 
Cryptic Carnage1996And Another Kingdom Was BornBlack Metal192k 
Cryptic Carnage1998RozeloweBlack Metal192k 
Cryptic Carnage2000Retrospect 2000Black Metal192k 
Cryptic Wintermoon2000Age of CataclysmBlack Metal192k 
Cryptic Wintermoon2003A Coming Storm (promo)Black Metal192k 
Cryptik Howling2006Vitium IntusMelodic Black MetalVBR 221 
Cryptopsy1995Blasphemy Made FleshDeath Metal192k 
Cryptopsy1996None So VileDeath Metal192k 
Cryptopsy2003None So LiveBrutal/Deathcore256k 
Crysalis2004HerbstfeuerGothic MetalVBR 216 
Crystal Ball2002Virtual EmpirePower Metal192k 
Crystal Eyes2003Vengence DescendingPower Metal192k 
Crystal Tears2006Choirs Of ImmortalSpeed/Power MetalVBR 236 
Crystalium2003Diktat OmegaBlack Metal192k 
Cuatro X2006HatefrontThrash MetalVBR 246 
Cubanate1995Anti MatterIndustrialVBR 
Cujo1996Adventures In FoamElectronic160k 
Cult Of Luna2003Cult of LunaPost-hardcore192k 
Cult Of Luna2003The BeyondPost-hardcore192k 
Cult Of Luna2004SalvationPost-hardcoreVBR 210 
Cult Of Luna2006Somewhere Along the HighwayAtmospheric Sludge/Progressive Metal, Post-hardcorVBR 225 
Cumdeo2000The Threads Of ImaginationDoomy Death Metal256k 
Cuntgrinder2006Funny GamesBrutal Death MetalVBR 227 
CyberTribe1998Sacred Memories Of The FutureWorld/Trance256k 
Cyhiriaeth2006Warchants from the WoodsPagan Black MetalVBR 203 
Cynic1993FocusHeavy Metal128k 
Cynical Bastard2006Art of PainDeath MetalVBR 246 
Cynicon2003CyberneticBlack Metal192k 
Cypress Hill2000Skills and BonesGangsta Rap192k 
Cystic Dysentery2003DemoBrutal Death Metal256k 
D122001Devil's NightRap256k 
D122004D12 WorldRap256k 
Daath2007The HinderersTechnical Death MetalVBR 238 
Dagon2006They Who Abideth Amidst The PoisonBlack MetalVBR 164 
Dakrua1999Inner WastelandsGothicMPC 
Dakrua2002Shifting RealitiesGothic256k 
Daksinroy2006Demons of My InsideDeath MetalVBR 237 
Damageplan2004New Found PowerHeavy MetalVBR 
Dan Swano1999MoontowerDeath, Retro Progressive256k 
Danielle Dax1987Inky BloatersAlt. Rock128k 
Danko Jones2003We Sweat BloodHeavy Metal256k 
Danny & Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema)2004Acoustic Show with cello, MarcAtmospheric Rock/Gothic256k 
Dantalion2006When the ravens fly over meBlack MetalVBR 240 
Danzig How The Gods PlayHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1988DanzigHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1990Danzig II_LucifugeHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1992Danzig III_How the Gods KillHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1993Black AriaHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1993Thrall - DemonsweatliveHeavy Metal256k 
Danzig1994Danzig 4Heavy Metal160k 
Danzig1996BlackacidevilHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig1999Satans ChildHeavy Metal160k 
Danzig2002I LucifieriHeavy Metal192k 
Danzig2004Circle of Snakes (promo)Heavy Metal192k 
Dargaard1998Eternity RitesGothic Rock192k 
Dargaard2000In Nomine AeternitatisGothic Rock192k 
Dargaard2001The Dissolution Of EternityGothic192k 
Dargaard2004Rise and FallDark/Gothic Neoclassical256k 
Dark Age2004Dark AgeDark Metal192k 
Dark Angel1985We Have ArrivedHeavy Metal128k 
Dark At Dawn2000Baneful SkiesDark Power Metal256k 
Dark Fortress2004Stab WoundsBlack MetalVBR 
Dark Funeral1997The Secrets Of The Black ArtsBlack Metal128k 
Dark Funeral1998Vobiscum SatanasBlack Metal128k 
Dark Funeral2000Teach The Childern To Worship SatanBlack Metal192k 
Dark Funeral2001Diabolis InteriumBlack Metal192k 
Dark Funeral2004De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Dark Funeral / Internal2001Under wings of hellBlack Metal192k 
Dark Inversion2001The Land Of The Dead WarriorsBlack Metal192k 
Dark Legions2006Sataenic DestroeyerBlack/Thrash MetalVBR 218 
Dark Lunacy2002DevoidDeath Metal256k 
Dark Lunacy2006The DiaristDeath MetalVBR 240 
Dark Moor2001Hall of the Olden DreamsHeavy Metal160k 
Dark Moor2002The Gates of OblivionHeavy Metal128k 
Dark Moor2005Beyond The SeaPower MetalVBR 225 
Dark Moor2007TarotPower MetalVBR 236 
Dark Moor2007TarotPower MetalVBR 236 
Dark Remains2006Planet Earth ScourgedDeath MetalVBR 248 
Dark Sanctuary1999Royaume MelancoliqueGothic192k 
Dark Sanctuary2000De Lumire Et D'ObscuritGothicVBR 
Dark Sanctuary2002L'tre Las- L'Envers Du MiroirGothic192k 
Dark Suns2005ExistenceProgressive Dark MetalVBR 267 
Dark Tranquillity1993SkydancerDeath Metal/Black Me256k 
Dark Tranquillity1995Of Chaos And Eternal NightDeath Metal/Black Me128k 
Dark Tranquillity1995The GalleryDeath Metal/Black Me128k 
Dark Tranquillity1996Enter Suicidal AngelsDeath Metal/Black Me128k 
Dark Tranquillity1997The Mind's IDeath Metal/Black Me128k 
Dark Tranquillity1999Live In GothenburgDeath Metal/Black Me192k 
Dark Tranquillity1999ProjectorDeath Metal/Black MeVBR 
Dark Tranquillity2000HavenHeavy Metal256k 
Dark Tranquillity2002Damage DoneDeath Metal192k 
Dark Tranquillity2004Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial [2xCD]Melodic Death MetalVBR 
Dark Tranquillity2005CharacterMelodic Death MetalVBR 256 
Dark Tranquillity2007FictionMelodic Death, GothenburgVBR 242 
Dark Vision2002Full Moon ShinesGothic/Symphonic Black MetalVBR 218 
Darkane2001InsanityDeath/Black Metal128k 
Darkane2002Expanding SensesDeath/Industrial192k 
Darkane2003Rusted Angel (Re-Release)Death MetalVBR 
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult2006Hora NocturnaBlack MetalVBR 224 
Darkest Hour2006ArchivesMelodic Death/Metalcore with Thrash ElementsVBR 226 
Darkmoon1998Vengeance for withered heartsBlack Metal256k 
Darkness By Oath2006Confidential World Of LiesMelodic Death MetalVBR 235 
Darkseed1996Midnight Solemnly DanceHeavy Metal128k 
Darkseed1997SpellcraftHeavy Metal128k 
Darkseed1998Romantic TalesHeavy Metal128k 
Darkseed1999Give Me LightHeavy Metal128k 
Darkseed2000Diving Into DarknessHeavy Metal128k 
Darkseed2005Ultimate DarknessGothic/Doom MetalVBR 212 
Darksun2006El Lado OscuroPower Metal256k 
Darkthrone1991Soulside JourneyDeath Metal192k 
Darkthrone1994Transilvanian HungerBlack Metal192k 
DarkThrone1995PanzerfaustBlack Metal192k 
Darkthrone1996Total DeathBlack Metal192k 
Darkthrone1997GoatlordBlack Metal192k 
Darkthrone1999Ravishing GrimnessBlack Metal160k 
Darkthrone2001Plaguewielder [promo]Black Metal192k 
Darkthrone2003A Blaze In The Northern Sky (Remastered)Black Metal192k 
Darkthrone2003Hate ThemBlack Metal256k 
Darkthrone2003Under a Funeral Moon (Remastered)Black Metal192k 
Darkthrone2004Sardonic Wrath (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Darkthrone2006The Cult Is AliveBlack/Death MetalVBR 262 
Darkwater2007Calling The Earth to WitnessMelodic Power/Progressive MetalVBR 231 
Darkwell2000SuspiriaGothic Rock192k 
Darkwoods My Betrothed1998Witch-HuntsBlack Metal256k 
Darzamat2002In the Opium of Black VeilBlack Metal192k 
Das Ich1992Die ProphetenIndustialVBR 
Das Ich1993StigmaIndustial128k 
Das Ich1994StaubIndustialVBR 
Das Ich1995Feuer (live!)Industial128k 
Das Ich1997EgodramIndustrialVBR 
Das Ich1998MorgueIndustrialVBR 
Das Ich1999Re_LaboratIndustrial128k 
Das Ich2002AntichristIndustial192k 
Das Ich2004LavaIndustrial256k 
Das Ich2006CabaretIndustrial256k 
Dave Gahan2003Paper MonstersRockMPC 
David Bowie1996Outside. Version 2Alt. Rock256k 
David Bowie2003Club BowieAlt. Rock256k 
David Bowie2003RealityAlt. Rock256k 
David Bowie2003Reality (bonus disc from japanese digipak limited edition of 2003 album)Alt. Rock256k 
David Byrne2003Lead Us Not Into Temptation. Music from the film Young AdamSoundtrack256k 
David COVERDALE & Jimmy PAGE1993Coverdale-PageHard Rock128k 
David Oistrach & Igor Oistrach1992Brahms Violin Concerto op.77 & Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K364Classical256k 
David Valdes2006ImhotepShred, Neoclassical MetalVBR 229 
Dawn2004Slaughtersun - Crown of the Triarchy [2xCD]Black Metal256k 
Dawn of Dreams2000Darklight AwakenningDeath Metal192k 
Dawnfall2002Drei RaumeBlack MetalVBR 182 
Dayglow Abortions2004Holy Shiite (promo)PunkVBR 
Daysend2007The WarningMelodic Thrash MetalVBR 259 
De Phazz1997Detunized GravityLaunge/Jazzy256k 
De Phazz1999GodsdogLaunge/Jazzy128k 
De Phazz2001Death By ChocolateLaunge/Jazzy192k 
Dead Can Dance1984Dead Can DanceEthnic256k 
Dead Can Dance1985Spleen And IdealEthnic128k 
Dead Can Dance1987Within The Realm Of A Dying SunEthnic256k 
Dead Can Dance1988Serpents EggFusion128k 
Dead Can Dance1990A Passage In TimeEthnic256k 
Dead Can Dance1990AionNew Age192k 
Dead Can Dance1993Into the LabirintFusion128k 
Dead Can Dance1996SpiritchaserFusion128k 
Dead Grey2006Towards NothingBlack MetalVBR 228 
Dead Man In Reno2006Dead Man In RenoMetalcoreVBR 230 
Dead Poetic2004New MedicinesHardcoreVBR 
Dead Silent Slumber1999Entombed in the Midnight Hour [UK-Import]Death/Black Metal256k 
Dead Soul Tribe2003A Murder of CrowsProgressive Metal256k 
Dead Soul Tribe2005The Dead WordProgressive Metal256k 
Dead Syndicate2007The Carrion CreedDeath MetalVBR 232 
Dead to Fall2002Everything I Touch Falls to PiecesMetalcore256k 
Dead to Fall2006The Phoenix ThroneMetalcore/Melodic Death MetalVBR 235 
Dead Voices On Air1995Hafted MaulDark Ambient192k 
Dead Voices On Air1995New Words MachineDark Ambient192k 
Dead Voices On Air2001Piss Frond [2xCD]Dark Ambient320k 
Dead Voices On Air vs Not Breathing1997A Fire In The Bronx ZooDark Ambient128k 
Deaden2004Feast on the Flesh of the DeadDeath MetalVBR 227 
Death1987Scream Bloody GoreDeath Metal160k 
Death1988LeprosyDeath Metal256k 
Death1990Spiritual HealingDeath Metal256k 
Death1991HumanDeath Metal256k 
Death1992FateDeath Metal256k 
Death1993Individual Thought PatternsDeath Metal256k 
Death1995SymbolicDeath Metal256k 
Death1998The Sound Of PerseveranceDeath Metal160k 
Death Angel1987The Ultra-ViolenceHeavy Metal128k 
Death Angel1990Act IIIHeavy/Thrash MetalVBR 255 
Death Angel1990Fall From GraceThrash Metal256k 
Death Angel2004The Art of DyingThrash MetalVBR 
Death in Vegas1999Dead ElvisTrip-Hop128k 
Death in Vegas1999The contino sessionsElectronic128k 
Deathcon2006MonotremataDeath MetalVBR 235 
Deathstars2002Synthetic GenerationIndustrial192k 
Deathstars2006Termination BlissIndustrial256k 
Deathwitch2004Violence, Blasphemy, SodomyThrash/Black Metal256k 
Deathwork2006Evolve to ExtinguishDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 204 
Debauchery2003Kill Maim BurnBrutal Metal192k 
Debauchery2004Rage of the BloodbeastBrutal MetalVBR 246 
Debauchery2007Back in BloodDeath MetalVBR 231 
Decameron1996My Shadow...Black/Death Metal256k 
Decapitated2002NihilityDeath Metal256k 
Decapitated2004The NegationDeath Metal256k 
Decapitated2006Organic HallucinosisDeath Metal256k 
Decayed2003The Beast Has RisenBlack Metal192k 
Deceased2004Return to the Evil SideDeath MetalVBR 196 
Deceit2004Mass Cultural ObliterationDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 274 
December2003Praying Hoping NothingDeath Metal192k 
December Moon1996Source Of OriginBlack Metal256k 
Decimate200611 RoundsThrash Metal/MetalcoreVBR 213 
Decoded Feedback2000Mechanical HorizonIndustrial192k 
Decoder2000Concussion LPDrum & Bass192k 
Decoryah1995Wisdom FloatsHeavy Metal192k 
Dee Dee Bridgewater1997Dear EllaJazzVBR 
Dee Lite1990World CliqueClub192k 
Deeds of Flesh1996Trading PiecesBlack/Death Metal160k 
Deep Dish2005George Is onProgressive House256k 
Deep Purple1988When We Rock We RockRock192k 
Deep Purple1994Come Hell Or High WaterHard Rock192k 
Defleshed1996Abrah KadavrahRock192k 
Defleshed1996Ma Belle ScalpelleBlack Metal192k 
Defleshed1998Under The BladeBlack Metal128k 
Defleshed2000Fast ForwardBlack Metal192k 
Defleshed2005Reclaim The BeatDeath MetalVBR 259 
Deftones1997Around The FurAlternative160k 
Deftones2000The White PonyAlternative192k 
Deftones2003DeftonesAlt. Metal192k 
Deftones2006Saturday Night WristAlternative256k 
Deicide1990DeicideDeath Metal256k 
Deicide1992LegionBlack/Death Metal256k 
Deicide1995Once Upon The CrossDeath Metal256k 
Deicide1997Serpents Of The LightDeath Metal256k 
Deicide1998When Satan LivesDeath Metal192k 
Deicide2004Scars of the CrucifixDeath Metal256k 
Deicide2006The Stench of RedemptionDeath MetalVBR 236 
Deinonychus2004InsomniaSymphonic Dark/Doom Metal256k 
Delerium1994Spheres, vol.1Ambient192k 
Delerium1994Spheres, vol.2Ambient128k 
Delerium1995Reflections, vol.1Ambient192k 
Delerium1995Reflections, vol.2Ambient128k 
Deli Creeps2005Dawn Of The Deli CreepsAlt. MetalVBR 190 
Delight2000Last TemptationGothicVBR 
Delight2001The Fading TaleGothic Metal192k 
Delirious2002Designed By ViolenceThrash Metal256k 
Delirium2004A Day After Die...Death Metal192k 
Demented2006How Much For My Death?Death MetalVBR 208 
Demigod2002Shadow MechanicsDeath Metal256k 
Demiurg2004BastinadoProgressive Thrash/Death Metal256k 
Demiurg2007Breath Of The DemiurgDeath MetalVBR 242 
Demon Hunter2002Demon HunterHardcore256k 
Demon Hunter2004Summer of DarknessHardcoreVBR 239 
Demonic Resurrection2005A Darkness DescendsSymphonic/Black/Melodic DeathVBR 237 
Demonoid2004Riders of the ApocalypseDeath Metal256k 
Demons & Wizards2000Demons & WizardsHeavy Metal192k 
Demons & Wizards2005Touched by the Crimson KingPower Metal256k 
Denata2003Art of the InsaneDeath Metal192k 
Denial2006PhobiaBlack MetalVBR 227 
Depeche Mode1981Speak And SpellRock128k 
Depeche Mode1982A Broken FrameRock128k 
Depeche Mode1983Construction Time AgainRock128k 
Depeche Mode1984Some Great RewardRock128k 
Depeche Mode1986Black CelebrationRock128k 
Depeche Mode1987Music For The MassesRock128k 
Depeche Mode1989(Live) 101\Disc ARock128k 
Depeche Mode1989(Live) 101\Disk BRock128k 
Depeche Mode1990ViolatorRock128k 
Depeche Mode1993Songs of Faith & DevotionRock128k 
Depeche Mode1997UltraRock128k 
Depeche Mode1998The Singles 85_98 [2xCD]Rock128k 
Depeche Mode2001ExciterRock192k 
Depeche Mode2004Remixes '81 - '04: 3CD EditionAlternative-Rock256k 
Depeche Mode2005Playing The AngelSynth. Pop192k 
Depressed Mode2007Ghosts Of DevotionDoom/Death MetalVBR 245 
Depressive Age1992First depressionThrash Metal192k 
Der Blutharsch1999The Pleasures Received In PainIndustial192k 
Der Blutharsch2000The Track Of The HauntedIndustial192k 
Der Dritte Raum2003KlubraumTechno192k 
Der Dritte Raum2003Tanzstanze and SpurrillenHouse192k 
Deranged2001DerangedDeath Metal256k 
Deranged2002Plainfield CemetaryDeath Metal192k 
Desire2001Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries of a Sullen Soul...Doom Metal256k 
Desireless1989FrancoisFrench Pop256k 
Desireless1994I Love YouFrench Pop256k 
Destination Goa-2 Destination Goa-2Goa128k 
Destination Goa-6 Destination Goa-6 [2xCD]Goa128k 
Destinity2004In Excelsis DementiaDeath MetalVBR 
Destroy Destroy Destroy2006Devour the PowerDeath/Black/Heavy MetalVBR 250 
Destroyer 6662000Phoenix RisingBlack Metal256k 
Destroyer 6662002Cold Steel for an Iron AgeDeath Metal256k 
Destroyer 6662003Terror AbraxasDeath/Black Metal256k 
Destruction1998The Best Of [2xCD]Death Metal128k 
Destruction2000All Hell Breaks LooseThrash Metal160k 
Destruction2001The Antichrist [promo]Thrash Metal192k 
Destructor1987Maximum Destruction (Ltd.Ed.)Heavy Metal192k 
Destynation2006Rising UpPower MetalVBR 234 
Deutsch Nepal1992Deflagration Of HellAmbient/Industrial256k 
Deutsch Nepal1993BenevolenceAmbient/Industrial192k 
Devil Doll1988The Girl Who Was... DeathAvantgarde/GothicVBR 
Devil Doll1990EliogabalusAvantgarde/GothicVBR 
Devil Doll1992The Sacrilege Of Fatal ArmsAvantgarde/GothicVBR 
Devilish Impressions2006Plurima Mortis ImagoAvantgarde Black/Death MetalVBR 216 
Devils Whorehouse2004Revelation UnorthodoxHorror MetalVBR 256 
Devin Townsend2006SynchestraProgressive/Industrial/Atmospheric Metal256k 
Devious2007DomainThrash/Death MetalVBR 227 
Dew-Scented2002InwardsThrash MetalVBR 
DGM2004MisplacedProgressive MetalVBR 253 
Diabolic2000Subterraneal MagnitudeDeath Metal256k 
Diabolical2001SynergyBlack/Death Metal192k 
Diabolical Breed2004Compendium InfernusBlack MetalVBR 218 
Diabolical Masquerade1995Ravendusk In My HeartBlack Metal128k 
Diabolical Masquerade1997The Phantom LodgeBlack MetalMPC 
Diabolical Masquerade1998NightworkBlack Metal192k 
Diabolical Masquerade2001Death's DesignBlack MetalMPC 
Diabolos Rising1996Blood Vampirism And SadismIndustrial192k 
Diamanda Galas1982The Litanies of SatanExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1986The Divine Punishment & Saint of The Pit (I & II Parts of The Trilogy -Masque Of The Red Death-)Experimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1988You Must Be Certain Of Devil (III Part of The Trilogy -Masque Of The Red Death-)Experimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1991Plague MassExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1992The SingerExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1993Vena CavaExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1994The Sporting LifeExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1996Schrei XExperimental128k 
Diamanda Galas1998Malediction And PrayerExperimental128k 
Diana Krall2004The Girl In The Other RoomJazzVBR 
Diary Of Dreams2002Freak Perfume (Ltd.Ed.)Electronic192k 
Diary of Dreams2004NigredoDarkwave/Gothic256k 
Dido1999No AngelPop/Rock192k 
Dido2003Life for RentPop/Rock256k 
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter2001All You Need Is LoveDeath/Folk Metal256k 
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter2003Have a Nice TripDeath/Folk Metal256k 
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter2006Riders on the StormDeath/Folk Metal256k 
Die Form1982Die PuppeIndustrial192k 
Die Form1989PhotogrammesIndustrial192k 
Die Form1990Corpus DelectiIndustrial128k 
Die Form1993Tears Of Eros CDEPIndustrial192k 
Die Form1994Rose Au Coeur Violet CDEPIndustrial128k 
Die Form1994Suspiria De ProfundisIndustrial224k 
Die Form1995L'ame ElectriqueIndustrial192k 
Die Form1996Phenomena Of Visitation CD5Industrial192k 
Die Form1996Rain Of Blood CDEPIndustrial192k 
Die Form1998The Hidden Cage - Spiral CD5Industrial192k 
Die Form2004InhumanDarkwaveVBR 
Die Krupps1992IIndustrial256k 
Die Krupps1993A Tribute To MetallicaIndustrial128k 
Die Krupps1993II-The Final OptionIndustrial256k 
Die Krupps1995BloodsuckersIndustrial192k 
Die Krupps1995Odyssey of the MindIndustrial128k 
Die Krupps1998Paradise NowIndustrialVBR 
Die Krupps & FLA1996The Remix Wars Strike 2 (EP)Industrial128k 
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas1995Die Verbannten Kinder EvasGothic192k 
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas1997Come Heavy SleepGothic192k 
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas2000In Darkness Let Me DwellGothic192k 
Diecast2004Tearing Down Your Blue SkiesMetalcoreVBR 240 
Dies Irae2001NaiveMelodic Dark Death Metal256k 
Dies Irae2004Sculpture Of StoneDeath Metal192k 
Diftery2006Corrupting The EvolutionDeath MetalVBR 229 
Digital Nation2000Digital NationDrum & BassVBR 
Diluvium2001AuroraGothic Metal256k 
Dim Mak2006Knives Of IceDeath MetalVBR 249 
Dimension of Doomed2006Sacramental OblivionDeath/Black MetalVBR 245 
Dimension Zero2002Silent Night FeverDeath Metal256k 
Dimension Zero2003This Is HellThrash/Death Metal256k 
Dimitri From Paris1998SacrebleuHouse, Club/Dance256k 
Dimitri From Paris2004Cruising AttitudeHouse, Club/Dance256k 
Dimmu Borgir1996Devil's PathBlack Metal192k 
Dimmu Borgir1996For All TidGothic Rock192k 
Dimmu Borgir1997Enthrone Darkness TriumphantDeath Metal128k 
Dimmu Borgir1998Godless Savage GardenBlack Metal192k 
Dimmu Borgir1999Spiritual Black DimensionsBlack Metal192k 
Dimmu Borgir2000Alive In EuropeBlack Metal192k 
Dimmu Borgir2000Stormblast 128k 
Dimmu Borgir2001Puritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaBlack Metal192k 
Dimmu Borgir2003Death Cult ArmageddonBlack Metal224k 
Dimmu Borgir2007In Sorte DiaboliBlack MetalVBR 240 
Dimness Through Infinity1999When The Soul Weeps Alone...Doom/Ambient192k 
Dio1983Holy DiverHard Rock160k 
Dio1984The Last In LineHard Rock128k 
Dio1985Sacred HeartHard Rock256k 
Dio1987Dream EvilHeavy Metal192k 
Dio1990Lock up the WolvesHard Rock192k 
Dio1994Strange HighwaysHard Rock192k 
Dio1996Angry MachinesHard Rock192k 
Dio1998Inferno_ Last In LiveHard Rock192k 
Dio2000MagicaHard Rock160k 
Dio2002Killing The DragonHard RockVBR 259 
Dio2004Master Of The Moon (promo)Heavy MetalVBR 223 
Dire Straits1978Dire StraitsRock256k 
Dire Straits1980Making MoviesRock256k 
Dire Straits1985Brothers in ArmsRock256k 
Dire Straits1991On Every StreetRock256k 
Dire Straits1993On The NightRock256k 
Dire Straits1995Live at the BBCRock160k 
Dirty Vegas2004OneDownbeat, Electronica, Progressive Trance256k 
Disarmonia Mundi2006Mind TricksMelodic Death MetalVBR 252 
Disaster Kfw2006Collateral DamageDeath MetalVBR 230 
Disastrous Murmur2006Marinate Your MeatDeath MetalVBR 243 
Disbelief2001Worst EnemyDeath/Sludge Metal192k 
Disbelief2002ShineDeath/Sludge Metal256k 
Disbelief200566SickDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 257 
Disbelief2007NavigatorDeath/Sludge Metal256k 
Disco 20001987I Gotta CD (12'')Dance128k 
Disco 20001989Uptight (Everything's Alright) (12'')Dance128k 
Disgorge2003NecrholocaustDeath Metal256k 
Disincarnate1993Dreams of the Carrion KindDeath Metal256k 
Dismal Euphony1997Autumn Leaves - The Rebellion Of TidesBlack Metal192k 
Dismal Euphony1999All Little DevilsBlack Metal256k 
Dismal Euphony2000Lady AblazeBlack Metal256k 
Dismal Euphony2001Python ZeroBlack Metal256k 
Dismember1991Like An Ever Flowing StreamHeavy Metal128k 
Dismember1992PiecesDeath Metal256k 
Dismember1993Indecent And ObsceneDeath Metal128k 
Dismember1995Casket Garden (Single)Death Metal256k 
Dismember1995Massive Killing CapacityDeath Metal256k 
Dismember1997Death MetalHeavy Metal256k 
Dismember1997MisanthropicDeath Metal256k 
Dismember2000Hate CampaignDeath Metal256k 
Dismember2004Where Ironcrosses GrowDeath Metal256k 
Dispatched2000MotherwarBlack Metal128k 
Dissection1993The_SomberlainBlack/Death Metal128k 
Dissection1996Storm Of The Light's Bane-Where Dead Angels LieDeath Metal256k 
Dissection2003Live LegacyBlack Metal256k 
Dissection2006ReinkaosMelodic Death MetalVBR 190 
Dissident2003Astral ModeDrum & Bass192k 
Dissonant2005Consolidated Reality FragmentsProgressive Metalcore128k 
Distream2006The Dreadful MomentsProgressive/Melodic Death MetalVBR 246 
Disturbed2000The SicknessAlternative192k 
Disturbed2005Ten Thousand FistsThrash Metal256k 
Divercia2004Cycle Of ZeroGothic RockVBR 245 
Divine Decay2003Maximize the MiseryThrash Metal256k 
Divine Empire1998RedemptionDeath Metal256k 
Divine Empire2005Method of ExecutionDeath Metal256k 
Divine Noise Attack2006Torn ApartDeath MetalVBR 245 
Divine Souls2002The Bitter Selfcaged ManMelodic Death Metal256k 
DJ Bobo2001Planet ColorsClub/Dance192k 
DJ CAM1996Mad Blunted JazzTrip-Hop128k 
DJ Easy2001Hard Beats Vol 001Jungle128k 
DJ Endonyx and Re Style2002Overload 2 (Vinyl)Hardcore192k 
DJ Food1990Jazz Brakes, Vol. 1Jazzy/Drum&Bass128k 
DJ Food1993Jazz Brakes, Vol. 4Jazzy/Drum&Bass128k 
DJ Food1994Jazz Brakes, Vol. 5Jazzy/Drum&Bass128k 
DJ Food1995A recipe for disasterAcid Jazz192k 
DJ Food2000KaleidoscopeElectronic192k 
DJ Greyboy Freestylin'Acid Jazz128k 
DJ Greyboy1998Greybreaks V 1Acid Jazz128k 
DJ Hype1998World Dance Drum & BassDrum & Bass128k 
DJ Hype2002Live at Biggest and Best 6Drum & Bass192k 
DJ Hype2003Live_on_Kiss100_FM_05-11Drum & Bass192k 
DJ Icey1997The Funky BreaksBass160k 
DJ Kevin Day TrancemixTrance128k 
DJ Kicks1996Kruder & DorfmeisterAcid Jazz128k 
DJ Kicks1997The Black AlbumDrum & Bass128k 
DJ Kicks1999Kemistry & StormDrum & Bass160k 
DJ Kicks2000Kid LocoTrip-Hop128k 
DJ Krush1994Strictly TurntabilizedDrum & Bass128k 
DJ Krush1996MeisoAcid Jazz128k 
DJ Krush1999KakuseiAcid Jazz160k 
DJ Krush2000Code4109Acid JazzVBR 
DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo1998Ki-okuAcid Jazz256k 
DJ Lana2001Unknow DestinationHouse128k 
DJ Shadow2002The Private PressHip-HopVBR 
DJ Sidecar2000Exit to ExtasyHouse128k 
DJ Splice1999DJ Splice Vs. De La SoulHip-Hop160k 
DJ TeeBee2000Presents black science labs (promo) 128k 
DJ Teebee And K2001The Deeper Side Of Drum And BassDrum & Bass192k 
DJ Vadim1998USSR (life from the other side)Electronic128k 
DJ WildChild1998London update of D'n'BJungle/Drum & BassVBR 
Djabah2007DanhomeDeath MetalVBR 243 
Djivan Gasparyan Armenian DudukEthnic/WorldVBR 
Djivan Gasparyan1989I Will Not Be Sad in This WorldEthnic/WorldVBR 
Djivan Gasparyan1994Ask Me No QuestionsEthnic/WorldVBR 
Djivan Gasparyan1999Heavenly DudukEthnic/WorldVBR 
Djivan Gasparyan2000NazaniEthnic/WorldVBR 
Djivan Gasparyan2006Endless VisionWorld256k 
Djivan Gasparyan & Ensemble2000Armenian FantasiesWorld320k 
Dmitri Shostakovich "Symphony No. 5; Cello Concerto No. 1"Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich "Symphony No. 7; 'Leningrad' in C, op.60"Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich Piano Concertos _ 3 Fantastic Dances _ 5 Preludes & Fugues op. 87Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich Piano quintet _ Piano trio no.2Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String quartets No. 11, 12 & 13 (455 782Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String quartets No. 5, 6 & 7Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String quartets No. 8, 9 & 10Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartets Nos. 1, 2 & 4Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartets Nos. 14 & 15Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartets Nos. 3, Two Pieces for String Octet, Piano QuintetClassic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony No.4Classic256k 
Dmitri Shostakovich1993The Golden Age [2xCD]Classic256k 
Dodsferd2007Fucking Your CreationBlack MetalVBR 211 
Dolorian1999When All The Laughter Has GoneDoom Metal192k 
Dolorian2001DolorianDoom Metal192k 
Dom & Roland1998IndustryDrum & Bass128k 
Dom and Roland2002Back for the FutureDrum & Bass192k 
Dom Dracul2006Attack On The CrucifiedBlack MetalVBR 183 
Domain2005Last Days of UtopiaPower Metal256k 
Domain2005Last Days of UtopiaHard RockVBR 242 
Domination Black2006Dark LegacyThrash MetalVBR 246 
Dominion1996InterfaceGroovy Doom DeathVBR 191 
Dominion2006Threshold... best ofGroovy Doom DeathVBR 226 
Dominion III2002Life Has Ended HereDark Wave/Industrial224k 
Donovan1967Mellow YellowRock128k 
Doof2000Its About TimePsychedelic192k 
Doom:VS2006Aeternum ValeDoom MetalVBR 207 
Doomshine2004Thy Kingdoom ComeHeavy MetalVBR 125 
Dope on plastic vol.51998Dope on plastic vol.5 [2xCD]Techno160k 
Dorn2000FalschheitDeath Metal192k 
Dorn2001Brennende KalteDeath Metal192k 
Dorn2002Schatten der VergangenheitDeath Metal192k 
Dorn2004SurielDeath MetalVBR 225 
Dornenreich2001Herr Von Welken NachtenGothic Black Metal192k 
Doro1989Force MajeureHard Rock128k 
Doro1990DoroHard Rock128k 
Doro1993Angels Never DieHard Rock128k 
Doro1998Rare Diamonds Best OfHard Rock192k 
Doro1998True At HeartHard Rock128k 
Down2002Down II: A Bustle in Your HedgerowSludge Heavy Metal256k 
Downfall2006DownfallAlt. Metal/HardcoreVBR 224 
Download1996Microscopic EPIndustrial128k 
Download1996Sidewinder EPIndustrial128k 
Draconian2002Dark oceans we cryGothic256k 
Draconian2003Where Lovers MournGothic192k 
Draconian2005Arcane Rain FellGothicVBR 228 
Draconian2006The Burning HaloGothic/Doom MetalVBR 220 
Dragonforce2003Valley of the DamanedPower Metal192k 
Dragonforce2006Inhuman RampagePower Metal256k 
Dragonland2002Holy WarSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Dragonland2004StarfallPower MetalVBR 247 
Dragonlord2005Black Wings of DestinySympho Black/Thrash Metal256k 
Draugr2006Nocturnal Pagan SupremacyFolk Black/Thrash MetalVBR 248 
Dreadful Shadows1994EstrangementAlt. Metal128k 
Dreadful Shadows1995HomelessAlt. Metal128k 
Dreadful Shadows1995Homeless E.PHeavy Metal128k 
Dreadful Shadows1996Buried AgainAlt. Metal128k 
Dreadful Shadows1998Beyond The MazeAlt. Metal128k 
Dreadful Shadows1999The CycleAlt. Metal128k 
Dream Evil2003EvilizedHeavy Metal256k 
Dream Evil2004The Book of Heavy Metal (promo)Heavy MetalVBR 
Dream Theater1989When Dream and Day UniteHeavy Metal192k 
Dream Theater1992Images And WordsHeavy Metal192k 
Dream Theater1994AwakeProgressive Metal192k 
Dream Theater1995A Change Of SeasonsHeavy Metal192k 
Dream Theater1997Falling Into InfinityHeavy Metal160k 
Dream Theater2000Metropolis Pt.2 - Scenes From A MemoryHeavy Metal160k 
Dream Theater2003International Fanclub AlbumProgressive Metal192k 
Dream Theater2003Train of ThoughtsProgressive Rock192k 
Dream Theater2004Sandia Casino Amphitheater, 13.09.2004Progressive Metal256k 
Dream Theater2005OctavariumProgressive Metal256k 
Dreamaker2004Human DevicePower MetalVBR 181 
Dreaming2006IIOld School DoomVBR 215 
Dreamlost2006Outer RealityProgressive MetalVBR 208 
Dreams Of Damnation2006Epic Tales Of VengeanceDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 219 
Dreams Of Sanity1997KomodiaGothic Rock128k 
Dreams Of Sanity1999MasqueradeGothic Rock256k 
Dreams of Sanity2000The GameGothicVBR 
Dreamscapes of the Perverse2006GignesthaiMelodic Black MetalVBR 210 
Dreamtale2002Beyond RealityMelodic Power Metal256k 
Dreamtale2003Ocean's HeartMelodic Power Metal256k 
Dreamtale2005DifferenceMelodic Power Metal256k 
Drephjard2006SorgsvartBlack MetalVBR 228 
Drown Mary2005DetachedSludge/MetalcoreVBR 227 
Drowning Pool2001SinnerAlternative256k 
Drowning Pool2004DesensitizeAlternative192k 
Drudkh2003Autumn Aurora (promo)Black Metal224k 
Drumfunk Hooliganz II2000 Drum & Bass160k 
Drums and Tuba2001Vinyl KillerExperimental Rock160k 
Dry Kill Logic2001The Darker Side Of NonsenseNu-Metal256k 
Dry Kill Logic2004The Dead And DreamingNu MetalVBR 233 
Dub Syndicate1996Research and DevelopementDub256k 
Dubcity Fanatikz2002AerodinamicsElectronic192k 
Dune1998Forever And EverClub/Dance128k 
Dunkelgrafen2001Triumph des FleischesBlack MetalVBR 260 
Duran Duran1981Duran DuranRock128k 
Duran Duran1982RioRock128k 
Duran Duran1983Seven And The Ragged TigerRock128k 
Duran Duran1985So Red The RoseRock128k 
Duran Duran1985The Power StationRock128k 
Duran Duran1986NotoriousRock128k 
Duran Duran1988ArenaRock128k 
Duran Duran1988Big ThingRock128k 
Duran Duran1988DecadeRock128k 
Duran Duran1990LibertyRock128k 
Duran Duran1993The Wedding AlbumRock128k 
Duran Duran1995Thank YouRock128k 
Duran Duran1997MedazzalandRock128k 
Duran Duran1998GreatestPop/Rock256k 
Duran Duran1998Living In FearRock128k 
Duran Duran2000Pop ThrashRock192k 
Duran Duran2004AstronautPop/RockVBR 172 
Dusk2002Mourning... ResurrectDoom/Death Metal192k 
Dusk2006DeathgateBlack MetalVBR 206 
Dvar2000Taai LiiraGothic224k 
Dying Fetus1996Purification Through ViolenceBrutal Death/Grind256k 
Dying Fetus2000Destroy the OppositionDeath Metal192k 
Dying Fetus2003Stop at NothingDeath Metal256k 
Dying Fetus2004Infatuation with MalevolenceDeath Metal192k 
Dying Passion2002VoyageAvante-Garde192k 
Dynamism1999Dynamic SincopationHip-Hop160k 
Dyslesia2001Who Dares WinsMelodic Power Metal256k 
E-Rotic2000The Power of SexTechno128k 
E-Type1996The ExplorerTechno128k 
E-Type1998Last Man StandingTechno128k 
E-Type2004Loud Pipes Save LivesPop/DanceVBR 259 
E-X-E1990Sicker Than I ThoughtThrash Metal160k 
E. Town Concrete2003The RenaissanceHardcoreVBR 191 
E. Town Concrete2003Time2ShineHardcoreVBR 224 
E. Town Concrete2004Made For WarHardcoreVBR 235 
Earshot2004TwoAlt. Metal256k 
Earthtone 91999Off Kilter EnhancementAlt. MetalVBR 235 
Earthtone 92000Arc 'Tan' GentAlt. MetalVBR 236 
Eat Static1995AbductionTrance160k 
Eat Static1997Interceptor [EP]Club/Dance160k 
Eat Static1999DecadanceClub/Dance160k 
Ebanath2006That Now Is Necessary For YouGrinding Death CoreVBR 206 
Ebony Tears1999A Handful of NothingMelodic Death/Thrash Metal256k 
Ebony Tears2001Evil as HellThrash Metal192k 
Eclipse2004Second to NoneHard Rock192k 
Ed Rush & Fierce2001Ryme TymeDrum & Bass192k 
Ed Rush & Optical1998Live SessionsDrum & Bass160k 
Ed Rush & Optical2000The CreepsDrum & Bass192k 
Ed Rush & Optical2003Ryme Tyme-Live_at_ViRAM_WMCDrum & Bass192k 
Eden1985Everything But the GirlRock192k 
Eden1994Fire & RainGothic160k 
Edenbridge2000Sunrise in EdenGothic Metal192k 
Edenbridge2003Aphelion (Promo)Power Metal192k 
Edenbridge2004Shine (Limited Edition)Gothic Rock256k 
Edenbridge2006The grand designPower MetalVBR 228 
Edge of Sanity1993Spectral SorrowsDeath Metal128k 
Edge of Sanity1994Purgatory AfterglowDeath Metal128k 
Edge of Sanity1994Until Eternity EndsDeath Metal256k 
Edge of Sanity1996CrimsonDeath Metal128k 
Edge of Sanity1997CrypticMelodic Death Metal256k 
Edge of Sanity1997InfernalMelodic Death Metal256k 
Edge Of Sanity2003Crimson IIMelodic Death Metal192k 
Edgewater2004South Of SidewaysPost-Grunge256k 
Edguy1998Vain Glory OperaRock128k 
Edguy1999Theater Of SalvationHeavy Metal192k 
Edguy2004Hellfire ClubHeavy MetalVBR 
Eikenskaden2002The Black Laments SymphonieBlack Metal192k 
Einherjer1996Aurora BorealisBlack Metal128k 
Einherjer1996Dragons of the NorthBlack Metal128k 
Einherjer1997Far, Far NorthBlack Metal128k 
Einherjer2000Norwegian Native ArtDeath Metal128k 
Einherjer2003BlotViking Metal192k 
Einsturzende Neubauten1984Strategies Against Architecture, Vol. 1 (1980-1983)Industial256k 
Einsturzende Neubauten1989Haus Der LuegeIndustrial192k 
Einsturzende Neubauten1991Strategies Against Architecture II [2xCD]Industrial192k 
Einsturzende Neubauten1993Tabula RasaIndustial256k 
Einsturzende Neubauten1996Ende NeuIndustial256k 
Einsturzende Neubauten20009-15-2000, Brussels [2xCD]Industial256k 
Einsturzende Neubauten2000Silence Is SexyIndustrial192k 
Einsturzende Neubauten2001Strategies Against Architecture, Vol.3 (1991-2001) [2xCD]Industial192k 
Einsturzende Neubauten2004Perpetuum MobileIndustial160k 
Eisblut2005SchlachtwerkDeath MetalVBR 228 
Eisbrecher2006AntikorperIndustrialVBR 262 
Eisheilig2001EisheiligGothic Rock192k 
Eisheilig2003Die Garten Des HerrnGothic Rock192k 
Eisheilig2006ElysiumGothic Metal256k 
Eisregen2004Zerfall/Ende Des WegesBlack MetalVBR 190 
Ektomorf2005InstinctThrashcoreVBR 238 
Ektomorf2006OutcastAngry MetalVBR 242 
Electric Wizard2000DopethroneDoom Metal192k 
Electric Wizard2001Let Us PreyDoom Metal192k 
Electro Organic Sound System Roots Wreck RemixDrum & Bass192k 
Elend1994Lecons De TenebresGothic192k 
Elend1996Les Tenebres Du DehorsGothic192k 
Elend1997Weeping NightsGothic192k 
Elend1998The UmbersunGothic192k 
Elend2003Winds Devouring MenDark GothicMPC 
Elffor2006Unblessed WoodsAmbient,Atmospheric MetalVBR 203 
Elis2003God's Silence Devil's TemptationGothic Metal256k 
Elis2004Dark Clouds in a Perfect SkyGothic MetalVBR 237 
Elis2006GriefshireGothic MetalVBR 234 
Elite2006BifrostBlack MetalVBR 229 
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong1957Porgy & BessJazz128k 
Ellington and Coltrane1962Duke Ellington & John ColtraneJazz192k 
Elllipsis2006Imperial TzadikProgressive MetalVBR 203 
Elvenking2001HeathenreelPower Metal256k 
Elvenking2006The Winter WakePower/Folk Metal256k 
Elvira Madigan2003WitchesDark/Black Metal256k 
Elysian Blaze2006Levitating the CarnalBlack MetalVBR 213 
Elysium2003FeedbackDeath Metal192k 
Elysium2004DeadlineDeath MetalVBR 
Emberland2006EmberlandBrutal Death MetalVBR 235 
Emerald2004Forces of DoomHeavy Metal192k 
Emerson, Lake & Palmer1972TrilogyRock192k 
Emil Bulls2001Angel Delivery ServiceCrossover192k 
Emilie Simon2003Emilie SimonAlt. Rock/Pop/Electronic256k 
Emilie Simon2005La marche de l'empereur OSTSoundtrackVBR 191 
Emilie Simon2006VegetalAlt. Rock/Pop/Electronic256k 
Eminem2002The Eminem ShowRap128k 
Eminem2003Dont Call Me MarshallRap192k 
Eminem2004EncoreRapVBR 180 
Eminem2004Hits and UnreleasedRapVBR 201 
Emma Shapplin2000Carmine MeoEuro-Pop160k 
Emmure2007Goodbye To The GallowsDeath/MetatlcoreVBR 229 
Emperor1993EmperorBlack Metal192k 
Emperor1994In the Nightside EclipseDeath Metal128k 
Emperor1995Wrath Of The TyrantBlack Metal192k 
Emperor1997Anthems to the Welkins at DuskBlack Metal128k 
Emperor1997ReverenceBlack Metal192k 
Emperor1998Live In Frostland (Bootleg)Black Metal192k 
Emperor1999IX EquilibriumBlack Metal192k 
Emperor1999Thorns Vs. Emperor [2xCD]Black Metal192k 
Emperor2000Emperial Live CeremonyBlack Metal192k 
Emperor2001Prometeusthe_Discipline of fire and demiseBlack Metal192k 
Emperor2003Scattered Ashes a Decade of Emperial Wrath (Promo, 2xCD)Black Metal192k 
Empty Tremor2004The Alien InsideProgressive MetalVBR 216 
Empylver2006Wood Woud WouldAtmospheric/Folk MetalVBR 207 
Empyrean Eclipse2007Illumination UndoneMelodic Death MetalVBR 251 
Empyrium1996A Winter SunsetFolk/Gothic320k 
Empyrium1997Songs Of Moors & Misty FieldsFolk/Gothic256k 
Empyrium1999Where At Night The Wood Grouse PlaysFolk256k 
Empyrium2002WeilandGerman Folk256k 
End Of Everything2006ThreeDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 241 
End Zone1995First BequestPower Metal192k 
End Zone1996Thalatta Et ThanatosPower Metal192k 
End Zone1998EclecticaPower Metal192k 
Endless Gloom2006CorpsporationDeath MetalVBR 212 
Endorphins2006Where Evil LiesGrunge/Stoner/Thrash MetalVBR 215 
Endrone2006The Sins WithinMetalVBR 231 
Endstille2004DominanzBlack Metal256k 
Endymion2006The Morbid Triarchy (demo)Black MetalVBR 157 
Enemy2005Hooray for Dark MatterHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Enemy Of Perfection2006The CallingAtmospheric Death MetalVBR 206 
Eneth2006Aura SinfonicaExperimental Black MetalVBR 231 
Engelstaub1993Malleus MaleficarumGothic160k 
Engine of Pain2007I Am Your EnemyTrash MetalVBR 210 
Enid2004GradwandererFolk Black MatalVBR 217 
Ensemble Kolkheti1992Shavtvala Gogona - Oh, Black Eyed GirlWorld/Georgian192k 
Enshrined2006DerevelationDeath MetalVBR 243 
Ensiferum2001EnsiferumPower Metal192k 
Ensiferum2004IronMelodic Death MetalVBR 
Ensiferum2006DragonheadsViking/Folk Metal192k 
Ensiferum2007Victory SongsViking/Folk MetalVBR 226 
Enslaved1994FrostViking Metal256k 
Enslaved1994Vikingligr VeldiBlack Metal256k 
Enslaved1994Where is the MeaningDeath Metal192k 
Enslaved1997EldBlack Metal256k 
Enslaved2000Mardraum - Beyond The WithinBlack Metal256k 
Enslaved2006RuunProgressive Black MetalVBR 250 
Enslavement of Beauty1999Traces o' RedBlack Metal192k 
Enslavement of Beauty2000MegalomaniaBlack Metal192k 
Ensoph2001Bleeding Womb Of AnankeGothic Avant-garde Metal256k 
Ensoph2006Projekt X-KatonGothic Avant-garde Metal256k 
Enter Chaos2004Aura SenseDeath Metal192k 
Enthrallment2006Smashed Brain CollectionBrutal Death Metal/GrindcoreVBR 244 
Enthroned1999Apocalypse ManifestoBlack Metal256k 
Enthroned2001Armoured Bestial HellBlack Metal256k 
Enthroned2002Carnage In Worlds BeyondBlack Metal192k 
Enthroned2004Xes HaereticumBlack MetalVBR 243 
Entombed1990Left Hand PathDeath Metal192k 
Entombed1991ClandestineDeath Metal192k 
Entombed1993Wolverine BluesDeath/Thrash Metal, Death'n Roll256k 
Entombed1998Same DifferenceDeath Metal256k 
Entombed2001Morning Star [promo]Death Metal192k 
Entombed2003InfernoDeath Metal256k 
Entombed2004AvernoDeath MetalVBR 224 
Enya1988WatermarkNew Age192k 
Enya2000A Day Without Rain [Australia Bonus Track]New Age192k 
Ephel Duath2000PhormulaBlack Metal256k 
Epheles2006Souviens-ToiBlack MetalVBR 219 
Epica2003The Phantom AgonyGothic256k 
Epica2005Consign to OblivionGothic/Atmospheric Metal256k 
Epica2005We Will Take You With UsGothic Metal192k 
Epica2007The Divine ConspiracySymphonic Power/Gothic MetalVBR 204 
Equilibrium2005Turis FratyrEpic Viking MetalVBR 244 
Equinox1998HolonDrum & Bass128k 
Equinox2006The Immortal KindBlack/Death MetalVBR 213 
Eradicate2006RelentlessDeath MetalVBR 245 
Esoteric1993Emotions - The Death of IgnoranceFuneral Doom128k 
Esoteric1994Epistemological Despondency [2xCD]Funeral Doom192k 
Esoteric1996The Pernicious EnigmaFuneral DoomVBR 
Esoteric1999MetamorphogenesisDoom MetalVBR 136 
Esoteric2006SubverterHardcore MetalVBR 240 
Esqarial2002InheritanceDeath Metal192k 
Estatic Fear1997Somnium ObmutumSymphonic Doom Metal192k 
Estatic Fear1999A Sombre DanceSymphonic Doom Metal256k 
Eternal2005Sleep of ReasonGothic/Doom MetalVBR 216 
Eternal Conspiracy2002A Funeral Banquet At DawnSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Eternal Conspiracy2002Koran KillerSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Eternal Lies2002Spiritual DeceptionMelodic Death Metal256k 
Eternal Reign2005Forbidden PathMetalVBR 259 
Eternal Ruin2006Decomposing SalvationBrutal DeathVBR 228 
Eternal Silence2001Between The UnseenBlack Metal256k 
Eternal Suffering1999Drowning in Tragedy 192k 
Eternal Tears of Sorrow1997Sinner's SerenadeDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Eternal Tears of Sorrow2001A Virgin and a WhoreMelodic Death Metal256k 
Eternal Tears of Sorrow2006Before the Bleeding SunMelodic Death MetalVBR 257 
Eternity2004... and the Gruesome returns wBlack MetalVBR 223 
Eths2004SmaAlternativeVBR 228 
Etta James2003Let`s RollR&B256k 
Europe2004Start From the DarkHard Rock256k 
Eurythmics1983Sweet DreamsRock112k 
Evanescence2000Evanescence EPAlternative192k 
Evanescence2000Origin EPAlternative192k 
Evanescence2000Sound Asleep EPAlternative192k 
Evanescence2003FallenAlt. Metal192k 
Even Song1999Path of the angelsGothic192k 
Even Song2000Of Man's First DisobedienceDoom/Gothic Metal256k 
Even Song2001MysteriumDoom/Gothic Metal256k 
Evenfall2002CumbersomeGothic Doom192k 
Eventide2006Diaries form the GallowsMelodic Death/Progressive MetalVBR 200 
Eventide2006Diaries form the GallowsMelodic Death/Progressive MetalVBR 200 
Evereve1996SeasonsDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Evereve1998StormbirdsDeath/Doom Metal256k 
EverEve1999RegretGothic Metal192k 
Evergrey1998The dark discoveryProgressive Power160k 
Evergrey2001In Search Of TruthProg-Power Metal256k 
Evergrey2003Recreation DayModern Dark Progressive Power/Heavy Metal256k 
Evergrey2004Solitude Dominance Tragedy (Special Edition)Progressive Power MetalVBR 198 
Evergrey2004The Inner CircleProgressive PowerVBR 
Evergrey2005A Night to RememberModern Dark Power/Heavy MetalVBR 230 
Evergrey2006Monday Morning ApocalypseModern Dark Progressive Power/Heavy MetalVBR 275 
Everlost2004Bitterness of The TriumphMelodic Death Metal192k 
Everlost2006Noise FactoryMelodic Death MetalVBR 239 
Every New Day2006Even in the Darkest PlacesMelodic Hardcore MetalVBR 233 
Everything But The Girl1984EdenAlt. Pop256k 
Everything But The Girl1994Amplified HeartAlt. Pop256k 
Everything But The Girl1996Walking WoundedAlt. Pop256k 
Everything But the Girl2005Adapt Or die: 10 Years of RemixElectronicVBR 198 
Evidence One2004Tattooed HeartMelodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock256k 
Evil Divine2004Dawn Before the DawnDeath MetalVBR 
Evil Masquerade2004Welcome to the ShowPower Metal256k 
Evoken1994Shades Of Night DescendingDoom192k 
Evoken1998Embrace The EmptinessDoom/Death Metal128k 
Evoken2003Coveting ElysiumDoom/Death MetalVBR 193 
Evoken2005Antithesis of LightDoom/Death MetalVBR 203 
Evol1995The Saga Of The Horned KingBlack MetalVBR 261 
Evol1996DreamquestBlack Metal256k 
Exaltation2006Despair Shall Forsake MeBrutal Death MetalVBR 233 
Excarnated2006Purging the EarthBrutal Death MetalVBR 232 
Exciter2005Unveiling the WickedSpeed Metal256k 
Excrementory Grindfuckers2002Guts Gore And GrindHardcore/Grind MetalABR 189 
Excruciate2003Beyond The Circle (1988-1993)Death Metal192k 
Exhorder1990Slaughter In The VaticanHeavy Metal128k 
Exhorder1992The LawThrash Metal256k 
Exhorder1992The LawThrash Metal256k 
Exhumed2000SlaughtercultDeath Metal192k 
Exhumed2004Platters Of Splatter (2xCD,promo)Death MetalVBR 
Exitium2006Outsourcing MoralityGrind/Death MetalVBR 265 
Exodus1986Bonded By BloodHard Rock128k 
Exodus2004Tempo Of The DamnedThrash Metal256k 
Exploder2006ExploderHeavy MetalVBR 237 
Exsecratus2007Tainted DreamsMelodic Death/Gothic MetalVBR 228 
Extol2000UndeceivedThrash Metal256k 
Extol2005BlueprintMelodic/Progressive DeathVBR 237 
Extreme Noise Terror1997Damage 381Death Metal256k 
Exumer1986Possessed By FireThrash Metal192k 
Exumer1987Rising From The SeaThrash Metal128k 
Eyehategod2000Confederacy of Ruined LivesSludge/Stoner/Doom Metal256k 
Eyehategod2005Preaching the End-Time MessageDoom/Stoner MetalVBR 206 
Eyehategod2006Dopesick (reissue)Sludge Metal, Doom MetalVBR 214 
Eyehategod2006In the Name of Suffering (reissue)Sludge Metal, Doom MetalVBR 222 
Eyehategod2006Take as Needed for Pain (reissue)Sludge Metal, Doom MetalVBR 205 
EZ Rollers2003Moving ShadowDrum & Bass192k 
Face Down1995MindfieldHardcoreVBR 262 
Facebreaker2004Bloodred HellDeath MetalVBR 
Fair Warning1997Go!Hard Rock256k 
Fairyland2003Of Wars in OsyrhiaSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Fairyland2006Fall of an EmpireSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Fait No More1997Wolverhampton, England, Civic Hall.Alternative-Rock256k 
Faith & the Muse1996Annwyn, Beneath the WavesGothic Rock128k 
Faith & the Muse2001Vera Causa_ Night and Morning [2xCD]Gothic Rock192k 
Faith No More1985We Car A LotAlternative256k 
Faith No More1987Introduce YourselfAlternative256k 
Faith No More1989The Real ThingAlt. Rock192k 
Faith No More1992Angel DustAlt. Rock192k 
Faith No More1995King for a Day Fool for a LifetimeAlt. Rock192k 
Faith No More1998Album Of The YearAlt. Rock192k 
Faith No More2006Platinum CollectionAlt. Rock256k 
Faithless1998Sunday 8pm (Special Edition Includes Bonus CD Saturday 3am)Electronic256k 
Faithless2001Outrospective (Special Russian Version)House/Club/Dance256k 
Faithless2001Reverence (Special Edition Featuring Exclusive Remixes)House/Club/Dance256k 
Faithless2001Reverence (Special Edition Includes Bonus CD )House/Club/Dance256k 
Faithless2001Tarantula (Remixes)Electronic256k 
Faithless2002One Step Too Far Pt.1Electronic256k 
Faithless2002Outrospective (Australian Special Edition Includes Bonus CD)House/Club/Dance256k 
Faithless2002Outrospective (Special Edition Includes Bonus CD )House/Club/Dance256k 
Faithless2004No RootsElectronic256k 
Falconer2002Chapters From A Vale Forlorn (Promo)Heavy/Power Metal192k 
Falconer2003The Sceptre Of DeceptionPower Metal192k 
Falconer2006NorthwindHeavy/Power MetalVBR 231 
Falkenbach1996En Their Medh Riki FaraBlack Metal256k 
Falkenbach1997Magni Blandinn Ok MegintiriBlackened Folk/Viking Metal192k 
Falkenbach2003Ok Nefna Tysvar TyBlack Metal320k 
Fall of Serenity2004Royal KillingDeath MetalVBR 221 
Fall of the Leafe2004VolvereGothic RockVBR 232 
Fallen2004A Tragedy's Bitter EndFuneral DoomVBR 275 
Falling To Pieces2007Left To RustAlt. MetalVBR 234 
Fancy2004Voices from HeavenPop192k 
Fantomas2004Delirium CordiaAlt. Metal256k 
Fantomas & Melvins2002Millennium Monsterwork 2000Alternative256k 
Farin Urlaub2005Am Ende Der SonneAlternative256k 
Fata Morgana1995Fata MorganaGothic192k 
Fatality2004Lost in SufferingDeath MetalVBR 238 
FatBoy Slim1998You've Come A Long Way, BabyBeatVBR 
Fatboy Slim2000Halfway Between The Gutter And The StarsElectronicMPC 
Fatboy Slim2004PalookavilleDance Music Pop192k 
Fear Factory1992Soul of A New MachineDeath MetalVBR 259 
Fear Factory1993Fear Is The MindkillerThrash Metal192k 
Fear Factory1995DemanufactureIndustial256k 
Fear Factory1997RemanufactureIndustrial192k 
Fear Factory1998ObsoleteIndustrial128k 
Fear Factory2001DigimortalIndustrial192k 
Fear Factory2001Digital ConnectivityAlternative160k 
Fear Factory2002ConcreteDeath Metal/Grindcore192k 
Fear Factory2003HatefilesIndustial192k 
Fear Factory2004ArchetypeIndustial256k 
Fear Factory2004Mischief Invasion OSTIndustrial/GrindcoreVBR 189 
Fear Factory2004Washington,DC XM StudiosIndustrial256k 
Fear Factory2005TransgressionDeath/Industrial Metal256k 
Fear of Eternity2006Ancient SymbolismAtmospheric Black MetalVBR 185 
Fearer2005BackfireDeath MetalVBR 249 
Fentanyl2006Feeble ExistenceThrash MetalVBR 253 
Ference Liszt VariousClassical128k 
Ferry Corsten2001Club Eau The Hague (Live 01-9-2001)Trance192k 
Figure of Merit2005VaticNu-Metal256k 
Fila Brazila1994Old Codes, New ChaosLo-Fi128k 
Fila Brazila1995Maim That TuneLo-Fi128k 
Fila Brazila1996Black Market GardeningLo-Fi128k 
Fila Brazila1999A Touch Of ClothTrip-Hop192k 
Fila Brazila2001Another Late NightTrip-Hop128k 
Fila Brazillia1996MessTrip-Hop128k 
Filter1995Short BusIndustrial192k 
Filter1999Title of RecordIndustrial160k 
Filter2002The AmalgamutIndustrial/Post-Grunge192k 
Final Prayer2006Right Here, Right NowHardcore/Death/Thrash MetalVBR 243 
Finisterre2004La Meccanica NaturaleProgressive Rock256k 
Fink2000Fresh ProduceElectronic192k 
Finntroll2000Midnattens WidunderHumppa-influenced Folk Metal256k 
Finntroll2001Jaktens TidBlack Metal192k 
Finntroll2003Visor Om SlutetFolk Black192k 
Finntroll2004Nattfodd (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Finntroll2004TrollhammarenFolk/Black Metal192k 
Finnugor2004Darkness Needs UsBlack MetalVBR 
Firehouse1990FirehouseHard Rock256k 
Firewind2003Burning EarthPower Metal192k 
Firewind2005Forged By FirePower/Speed MetalVBR 250 
Fiurach1999ChaospawnerEpic Black Thrash256k 
Flaw2004Endangered SpeciesNu MetalVBR 219 
Fleshcrawl2001SoulskinnerDeath MetalVBR 263 
Fleshcrawl2004Made Of Flesh (promo)Death Metal192k 
Fleshmould2006The lazarus breedTechnical Death MetalVBR 251 
Flint2003Aim 4Alt/Electro Punk256k 
Floater1994SinkAlt. Rock256k 
Floater1995GlyphAlt. Rock256k 
Flowing Tears2000JadeGothic Rock192k 
Flowing Tears2002SerpentineGothic Rock192k 
Flowing Tears2004Razorbliss (promo)Gothic Metal/AvantgardeVBR 242 
Focal1996Disco 1Easy ListeningVBR 
Focal1999Disco 4Easy ListeningVBR 
Foerdjord2006Henkeen_Ja_VereenBlack MetalVBR 204 
Folkearth2006By the Sword of My FatherFolk/Viking MetalVBR 222 
Forbidden1988Forbidden EvilThrash Metal128k 
Forbidden1990Twisted Into FormThrash Metal128k 
Forbidden1997GreenHeavy Metal128k 
Forest Silence2006Philosophy of WinterBlack MetalVBR 247 
Forest Stream2003Tears of Mortal SolitudeBlack/Gothic/Doom Metal192k 
Forever It Shall Be2007Reluming The EmbersMelodic Death MetalVBR 228 
Forgive Me Not1997TearfallGothic/Doom Metal256k 
Forgive Me Not2002Perfect InnocenceGothic/Doom Metal256k 
Forgive Me Not2002Swallow SongsGothic/Doom Metal256k 
Forgive Me Not2006Suicide ServiceGothic/Doom MetalVBR 230 
Forgive-Me-Not2003BehindGothic Rock256k 
Forgive-Me-Not2004HeavensideGothic Rock256k 
Forgotten Tomb2003Springtime DepressionBlack/Doom Metal256k 
Forgotten Tomb2005Songs To LeaveBlack/Doom MetalVBR 242 
Forlorn2003HybernationBlack/Death Metal192k 
Frank Zappa1976Zappa In New York [2xCD]Rock256k 
Frank Zappa1979Sleep DirtRock256k 
Frank Zappa1986Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionRock256k 
Frank Zappa1986Jazz From HellRock256k 
Frank Zappa1988You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 1 [2xCD]Rock256k 
Frank Zappa1993The Yellow SharkRock256k 
Frank Zappa2004Joe's DomageRock256k 
Freddie Mercury1998The InstrumentalsRock192k 
Frederick Chopin VariousClassical128k 
Freedom Call1998Crystal empirePower Metal128k 
Freedom Call1999Stairway To FairylandPower Metal128k 
Freedom Call2005Circle of LifePower MetalVBR 237 
From Autumn to Ashes2004The Fiction We LiveMetalcore192k 
From Autumn to Ashes2004Too Bad You'Re BeautifulMetalcoreVBR 229 
From Exile2006Crushing RealityMelodic Death MetalVBR 211 
From Russia With BREAKZ1999Compilation vol. 1Beat192k 
From Zero2001One Nation UnderAlternative128k 
Front 2421987BackcatalogueIndustrial128k 
Front 2421988Front By FrontIndustrial256k 
Front 2421993Angels versus animalsIndustrial128k 
Front 2421993Fuck Up EvilIndustrial256k 
Front 2421996Mut@gE.Mix@geIndustrial256k 
Front 2422003PulseIndustrial256k 
Front Line Assembly Digital Tension DementiaIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly ExplosionIndustrial160k 
Front Line Assembly1988ConvergenceIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1988VirusIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1991Caustic GripIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1992Mindphaser (EP)Industrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1992Tactical Neural ImplantIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1994Millennium (EP)Industrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1995CircuitryIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1995Hard WiredIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1997Colombian NecktieIndustrial192k 
Front Line Assembly1997Flavour of the WeakIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1998ComatoseIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1999FatalistIndustrial128k 
Front Line Assembly1999ImplodeIndustrial256k 
Front Line Assembly2006Artificial SoldierIndustrial256k 
Frontline Assembly2004CivilizationIndustial192k 
Frontside2004Zmierzch Bogw - Pierwszy Krok Do Mentalnej RewolucjiCrossoverVBR 239 
Frost2004Talking To God (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Fu Manchu2000King of The RoadHeavy Metal192k 
Fu Manchu2007We Must ObeyStoner Metal256k 
Fuck the Facts2006Collection of SplitsMetalcore, Melodic Death/GrooveVBR 227 
Fuel2003Natural SelectionAlt. Metal256k 
Fuel Blooded2006Inflict the InevitableMelodic Death/Thrash MetalVBR 264 
Full Blown Chaos2006Within the Grasp of TitansHardcore MetalVBR 237 
Full Devil Jacket2000Full Devil JacketAlternative192k 
Fun Lovin' Criminals2005Livin in the CityAlternative256k 
Funeral1995Beyond All Sunsets [demo]Funeral Doom256k 
Funeral2002In Fields of Pestilent GriefDoom Metal192k 
Funeral2006Tragedies and Tristesse (best of...)Funeral Doom/Death/Gothic MetalVBR 225 
Funeral Nation1991After the BattleThrash Metal256k 
Funeral Procession2006Funeral ProcessionBlack MetalVBR 256 
Funeris Nocturnum2000Pure Satanic BlasphemyBlack Metal192k 
Funeris Nocturnum2002Code 666 Religion Syndrome DeceasedBlack Metal256k 
Fungoid Stream2004Celaenus FragmentsAtmospheric/Funeral Doom MetalVBR 197 
Funker Vogt1998eXecution TracksIndustrial128k 
Funker Vogt2000GunmanIndustrial160k 
Funker Vogt2000Maschine Zeit (Limited Edition)Industrial192k 
Funker Vogt2001Thanks For Nothing (Remastered)Industrial192k 
Funker Vogt2003RevivorElectronic192k 
Funker Vogt2005NavigatorAlt. Metal/Industrial256k 
Funki Porcini1995Head Phone SexTrip-Hop128k 
Funki Porcini1999The Ultimately Empty Million PoundsTrip-Hop160k 
Furia2004A La Quete Du Passe (Remastered)Black MetalVBR 
Fury in the Slaughterhouse2004NimbyAlt. Rock/Post Grunge256k 
Furze2007UtdBlack MetalVBR 230 
Future Sound Of London1991AcceleratorElectronic160k 
Future Sound Of London1993CascadeAmbient128k 
Future Sound Of London1994Lifeforms [2xCD]Ambient160k 
Future Sound Of London1996Dead CitiesTrip-Hop128k 
Gabriel Le Mar2000Gab's GiftPsychedelic192k 
Gabriel Le Mar2005NightradioProgressive Trance256k 
Galadriel2007Renascence Of Ancient SpiritDark Doom MetalVBR 228 
Gama Bomb2005Survival Of The FastestThrash MetalVBR 228 
Gamma Ray1990Heading For TomorrowHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1990Heaven Can WaitHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1991Sign No MoreHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1993Insanity & GeniusHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1994LiveHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1995Land Of The FreeHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1996Alive '95Heavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray1997Somewhere Out In SpaceHeavy Metal128k 
Gamma Ray2001New World OrderSpeed Metal192k 
Gamma Ray2005MajesticPower/Speed Metal256k 
Gang Green2003You Got It / Older BudweiserAlternative256k 
Ganja Crew1996Still SmokinJungle128k 
Garbage1998Version 2.0Rock128k 
Garbage2001BeautifulGarbageAlt. Rock192k 
Garbage2005Bleed Like MeAlt. Rock256k 
Gardenian1997Two Feet StandDeath Metal256k 
Gardenian1999SoulburnerDeath Metal256k 
Gardenian2000SindustriesDeath Metal192k 
Gardens Of Gehenna1997Mortem SalutaDoom/Death Metal320k 
Gardens Of Gehenna2000Dead Body MusicDeath Metal320k 
Gardens Of Gehenna2003Mechanism MasochismDeath Metal192k 
Gary Moore1979G-ForceElectronic160k 
Gates Of Ishtar1997The Dawn Of FlamesDeath MetalVBR 266 
Gates Of Ishtar1998At Dusk And ForeverDeath MetalVBR 265 
Geezer Butler1995Plastic PlanetDeath Metal256k 
Gehenna1994First SpellBlack Metal192k 
Gehenna19952nd Spell - Seen Through The Veils Of DarknessBlack Metal192k 
Gehenna1996MaliceBlack Metal192k 
Gehenna1997Black Seared HeartBlack Metal192k 
Gehenna1998Admiron BlackBlack Metal192k 
Gehenna1998Deadlights (Single)Black Metal192k 
Gehenna2005WWDeath MetalVBR 241 
Geist2006KainsmalBlack MetalVBR 243 
Gelida Obscuritas2006Heart Of ChaosBlack MetalVBR 225 
Genesis1974The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayRockVBR 
Genesis1999Turn it on againRock192k 
Genghis Tron2005Cloak of Love [EP]Alt. MetalVBR 224 
George Michael BestRock112k 
George Michael2004Best BalladsPop256k 
Georges Bizet1875Carmen [3xCD]Opera192k 
Geri Halliwell2005PassionPop256k 
German Mystic Sound Sampler1992Volume IVGothic128k 
Ghost Machine2006HypersensitiveMetalVBR 202 
Giacomo Puccini1947La Boheme [2xCD]Opera192k 
Giacomo Puccini1953Tosca [2xCD]Opera256k 
Gilles Peterson Worldwide (Programme 1) [2xCD]Trip-Hop192k 
Gillian Welch1996RevivalAlt. Country192k 
Giuseppe Verdi1853Il Trovatore [2xCD]Classical192k 
Giuseppe Verdi1871Aida [3xCD]Classical192k 
Glassjaw2000Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SilenceAlternative192k 
Glassjaw2001Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Re-Release)Alternative192k 
Gloria Morti2004Lifestream CorrosionMelodic Extreme Metal256k 
Glory Opera2007EquilibriumMelodic Power MetalVBR 194 
Goatmoon2006Finnish Steel StormBlack MetalVBR 218 
Goatsnake1999Goatsnake 1Doom/Stoner Metal192k 
Goatsnake2000Flower of DiseaseDoom/Stoner Metal192k 
Goatsnake20041 + Dog DaysDoom MetalVBR 203 
Goatwhore2000The Eclipse Of Ages Into BlackPunk Revival128k 
Goatwhore2006A Haunting CurseDeath MetalVBR 258 
God Dethroned1999Bloody BlasphemyDeath Metal128k 
God Dethroned2004The Lair Of The White WormDeath MetalVBR 234 
God Forbid2004Gone ForeverThrash MetalVBR 
Godgory1999ResurrectionGothic/Doom Metal256k 
Godgory2001Way BeyondDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Godgory2002Sea of Dreams & Shadow's DanceMelodic Death/Gothenburg256k 
Godhead20012000 Years Of Human ErrorIndustrial256k 
Godless2006Church ArsonistBlack MetalVBR 173 
Gods Tower2005The Greatest ArrowsPagan Folk Doom Metal256k 
Gojira2000Terra IncognitaDeath/Thrash Metal160k 
Gojira2003The LinkDeath/Thrash Metal256k 
Gojira2005From Mars to SiriusDeath/Thrash Metal256k 
Golden Dawn2002MasqueradeBlack Metal192k 
Goldie1995TimelessDrum & Bass160k 
Golem2003Death Never DiesDeath/Black Metal256k 
Golgotha1993Land Of DeathDeath Metal256k 
Good Charlotte2002Young and HopelessPunk192k 
Gor2000Bellum GnosticorumMedieval/Ethnical Folk192k 
Gor2002PhlegraeiMedieval/Ethnical Folk192k 
Gorefest1991MindlossDeath Metal192k 
Gorefest1992False (+live bonus)Death Metal192k 
Gorefest1993The Eindhoven Insanity (Live)Death Metal192k 
Gorefest1994EraseDeath Metal128k 
Gorefest1996Soul SurvivorDeath Metal192k 
Gorefest1998Chapter 13Death Metal192k 
Gorelord2006Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre - The Final CutDeath MetalVBR 206 
Gorerotted2005A New Dawn for the DeadDeath Metal256k 
Gorgoroth1994PentagramBlack MetalMPC 
Gorgoroth1995Antichrist [EP]Black Metal256k 
Gorgoroth1997Under the Sign of HellBlack Metal128k 
Gorgoroth1998DestroyerBlack Metal128k 
Gorgoroth2003Twilight Of The Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan)Black Metal192k 
Gorgoroth2005Unter Den Flugeln Von SatanBlack Metal192k 
Gorgoroth2006Ad Majorem Sathanas GloriamBlack Metal256k 
Gorguts1998ObscuraDeath Metal128k 
Gorguts2001From Wishdom to HateBlack/Death Metal192k 
Gorguts2004Considered Dead/The Erosion of SanityDeath Metal256k 
Gorillaz2002Gorillaz vs SpacemonkiesAlt. Rock192k 
Gorillaz2005Demon DaysAlternativeVBR 187 
Gorod2006Leading VisionDeath MetalVBR 231 
Gosforth2006HornlustBlack MetalVBR 227 
Gotherfall2006Blacksphere ArchitectureMelodic Black MetalVBR 239 
Gothic Sky2006Witchcraft of KrehterwehsGothic/Black MetalVBR 232 
Gotthard HomerunRock192k 
Gotthard1992GotthardHard Rock192k 
Gotthard1994Dial HardRock192k 
Gotthard1999OpenHard Rock192k 
Grand Alchemist2002Intervening Coma-CelebrationBlack Metal256k 
Grand Magus2001Grand MagusStoner/Doom Metal256k 
Grand Magus2003MonumentStoner/Doom Metal256k 
Grand Nocturne2006Dispair and DemiseBlack MetalVBR 210 
Grandaddy2002Concrete DunesAlt. Rock192k 
Grant Plant2000ICU Session, Vol. 5Club160k 
Grave1991Into the GraveDeath Metal256k 
Grave1992You'll Never SeeDeath Metal256k 
Grave1994SoullessDeath Metal256k 
Grave2003Back from the GraveDeath Metal256k 
Grave Digger1984Witch HunterHeavy Metal128k 
Grave Digger1995Heart of DarknessHeavy Metal128k 
Grave Digger1998Knights of the CrossHeavy Metal256k 
Grave Digger1999ExcaliburHeavy Metal256k 
Grave Digger2001The Grave DiggerHeavy Metal192k 
Grave Digger2002Tunes Of Wacken (Live)Heavy Metal192k 
Grave Digger2003RheingoldHeavy Metal192k 
Grave Digger2003Witch hunterHeavy Metal256k 
Grave Digger2005The Last SupperClassic/Speed Metal256k 
Grave Digger2007Liberty Or DeathClassic/Speed MetalVBR 225 
Graveland1994Carpathian WolvesBlack Metal256k 
Graveland1995Thousand SwordsBlack Metal256k 
Graveland1996The Celtic WinterBlack Metal256k 
Graveland1997Following the Voice of BloodBlack Metal256k 
Graveland2002Memory And DestinyBlack Metal192k 
Graveland2003The Fire of AwakeningBlack Metal192k 
Graveland2004Dawn Of Iron BladesBlack MetalVBR 179 
Graveworm1999As The Angels Reach The BeautyBlack Metal160k 
Graveworm2001Scourge Of MaliceBlack Metal128k 
Graveworm2002When Daylight's Gone & Underneath the Crescent MoonBlack Metal192k 
Graveworm2003Engraved In BlackBlack Metal192k 
Graveworm2005(N)UtopiaGothic/Melodic Black MetalVBR 230 
Graveworm2007Collateral DefectMelodic Black/Gothic Metal256k 
Gravity Kills1996Gravity KillsIndustrial128k 
Gravity Kills1997ManipulatedIndustrial160k 
Gravity Kills1998PerversionIndustrial256k 
Great Coven2006ViaticumDoom MetalVBR 222 
Green Carnation2001Light of Day, Day of DarknessAtmospheric Doom192k 
Green Carnation2005The Quiet OffspringGothic/Neo-Progressive MetalVBR 230 
Green Day2005Bullet In A BiblePunk Rock256k 
Green Nuns of the Revolution1997Rock Bitch MafiaGoa128k 
Greg Howe2000HyperacuityRock160k 
Grenouer2004Presence With WarDeath Metal256k 
Greyboy Allstars1995West Coast BoogalooAcid Jazz128k 
Grief1994Come to GriefSlow Depress Doom Death256k 
Grief2002Turbulent TimesSlow Depress Doom DeathABR 138 
Grief of Emerald2000Malformed SeedBlack Metal256k 
Grief of Emerald2002Christian TerminationBlack/Death Metal192k 
Grievance1999The Phantom NovelsBlack Metal256k 
Griffin2002The SideshowHeavy Metal256k 
Grimfaug2007Defloration of Life's EssenceBlack MetalVBR 227 
Grip Inc2004IncorporatedThrash Metal256k 
Groove Armada2001Goodbye CountryElectronic192k 
Groove Armada2004The Best Of Groove ArmadaElectronic256k 
Grooverider1997Grooverider presents the prototype yearsDrum & Bass128k 
Grooverider1998Mysteries Of FunkDrum & Bass160k 
Grooverider and Fabio2002At Accelerated Culture 8Drum & Bass192k 
Guano Apes2004Planet Of The Apes (best of...) [2xCD]Alternative192k 
Guillotine1997Unter The GuillotineHard Rock128k 
Gus Gus1997PolydistortionElectronic192k 
Gus Gus1999This Is NormalTrip-Hop256k 
Gus Gus2002AttentionElectronic192k 
Gwar1995RagNaRokHardcore Metal256k 
Gwar1997Carnival of ChaosHardcore Metal256k 
Gwar2001Violence Has ArrivedHardcore Metal256k 
Gwar2004War PartyHardcore/Thrash MetalVBR 239 
Gwar2006Beyond HellHardcore/Thrash MetalVBR 237 
Gwen Stefani2004Love, Angel, Music, BabyAlt. Rock256k 
H.I.M.1998Lovesongs Vol. 666Gothic Rock128k 
H.I.M.2000Razorblade RomanceGothic Rock192k 
H.I.M.2001Deep Shadows And Brilliant HighlightsGothic Rock192k 
H.I.M.2003Love MetalGothic Rock192k 
H.I.M.2005Dark LightDark Rock256k 
H8 Inc.2004Life Of PainHardcoreVBR 208 
Hacha2004CortanteAlt. Metal256k 
Hacksaw to the Throat2005Tear My Eyes Out...Death MetalVBR 246 
Hades Almighty2004The Pulse Of Decay (Reissue)Black/Doom Metal192k 
Haggard1997And Thou Shalt Trust... The SeerGothic Metal192k 
Haggard2000Awaking The CenturiesGothic Metal256k 
Haggard2004Eppur Si MuoveGothic RockVBR 
Haitink-Concertgebouw Orchestra1985Dmitri Shostakovich-Symphony No. 11 in G minor, op. 103 _The Year 1905_Classic256k 
Hallucinogen AsnesnothineGoa192k 
Hallucinogen Space PussyPsychedelic128k 
Hallucinogen1997The Lone DerangerGoa128k 
Hallucinogen2000Mi-Loony-Um (EP)Goa192k 
Hallucinogen2002In DubGoa192k 
Halo of Shadows2006ManifestoMelodic Death MetalVBR 233 
Halou1998We Only Love YouTrip-Hop192k 
Halou2003The Wholeness EPTrip-Hop192k 
Hammerfall1997Glory To The BraveSpeed Metal160k 
Hammerfall1997Legacy Of KingsHeavy Metal128k 
Hammerfall2000RenegadePower Metal256k 
Hammerfall2002Crimson ThunderPower Metal192k 
Hammerfall2004One Crimson NightPower Metal256k 
Hammerfall2005Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, UnbrokenHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Handsome Boy Modeling School2001So...How's Your GirlRap192k 
Hanging Garden2007Inherit the EdenDoomy Death/Gothic MetalVBR 225 
Hannibal2006This Is YouDeath MetalVBR 198 
Hanson1997Middle Of NowherePop/Rock128k 
Hardtrancemania vol.11998Hardtrancemania vol.1Trance128k 
Hardtrancemania vol.21998Hardtrancemania vol.2Trance128k 
Hardtrancemania vol.31998Hardtrancemania vol.3Trance128k 
Hardtrancemania vol.41998Hardtrancemania vol.4Trance128k 
Hardtrancemania vol.5 Hardtrancemania vol.5Trance160k 
Hardtrancemania vol.7 Hardtrancemania vol.7Trance192k 
Hargos2007Shadows of ViolenceProgressive/Melodic Thrash MetalVBR 186 
Harry James1996Comin' From A Good PlaceJazzVBR 
Harum Scarum Mental Health 128k 
Haste the Day2004Burning BridgesHardcoreVBR 
Hate2003Awakening Od the LiarDeath Metal256k 
Hate Eternal1999Conquering The ThroneDeath Metal192k 
Hate Forest2004Battlefields (promo)Black Metal192k 
Hatebreed2003The Rise of BrutalityHardcore256k 
Hatebreed2006SupremacyHardcore Metal256k 
Hatesphere2001HatesphereGothenburg Thrash/Death Metal256k 
Haujobb1995Homes & Gardens (Ltd Ed)Industrial160k 
Haujobb1996Frames [remixes]Industrial128k 
Haujobb2003Vertical TheoryIndustial192k 
Haus Arafna1995BlutIndustrial320k 
Haus Arafna1998The Last Dream of Jesus [EP]Industrial320k 
Hayras2006Sombre DestinRaw Black MetalVBR 195 
Hearse2006In These VeinsMelodic Death/Death RockVBR 269 
Heaven Shall Burn2002Whatever It May TakeDeath/Thrash Metal192k 
Heaven Shall Burn2004AntigoneDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 235 
Heavenly2000Coming From The SkyHeavy Metal192k 
Heavenly2001Sign Of The WinnerHeavy Metal192k 
Heavenly2004Dust to DustPower Metal256k 
Heavens Gate1999MenergyHeavy Metal256k 
Hecate Enthroned1999Kings Of ChaosBlack Metal128k 
Hecate Enthroned2004RedimusBlack MetalVBR 200 
Hecate Enthroned Hecate1997The Slaughter of InnocenceBlack Metal256k 
Hedfirst2005ScarismaticGroovy Death MetalVBR 244 
Hegemon2000Chaos SupremeBlack MetalVBR 
Hegemon2002By this i conquer (promo)Black Metal192k 
Heiden2007Era 2Black MetalVBR 243 
Heifetz1994Bach: Sonatas and Partitas [2xCD]Classical256k 
Helheim2006The Journeys and Experiences of DeathViking MetalVBR 236 
Hell is for heroes2005Transmit DisruptAlt. Rock256k 
Hell N Back2005Demon SupremacyHeavy MetalVBR 229 
Hell-Born2006Cursed Infernal SteelBlack/Death MetalVBR 259 
Hellfueled2004Volume OneHeavy Metal256k 
Helloween Deliberately Limited PreliminaHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1985HelloweenHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1986Walls Of JerichoHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1987Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Part1)Heavy Metal128k 
Helloween1988Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Part2)Heavy Metal128k 
Helloween1989Live In The U.KHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1991Pink Bubbles Go Ape!Heavy Metal128k 
Helloween1994ChameleonHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1994Master Of The RingsHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1996High LiveHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1996The Time Of The OathHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween1998Better Than RawHeavy Metal128k 
Helloween2000The Dark RideHeavy MetalVBR 
Hellveto2006In The Glory Of Heroes...Orchestral Pagan MetalVBR 206 
Hellveto2006Visions from the Past/Stony Fathers of WinterOrchestral Pagan MetalVBR 206 
Hellwitch1990Syzygial MiscreancyTechnical Death/Thrash256k 
Helmet2004Size MattersHard Rock256k 
Helmet2006MonochromeHeavy Metal/Hard Rock256k 
Hendel George Frederick VariousClassical128k 
Herbaliser1997Blow Your HeadphonesHip-Hop128k 
Herbaliser1997The BlendHip-Hop192k 
Herbaliser2002Something Wicked this Way ComeHip-Hop192k 
Hermano2002Only a SuggestionHard Rock256k 
Hermano2004Dare I SayHard Rock256k 
Heroes del Silencio1993El Espiritu del VinoGothic Rock128k 
Herratik2006Wrath DivineDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 255 
Hexx1984No EscapeHeavy Metal160k 
Hexx1989Quest For SanityDeath Metal192k 
Hibria2005Defying the RulesProgressive/Power/Speed Metal256k 
Hidden Hand2005Devoid Of ColourStoner Metal256k 
Hierophant2003The TomeFuneral Doom MetalVBR 208 
High on Fire2007Death Is This CommunionStoner/Doom MetalVBR 206 
Highland Glory2003From The Cradle To The BraveHeavy Metal192k 
Highlord2002Breath Of EternityPower Metal256k 
Hilight Tribe1999Maha WaveGoa320k 
Hilight Tribe2000Stellar RainGoaVBR 172 
Hilight Tribe2002Love Medicine & Natural TranceGoa192k 
Himinbjorg2001Haunted ShoresViking MetalABR 176 
Hipocrisy2000Into The AbyssHeavy Metal192k 
Hirax2004The New Age of TerrorThrash/Speed Metal/Crossover256k 
His Hero Is Gone2002Monument To ThievesAlt. Metal256k 
Hocico Sangre HirvienteIndustrial160k 
Hocico2004Wrack And RuinIndustrial256k 
Hollenthon1999Domus MundiHeavy Metal128k 
Hollenthon2001With Vilest Of Worms To DwellDeath/Black Metal192k 
Hollenthon2003Summer Breeze 23.08.2003Death/Black Metal160k 
Holy Dragons2005Volki OdinaHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Holy Dragons2006Voskhod Chernoi LunyHeavy/Power MetalVBR 245 
Holy Moses1992Reborn DogsSpeed/Thrash Metal320k 
Holy Moses2002Disorder of the OrderSpeed/Thrash/Death Metal256k 
Holy Moses2005New Machine of LiechtensteinSpeed/Thrash/Death Metal256k 
Holy Moses2005Strength Power Will PassionSpeed/Thrash Metal256k 
Hooverphonic1997A New Stereophonic Sound SpectacularAlt. Rock192k 
Hooverphonic1998Blue Wonder Power MilkAlt. Rock256k 
Hooverphonic2000The Magnificent TreeAlt. Rock256k 
Hora Suprema1998Hora SupremaDoom/Gothic MetalVBR 194 
Horde1994Hellig UsvartHoly Unblack Metal256k 
Horna1999Haudankylmyyden MaillaBlack Metal224k 
Horna2004Talismaani [EP]Black Metal192k 
Horna2006Aani YossaeBlack MetalVBR 157 
Horned God2003Chaos - Bringer of All RevelationsDeath Metal256k 
Horrid2006Rising From The Hidden SpheresDeath MetalVBR 192 
Horrorscope2006Evoking DemonsThrash MetalVBR 240 
Hostile Breed2004The Second CutAngry Metal256k 
Hostility2006UncompromisedMetal/Thrash MetalVBR 246 
Housemartins1987The People Who Grinned Themselves To DeathAlt. Rock160k 
Hubi Meisel2004EmOceanProgressive metal192k 
Human Bloodfeast2006She Cums GuttedDeath MetalVBR 199 
Human Error2006Life SentenceDeath Metal/GrindcoreVBR 230 
Human Ground2005Human GroundThrash MetalVBR 265 
Human Mincer2005Devoured FleshBrutal Death MetalVBR 202 
Huun-Huur-Tu1997If I'd Been Born an EagleWorld192k 
Hymen of Darkness2006Unholy Total Hate... Fuck You All!Black MetalVBR 176 
Hypnosia2000Extreme HatredThrash Metal256k 
Hypnosis2004Cyber DeathDeath MetalABR 204 
Hypnotic Face2004The End Of SanityThrash MetalVBR 247 
Hypocrisy1992PenetraliaDeath Metal256k 
Hypocrisy1993Osculum ObscenumDeath Metal256k 
Hypocrisy1994The Fourth DimensionDeath Metal128k 
Hypocrisy1996AbductedDeath Metal128k 
Hypocrisy1997The Final ChapterDeath MetalVBR 219 
Hypocrisy1999HypocrisyDeath MetalVBR 288 
Hypocrisy2000Into The AbyssDeath Metal192k 
Hypocrisy200110 Years Of Chaos And ConfusionScandinavian Metal192k 
Hypocrisy2002Catch 22Death Metal256k 
Hypocrisy2004The ArrivalDeath Metal192k 
Hypocrisy2005VirusMelodic Death/Atmospheric Metal256k 
Hypodust2004Here Comes The PainIndustialVBR 
Hypothermia2007RakbladsvalsenBlack MetalVBR 136 
Hysteria2006Haunted By Words Of GodBrutal Death MetalVBR 259 
I2006Between Two WorldsBlack MetalVBR 265 
I Got Shot in the Face2006How Am I Not MyselfThrash/HardcoreVBR 242 
I.F.K2004I.F.K 2004Alternative256k 
Ice Ages1997Strike The GroundProgressive Metal192k 
Iced Earth2001Horror ShowHeavy Metal192k 
Iced Earth2002Tribute to the GodsThrash Metal256k 
Iced Earth2003Glorious BurdenThrash Metal256k 
Iced Earth2004The Glorious Burden [2xCD]Power MetalVBR 
Iced Earth2007Framing Armageddon: SomethingPower/Thrash MetalVBR 218 
If Hope Dies2006Life in RuinMelodic Death Metal, MetalcoreVBR 272 
Igor Stravinsky Ballet Suites Vol. IIIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. I, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. I, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. I, IIIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. II, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. II, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Ballets Vol. II, IIIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Chamber Music & Historical Recordings Vol. VII, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Chamber Music & Historical Recordings Vol. VII, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Concertos Vol. VClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Miniature Masterpieces Vol. VIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Operas & 35 Songs Vol. VIII, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Operas & 35 Songs Vol. VIII, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Oratorio - Melodrama Vol. X, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Oratorio - Melodrama Vol. X, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Sacred Works Vol. XI, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Sacred Works Vol. XI, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Song of the Nightingale, Abraham and Isaac, etc., Vol. XIIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Symphonies Vol. IV, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky Symphonies Vol. IV, IIClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky The Rake's Progress Vol. IX, IClassic256k 
Igor Stravinsky The Rake's Progress Vol. IX, IIClassic256k 
Ihsahn2006The AdversaryExtreme Progressive MetalVBR 226 
Illdisposed1995SubmitDeath Metal192k 
Illdisposed2000RetroDeath Metal256k 
Illdisposed20041-800 VindicationDeath Metal192k 
Illdisposed2006Burn Me WickedDeath MetalVBR 267 
Illform2001Next level fusionDrum & Bass192k 
Illnath2003Cast Into Fields Of Evil PleasureBlack MetalVBR 
Immortal1992Diabolical Fullmoon MysticismBlack Metal192k 
Immortal1993Pure HolocaustBlack Metal192k 
Immortal1994Live Zaandam (Bootleg)Black Metal192k 
Immortal1995Battles In The NorthBlack Metal192k 
Immortal1997Blizzard BeastsBlack Metal192k 
Immortal1999At The Heart Of WinterBlack Metal192k 
Immortal2000Damned In BlackBlack Metal192k 
Immortal2002Sons of Northern DarknessBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene1993Ugra-KarmaBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene1994Suomi Finland PerkeleBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene1996Latex CultBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene1996MotorpenisBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene1998RaptureBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene2000NihilBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene2001Absence of War does not mean PeaceBlack Metal192k 
Impaled Nazarene2003All that You Fear (promo)Black Metal192k 
Impellitteri1988Stand in LineTraditional/Shred Metal256k 
Impellitteri2000CrunchTraditional/Shred Metal256k 
Impellitteri2004Pedal to the MetalPower Metal256k 
Imperanon2004StainedBlack Metal256k 
Imperia2004The Ancient Dance of QeteshGothic Metal160k 
Imperia2007Queen Of LightAtmospheric Metal with opera influencesVBR 224 
Impetigo1990Ultimo Mondo CannibaleDeath MetalVBR 239 
Impiety2004Paramount EvilDeath/Black/Thrash Metal256k 
Impious2007Holy Murder MasqueradeDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 243 
Impious Havoc2006Dawn of NothingBlack MetalVBR 210 
Impressions Of Winter1997Cantica Lunae_ Songs Of The MoonGothic192k 
Impressions Of Winter1998Deceptive SpringsGothic192k 
Impure2007HemicorporectomyBrutal Death/Grind MetalVBR 220 
In Aeternum2002Nuclear ArmageddonBlack/Thrash Metal256k 
In Battle2004Welcome to the BattlefieldDeath MetalVBR 223 
In Blackest Velvet2000EdenflowBlack Metal128k 
In Extremo1997GoldFolk-Metal192k 
In Extremo1997In ExtremoFolk-Metal192k 
In Extremo1998Die Verrueckten Sind In Der StadtFolk-Metal192k 
In Extremo1998HamelnFolk-Metal192k 
In Extremo1998Weckt Die Toten!Folk-Metal192k 
In Extremo1999Verehrt Und AngespienFolk-Metal192k 
In Extremo2000VollmondMittelalter Metal192k 
In Extremo2001Sunder Ohne ZugelMittelalter Metal160k 
In Extremo2003SiebenGothic Rock256k 
In Extremo2005Mein Rasend HerzGothic/Wave Rock256k 
In Flames1994Lunar StrainHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1995Jester RaceDeath MetalVBR 
In Flames1995SubterraneanHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1996The Jester RaceHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1997Black-Ash InheritanceHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1997WhoracleHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1999ColonyHeavy Metal128k 
In Flames1999Live In GothenburgHeavy Metal192k 
In Flames1999Lunar Strain SubterraenBlack Metal192k 
In Flames2000ClaymanHeavy Metal192k 
In Flames2001The Tokyo Showdown (Limited Edition Vinyl)Speed/Heavy Metal192k 
In Flames2002Reroute_to_RemainMelodic Death Metal192k 
In Flames2003Trigger [EP]Black Metal192k 
In Flames2004Soundtrack To Your EscapeDeath/Black Metal256k 
In Order to Dance1995In Order To Dance 6 session 1 [2xCD]Drum & Bass192k 
In Slumber2007Scars IncompleteMelodic Death/Black MetalVBR 252 
In the Woods1995Heart of the AgesAvant-Garde/Progressive Metal256k 
In the Woods1999Strange in StereoAvant-Garde/Progressive Metal256k 
Inborn Suffering2006Wordless HopeMelodic Dark Doom MetalVBR 228 
Incantation2002BlasphemyDeath Metal192k 
Incantation2004Decimate ChristendomDeath MetalVBR 217 
Incantation2006Primordial DominationDeath MetalVBR 219 
Incapacity20049th Order ExtinctDeath MetalVBR 233 
Incarrion2002Into The Exposed AbyssDeath Metal256k 
Incubus1995Fungus AmongusAlternative/Rap-Metal256k 
Incubus1996Serpent TemptationHeavy Metal256k 
Incubus1999Make YourslefAlternative160k 
Incubus2001Morning ViewAlternative/Rap-Metal256k 
Incubus2004A crow left to the murderAlternative192k 
Indigent2006SimulacrumDeath MetalVBR 204 
Indorphine2006Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby SealsMetalVBR 200 
Inexist2004Am I Senseless?Melodic Death Metal256k 
Infected Brain2006Infected BrainDeath MetalVBR 248 
Infected Mushroom1999The GatheringPsychedelic160k 
Infected Mushroom2000BP EmpirePsychedelic192k 
Infected Mushroom2000Classical MushroomPsychedelicVBR 
Infected Mushroom2000Singles & RemixesPsychedelic192k 
Infected Mushroom2003Converting VegetariansPsychedelic192k 
Infected Mushroom2004Im the SupervisorElectronic256k 
Inferno2006Nikdy NepokrteniBlack MetalVBR 148 
Infest2007Feel the RageDeath/Grind MetalVBR 257 
Infinite Hatred2006Hateful SpellBlack MetalVBR 255 
Inhumate2004Life DigipakDeath MetalVBR 
Iniquity2001GrimeBlack/Death Metal192k 
Inner Shrine2000Fallen BeautyDeath/Doom Metal192k 
Inner Surge2006Signals ScreamingAlt. Metal/MetalcoreVBR 237 
Inquisition2004Magnificent glorification of LuciferBlack Metal256k 
Inquisition2007Nefarious Dismal OrationsBlack MetalVBR 240 
Insane Clown Posse2000BizzarRap192k 
Insania1999World of IcePower Metal192k 
Insert Remedy2007A State Of Constant ChangeGoth/Melodic/Alternative MetalVBR 226 
Insomnium2004Since the Day it all came Down (promo)Death MetalVBR 
Insomnium2006Above the weeping worldDeath MetalVBR 250 
Integrity1997Seasons In The Size Of DaysMetal256k 
Interior Horizons1999Interior HorizonsAmbient192k 
Interior Horizons2000MakyoAmbient160k 
Interitus Dei2002UnholyEpic Metal192k 
Intestinal Strangulation2006Pathological Brutalistic FermentationDeath MetalVBR 241 
Into Eternity2004Buried In OblivionProg. Death192k 
Into Eternity2006Scattering of AshesProgressive/Melodic Death Metal256k 
Intronaut2006VoidProgressive MetalVBR 239 
Invocator1993Weave The ApocalypseHeavy Metal128k 
Invocator2003Through The FleshThrash Metal256k 
INXS2002Definitive INXSAlt. Rock256k 
Inzest2006The Sickest Of SocietyDeath Metal/GrindcoreVBR 256 
Iommi2004Iommi - the 1996 Dep Sessions with Glenn HughesHard Rock256k 
Ion Dissonance2007Minus the HerdHardcore MetalVBR 230 
Irae2006Terror666Black MetalVBR 136 
Iron Angel1985Hellish CrossfireThrash Metal160k 
Iron Fire2006RevengeTraditional/Power MetalVBR 227 
Iron Maiden Bootleg - Soundhouse tapes and moreHeavy Metal192k 
Iron Maiden1979Bootleg - High Vaultage Vol. 2Heavy Metal192k 
Iron Maiden1980Bootleg - Wasted TapesHeavy Metal192k 
Iron Maiden1980Iron MaidenHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1981KillersHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1982The Number of The BeastHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1983Piece Of MindHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1984PowerslaveHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1985Live After Death [2xCD]Heavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1986Somewhere in TimeHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1988Seventh Son Of A Seventh SonHeavy Metal256k 
Iron Maiden1990No Prayer For The DyingHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1992Bootleg - Monster Of Rock, Part 2Heavy Metal192k 
Iron Maiden1992Fear Of The DarkHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1993A Real Dead OneHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1993A Real Live Dead OneHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1994Live at Donnington [2xCD]Heavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1995The X FactorHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1996The Singles Collection [2xCD]Heavy Metal256k 
Iron Maiden1998In ProfileHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden1998Virtual XIHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden2000Brave New WorldHeavy Metal128k 
Iron Maiden2003Dance Of DeathHeavy Metal192k 
Iron Maiden2006A Matter of Life and DeathHeavy Metal256k 
Iron Savior2002Condition RedPower Metal192k 
Iron Savior2004Battering RamHeavy Metal256k 
Irreversible2006AgeMelodic Atmospheric Sludge MetalVBR 209 
Iscariot2006Lifeless DesignDeath MetalVBR 244 
Isengard1994Vinterskugge (93+demo89+91)Black Metal192k 
Isengard1995HostmorkeBlack Metal192k 
Isengard1996Enter The Dragon EmpireMetal192k 
ISIS2004PanopticonAvantgardeVBR 227 
Israthoum2004Black Scenery AvatarBlack MetalVBR 231 
It Dies Today2006SirensMetalcoreVBR 232 
J Majik2001On Radio OneDrum & Bass192k 
J Majik & Adam F2000Live at AudiotisticDrum & Bass192k 
Jack Frost2000Gloom Rock AsylumDoom Metal256k 
Jacob's Dream2005Drama of AgesAlt/Heavy MetalABR 257 
Jacques Brel1992Quinze Ans D'AmourFrench Pop256k 
Jacques Loussier2000Play Bach [4xCD]Jazz256k 
Jag Panzer2004Casting the Stones (promo)Power MetalVBR 223 
Jag Panzer2004Chain of CommandHeavy MetalVBR 202 
James Hardway1997Welcome to the Neon LoungeDrum & Base192k 
Jamiroquai2001Funk OdysseyFunk192k 
Jamiroquai2005DynamiteDance & Electronic256k 
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble1993OfficiumPost-Bop256k 
Jan Garbarek & Ustad Fateh Ali Khan & Musicians from Pakistan1992Ragas And SagasWorld256k 
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck2000Organ Works-Gustav LeonhardtClassical192k 
Janus2000Schlafende HundeGothic192k 
Janus2004Auferstehung [2xCD]Gothic192k 
Jaz Coleman2000Riders on the Storm - The Doors ConcertoProg-Rock/Art Rock256k 
Jazz Is Dead Cobham Herring Lavitz1998Blue Light RainInstrumental256k 
Jeff Beck1971Rough And ReadyRock256k 
Jeff Beck1999Who Else!Guitar Virtuoso192k 
Jeff Beck2001You Had It ComingRock192k 
Jeff Beck2003JeffGuitar VirtuosoVBR 
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers2006Welcome to Carcass CuntryMetalVBR 249 
Jefferson Airplane Live at Monterey FestivalRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane1966Takes OffRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane1967After Bathing At Baxter's (Expanded 2003 Remaster)Rock256k 
Jefferson Airplane1967Surrealistic PillowRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane1968Crown of Creation (Remastered 2003)Rock256k 
Jefferson Airplane1969Bless Its Pointed Little HeadRock256k 
Jefferson Airplane1969VolunteersRock256k 
Jefferson Airplane1971BarkRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane1972Long John SilverRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane1973Thirty Seconds Over WinterlandRock128k 
Jefferson Airplane2000Love SongsRock128k 
Jerk2001Jerk (EP)Electro-Industrial192k 
Jesu2007ConquerorIndustrial/Drone AmbientVBR 188 
Jethro Tull1989Rock IslandRockVBR 
Jfc2001The TimerewinderAmbient128k 
Jim O'Rourke2001InsignificanceRock256k 
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat1995ShakeBlues192k 
Jimi Hendrix1969Experience_Monday_February 24th,_Royal Albert Hall_LondonRock256k 
Jimi Hendrix1995Super SessionRock128k 
Jimmy D Lane1997Long GoneBlues192k 
Jm Lab1998Le Grand Spectacle Du SonBluesVBR 
Joachim Witt1980SilberblickSynthpop192k 
Joachim Witt1998Das BesteSynthpop256k 
Joan Osborne1996Early RecordingsPop-Rock192k 
Joe Satriani1989Flying in a Blue DreamInstrumental Rock192k 
Joe Satriani1992The ExtremistInstrumental Rock192k 
Joe Satriani1993Time Machine [2xCD]Instrumental Rock192k 
Joe Satriani1995Joe SatrianiInstrumental Rock192k 
Joe Satriani1998Crystal PlanetInstrumental Rock192k 
Joe Satriani2000Engines Of CreationInstrumental Rock160k 
Joe Satriani2003Strange Beautiful MusicGuitar Virtuoso192k 
Joe Satriani2004Is There Love In SpaceInstrumental Rock256k 
Joe Satriani2006Super ColossalInstrumental RockVBR 221 
Joe Stump1994Guitar DominanceHeavy/Shred Metal, Guiter Virtuoso256k 
Joe Stump1995Night of the Living ShredHeavy/Shred Metal, Guiter Virtuoso256k 
Joe Stump2004Speed Metal MessiahHeavy/Shred Metal256k 
John 52004VertigoGuitar Rock256k 
John 52005Songs for SanityGuitar Rock256k 
John B1999Catalyst_LiquidDrum & Bass128k 
John B2002American GirlsDrum & Bass192k 
John Coltrane1957The Ultimate Blue TrainJazz256k 
John Coltrane1961Heavyweight Champion_ The Complete Atlantic Recordings [7xCD]Jazz256k 
John Coltrane1961The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3&4)Jazz256k 
John Coltrane1961The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings [2xCD]Jazz256k 
John Coltrane1965AscensionJazz256k 
John Coltrane1966MeditationsJazz256k 
John Coltrane1967Stellar RegionsJazz256k 
John Coltrane2002A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition) [2xCD]Jazz256k 
John Coltrane Quartet1964CrescentJazz256k 
John Hartford2000Hamilton IronworksCountry192k 
John Hiatt2001The Tiki Bar Is OpenRock256k 
John Lee Hooker1960That's My StoryBlues128k 
John Lee Hooker1993The Masters - part 1Blues128k 
John Lee Hooker1993The Masters - part 2Blues128k 
John Lee Hooker1995Chill OutBlues128k 
John Lee Hooker1997Don't Look BackBlues128k 
John Lee Hooker1998The Best of FriendsBlues128k 
John Lennon2004Love: John Lennon Acoustic GuitarRock256k 
John Zorn2002I.A.OExperimental256k 
Johnny Hates Jazz1988Turn Back The ClockPop/Rock128k 
Johnny Hates Jazz1991Tall StoriesPop/Rock128k 
Jon And Vangelis1984The BestElectronic128k 
Jon Butcher1995Positively The BluesBlues192k 
Jon Oliva's Pain2004Tage MahalHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Jon Oliva'S Pain2006Maniacal RenderingsHeavy/Power Metal256k 
Jonny L1997SawtoothJungle128k 
Jotunspor2006Gleipnirs SmederBlack MetalVBR 205 
Judas Iscariot2000Heaven in FlamesBlack Metal256k 
Judas Iscariot2002To Embrace The Corpses BleedingBlack Metal256k 
Judas Priest1974Rocka RollaHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1976Sad Wings Of DestinyHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1976Sad Wings of DestinyHeavy Metal128k 
Judas Priest1977Sin After SinHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1978Stained ClassHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1979Hell Bent For LeatherHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1979Live (Bootleg)Hard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1979Unleashed In The EastHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1980British SteelHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1980Supergroups (Bootleg)Hard Rock160k 
Judas Priest1981Point Of EntryHard Rock192k 
Judas Priest1982Screaming For VengeanceHeavy Metal192k 
Judas Priest1984Defenders Of The FaithHard RockVBR 
Judas Priest1986TurboHard Rock160k 
Judas Priest1987Priest..Live!Hard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1988Ram It DownHeavy Metal192k 
Judas Priest1990PainkillerHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest1993Metal Works '73-'93 [2xCD]Hard Rock160k 
Judas Priest1997JugulatorHard Rock128k 
Judas Priest2004Metalogy [4xCD]Heavy MetalVBR 261 
Judas Priest2005Angel Of RetributionHeavy Metal, Speed Metal256k 
Julian Bream1994Baroque GuitarClassical256k 
Junior Wells1970Southside Blues JamBlues160k 
Junior Wells1996Come on in This HouseBlues160k 
Junior Wells1996Come on in This HouseBluesVBR 
Junkie XL1997Saturday Teenage KickElectronic128k 
Junkie XL1999Big Sounds of the DragBeat160k 
Junkie XL2003Radio JXL - A broadcast from the computer hell cabin [2xCD]Electronic192k 
Juno Reactor1993TransmissionsTrance128k 
Juno Reactor1996Beyond The InfiniteTrance128k 
Juno Reactor1997Bible of DreamsTrance128k 
Juno Reactor2000ShangoPsychedelic192k 
Juno Reactor2001Masters of the Universe (single)Psychedelic192k 
Juno Reactor2004LabyrinthTrance256k 
Kadotus2006Twilight's Depths MLPBlack MetalVBR 233 
Kalas2006KalasMetalVBR 220 
Kalmah2000SwamplordSympho Black Metal192k 
Kalmah2002They Will ReturnBlack MetalANY 
Kalmah2003SwampsongBlack Metal192k 
Kalmah2006Black WaltzSpeed/Power Metal256k 
Kamelot1997DominionPower Metal128k 
Kamelot2001KarmaHeavy Metal192k 
Kamelot2003Epica (Limited Edition)Power MetalVBR 
Kamelot2005The Black HaloMelodic Power MetalVBR 219 
Kamelot2006One Cold Winter's NightMelodic Power MetalVBR 209 
Kamelot2007Ghost OperaMelodic Power Metal256k 
Kampfar2006KvassPagan Black MetalVBR 227 
Kaos2002Adam F and GuruDrum & Bass192k 
Kaos2004Kaos Among UsThrash Metal192k 
Karl Zero2002Songs for cabrioletsEasy Listening256k 
Karnataka2003Delicate Flame of DesireProgressive Rock256k 
Kat Metal and HellHeavy Metal128k 
Kataklysm1993The Mystical Gate of ReincarnationBlack MetalVBR 
Kataklysm1996Temple Of Knowledge: Kataklysm Part IIIGrindcore256k 
Kataklysm2000The Prophecy: Stigmata of the ImmaculateDeath Metal256k 
Kataklysm2001Epic: the Poetry of WarDeath Metal256k 
Kataklysm2002Shadows And DustDeath Metal192k 
Kataklysm2004Serenity In FireDeath Metal256k 
Kataklysm2006In the Arms of DevastationDeath Metal256k 
Katalepsy2007Musick Bring InjuriesBrutal Death MetalVBR 242 
Katatonia1992Jhva Elohim Meth ... The RevivalDeath Metal128k 
Katatonia1993Dance of December SoulsDoom256k 
Katatonia1995For Funerals to ComeDeath Metal128k 
Katatonia1997Brave Murder DayDoom128k 
Katatonia1997Sounds Of DecayDeath Metal128k 
Katatonia1998Discouraged OnesDeath Metal256k 
Katatonia1998Saw You DrownDoom Metal192k 
Katatonia1999Tonight's DecisionDeath Metal256k 
Katatonia2001Last Fair Deal Gone DownHeavy Metal192k 
Katatonia2003Viva EmptinessGothic Rock256k 
Katatonia2004Brave Yester Days [2xCD]Gothic RockVBR 
Katatonia2006The Great Cold DistanceDepressive RockVBR 221 
Kayah & Bregovic1999Kayah & BregovicFolk-Rock256k 
Kayser2005KaiserhofTrash Metal256k 
Kayser2006Frame the World...Hang on theThrash MetalVBR 234 
Kazu Matsui2005The Stone MonkeyNew Age / Meditation Pop256k 
Keane2004Hopes And FearsPop256k 
Kee Marcello's K22004Melon Demon DivineProgressive Metal/Hard Rock256k 
Keen Of The Crow2007HyboreaDark/Melodic MetalVBR 226 
Keep Of Kalessin2006ArmadaBlack MetalVBR 234 
Keiko Matsui1998Full Moon And The ShrineNew Age320k 
Keiko Matsui2002RingNew Age256k 
Keiko Matsui2004WildflowerNew Age/Jazzy256k 
Keiko Matsui2005Walls of AkendoraNew Age/Jazzy256k 
Keiko Matsui2007MoyoNew Age/Jazzy256k 
Kekal20031000 Thoughts Of ViolenceBlack Metal256k 
Kekal2007The Habit of FireProgressive Extreme MetalVBR 213 
Kekal & Slechtvalk2002Chaos & WarfareMelodic 'black' Metal256k 
Kemet2001Dying with EleganceDoom192k 
Kemet2003The Night BeforeDoom/Gothic MetalVBR 193 
Kemet2006The Rules Of EquilibriumDoom/Gothic MetalVBR 240 
Kenny G1983G ForceJazz160k 
Kenny G1983G ForceJazz192k 
Kenny G1985GravityJazz192k 
Kenny G1985GravityJazz160k 
Kenny G1986DuotonesJazz192k 
Kenny G1986DuotonesJazz160k 
Kenny G1988SilhouetteJazz192k 
Kenny G1988SilhouetteFusion160k 
Kenny G1992BreathlessJazz160k 
Kenny G1992BreathlessJazz192k 
Kenny G1994MiraclesFusion160k 
Kenny G1994Miracles: The Holiday AlbumJazz192k 
Kenny G2004At Last...The Duets AlbumJazz256k 
Keoki1995All Mixed UpTechno160k 
Kevin DuBrow2004In For The KillHeavy Metal224k 
Khanate2003Things ViralExtreme Doom256k 
Khold2001Masterpiss of painBlack Metal192k 
Khold2002PhantomBlack Metal256k 
Khold2004Morke Gravers KammerBlack Metal192k 
Khold2005KrekBlack Metal256k 
Kidneythieves2002ZerospaceAlt. Metal/Industrial256k 
Kiko Loureiro2005No GravityInstrumental Rock256k 
Kill the Romance2007Take Another LifeMelodic Death MetalVBR 237 
Killing Theory2004Dead Buried Forgotten [EP]Thrash/Brutal MetalVBR 
Killswitch Engage2001Self-TitledHardcore192k 
Killswitch Engage2002Alive Or Just BreathingHardcore320k 
Killswitch Engage2004The End of Heartache (promo)HardcoreVBR 
Killswitch Engage2006As Daylight DiesMetalcoreVBR 236 
Kimaera2006Ebony VeiledAtmospheric Doom/Death MetalVBR 225 
Kimball Collins1999ICU Generation_Trance 2000 Episode 01Trance160k 
King Crimson2000The ConstruKction of LightRock192k 
King Diamond1987FuneralHeavy Metal128k 
King Diamond1988ThemHeavy Metal128k 
King Diamond2002Abigail II: The RevengeHeavy Metal256k 
King Diamond2003The Puppet MasterHeavy Metal192k 
Kingdom Come2004PerpetualAlternative256k 
Kino2005PictureProgessive Rock256k 
Kitaro1997Heaven & EarthSoundtrack256k 
Kitaro2002MizuNiInoriTeNew Age/World256k 
Kitaro2003Sacred Journey Of Ku-kaiNew Age/World256k 
Kitaro2005Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Vol. 2New Age/World256k 
Kitchen Knife Conspiracy2006A Friend In Need is a Friend to KillMetalcore with Death Metal InfluencesVBR 203 
Kittie2004Until the EndAlternative192k 
Klanghor2002La Furia De Su DiosHeavy MetalVBR 221 
Klaus Schulze1979DuneElectronic256k 
Klaus Schulze1986DreamsElectronic256k 
Klaustrofobia2006Ne Paday NicDeath MetalVBR 242 
Klever2005In The Name Of Peace And ProgressPsychedelic Music256k 
Klone2004DuplicatePost-Thrash MetalVBR 220 
KMFDM1986What Do You Know DeutschlandIndustrial256k 
KMFDM1994Na?ve-Hell To GoIndustrial256k 
Kmfdm2005Hau RuckIndustrial256k 
Knight Area2004Sun Also RisesProgressive Metal/Hard Rock256k 
Knorkator2003Ich Hasse MusikIndustrial256k 
Knorkator2007Das Nachste Album Aller ZeitenIndustrial256k 
Konkhra1994Sexual Affective DisorderHeavy Metal128k 
Konkhra2003Reality CheckDeath Metal192k 
Korn1997Life is PeachyNeo-MetalMPC 
Korn1998Follow The Leader (+All In The Family Remixes)AlternativeMPC 
Korn1999Woodstock 99Alternative128k 
Korn2003Take A Look In The MirrorAlternative256k 
Korn2003Take a look in the mirror (bonus dvd)Alternative192k 
Korn2004Korn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1AlternativeVBR 216 
Korn2005See You on the Other SideAlternativeVBR 222 
KorovaKill2001WaterhellsBlack Metal192k 
Korozy1999Long Road To The Land Of BlackDeath Metal192k 
Korozy2001From The Cradle To The GraveBlack Metal192k 
Korpiklaani2003Spirit of the ForestFolk Metal256k 
Korpiklaani2005Voice of WildernessFolk MetalVBR 246 
Korpiklaani2006Tales Along This RoadFolk MetalVBR 259 
Kotipelto2004Coldness (promo)Power MetalVBR 
KOTO1989Masterpieces LMInstrumental192k 
Kottonmouth Kings2005Kottonmouth Kings No. 7Alt/Rap Metal256k 
Kovenant1999AnimatronicBlack Metal256k 
Kovenant2003SetiBlack/Industrial Metal256k 
Kraftwerk The Best Of (Express)Electronic192k 
Kraftwerk1978The Man MachineElectronicVBR 
Kraftwerk1986Electric CafeElectronicVBR 
Kraftwerk1991Arbeiten-Works-Oeuvres [2xCD]Electronic256k 
Kraftwerk1994The Model (Retrospective 1975-1978)Electronic256k 
Kraftwerk1999Trans-Europe ExpressElectronic182k 
Kraftwerk2003Tour De FranceElectronic192k 
Krater2007Das Relikt des TriumphesBlack MetalVBR 219 
Kratornas2007Over the Fourth Part of the EaBlack/Grind MetalVBR 212 
Kreator1985Endless PainThrash MetalVBR 236 
Kreator1987Terrible CertaintyThrash MetalVBR 248 
Kreator1988Pleasure To Kill & Flag Of HateThrash MetalMPC 
Kreator1990Coma of SoulsThrash MetalVBR 
Kreator1997OutcastThrash Metal192k 
Kreator2001Violent RevolutionThrash Metal192k 
Kreator2005Enemy of GodThrash MetalVBR 246 
Krieg2003The Black HouseBlack Metal192k 
Krisiun1995Black Force DomainDeath MetalVBR 264 
Krisiun2001Ageless VenomousDeath Metal192k 
Krisiun2003Works Of CarnageDeath Metal192k 
Krisiun2004BloodshedDeath MetalVBR 201 
Krisiun2006AssassinationBrutal Death Metal256k 
Kroda2007FimbulvinterPagan Folk Black MetalVBR 241 
Krohm2004A World Through Dead EyesBlack MetalVBR 230 
Kruder & Dorfmeister1996DJ KicksElectronic128k 
Kruder & Dorfmeister1996G Stoned [EP]Trip-Hop160k 
Kruder & Dorfmeister1998K&D Sessions [2xCD]Trip-Hop192k 
Kruger2007Redemption through LoosenessMetalVBR 219 
Krux2002KruxDoom Metal256k 
Krux2006Krux IIDoom Metal256k 
Krypteria2007Bloodangel's CryGothic/Power Metal256k 
Kuturlat2005NecroRitualBlack Metal256k 
Kylie Minogue2000Light YearsEurodance192k 
Kylie Minogue2002FeverPop160k 
Kylie Minogue2003Body LanguagePop192k 
Kyuss1992Blues For The Red SunHard Rock128k 
Kyuss2000Muchas Gracias-Best Of KyussAlt. Rock256k 
L'Ame Immortelle2004GezeitenGothic256k 
Labradford1999E Luxo SoMinimalistic192k 
Labyrinth1996Return to Heaven DeniedHeavy Metal128k 
Labyrinth2000Sons of ThunderHeavy Metal192k 
Labyrinth2005FreemanPower MetalVBR 242 
Lacrimas Profundere1996And the Wings Embrace UsGothic192k 
Lacrimas Profundere1997La Naissance D'Un ReveGothic192k 
Lacrimas Profundere1999MemorandumGothic Metal192k 
Lacrimas Profundere2001Burning A WishGothic Metal192k 
Lacrimas Profundere2002Fall, I Will FollowGothic RockVBR 
Lacrimas Profundere2004Ave EndGothic RockVBR 
Lacrimosa1990Angst (MC)Heavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1991AngstHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1992EinsamkeitHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1993SaturaHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1994Alles LugeHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1994ShakalHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1995InfernoHeavy Metal192k 
Lacrimosa1996Stolzes HerzHeavy Metal128k 
Lacrimosa1997StilleHeavy Metal128k 
Lacrimosa1998Live [2xCD]Heavy Metal128k 
Lacrimosa1999Alleine Zu ZweitHeavy Metal128k 
Lacrimosa2000ElodiaHeavy Metal128k 
Lacuna Coil1999In A ReverieGothic/Doom MetalVBR 214 
Lacuna Coil2001Live in Paris le club Dunois BootGothic192k 
Lacuna Coil2001Unleashed MemoriesGothic/Doom Metal192k 
Lacuna Coil2004Comalies (Limited Deluxe Edition, 2xCD)Gothic RockVBR 232 
Lacuna Coil2006KarmacodeGothic Metal256k 
Laethora2007March of the ParasiteDeath MetalVBR 228 
Laid in Ashes2006Bastards from HellDeath MetalVBR 232 
Lair Of The Minotaur2004CarnageThrashy Sludge/Doom Metal192k 
Lair Of The Minotaur2006The Ultimate DestroyerThrashy Sludge/Doom MetalVBR 252 
Lake of Tears1994Greater ArtDeath/Doom MetalMPC 
Lake of Tears1995HeadstonesDeath/Doom MetalMPC 
Lake of Tears1997A Crimson CosmosGothic/Doom MetalMPC 
Lake of Tears1999Forever AutumnDoom Metal192k 
Lake of Tears2002The NeonaiGothic RockMPC 
Lake of Tears2004Black Brick RoadGothic Rock192k 
Lake of Tears2007Moons and MushroomsProgressive/Doom/Gothic metalVBR 220 
Lamb Of God2004Ashes of the WakeThrashcore256k 
Lamb Of God2004Pure American Metal [EP]MetalcoreVBR 238 
Lamb of God2005KilladelphiaGroove Metal/Metalcore256k 
Lamb of God2006SacramentGroove Metal/MetalcoreVBR 245 
Lana Lane1998Garden of the MoonSymphonic Rock256k 
Lana Lane1998Love Is An IllusionSymphonic Rock256k 
Lana Lane2005Lady MacbethSymphonic Rock256k 
Lanfear2003The Art EffectProgressive Heavy/Power Metal256k 
Lapide2003Infinite Life After DeathThrash MetalVBR 
Last Chapter2002Paths to AlwaysDoom192k 
Last Days of Humanity1999Hyms of indigestible SuppurationGore Metal256k 
Last Days Of Humanity2006Putrefaction In ProgressGore GrindVBR 308 
Lathspell2006Versus EcclesiaBlack MetalVBR 147 
Leaether Strip1990Science For The Satanic CitizenElectro-Industrial, Industrial Metal256k 
Leaether Strip1993Fit for FloggingElectro-Industrial, Industrial Metal256k 
Leaether Strip1994Serenade For The DeadElectro-Industrial, Industrial Metal256k 
Leaether Strip1994Solitary ConfinementElectro-Industrial, Industrial Metal256k 
Leaether Strip1995Underneath The LaughterElectro-Industrial, Industrial Metal256k 
Leatherwolf2006World AsylumHeavy MetalVBR 260 
Leaves' Eyes2004LovelornGothic Rock256k 
Leaves' Eyes2005Elegy [EP]Gothic Rock256k 
Leaves' Eyes2005Vinland SagaGothic Rock256k 
Lecherous Nocturne2006Adoration of the BladeDeath MetalVBR 223 
Led Zeppelin1969Collection Vol. IHard Rock160k 
Led Zeppelin1969Collection Vol. IIHard Rock160k 
Led Zeppelin1970Stairway SessionsHard Rock256k 
Lee 'Scratch' Perry1990From The Secret LaboratoryReggae192k 
Lee 'Scratch' Perry2000Son Of Thunder [2xCD]Reggae192k 
Leftfield1999Rhythm And StealthElectronic256k 
Leftover Crack2004Fuck World TradePunk Rock192k 
Legen Beltza2006Dimension Of PainThrash MetalVBR 238 
Legenda1997AutumnalBlack MetalVBR 261 
Legenda1997AutumnalBlack Metal192k 
Legenda1998EclipseBlack Metal192k 
Legion2003Unseen to CreationDeath Metal192k 
Legion of Doom2005God Is DeadBlack MetalVBR 229 
Legion of the Damned2005Malevolent RaptureThrash Metal256k 
Lemuria2005Tales, Ale and FireFolk Black Metal256k 
Lene Marlin1999Playing My GameRock128k 
Leng Tche2002Death By A Thousand CutsGrindcore/Death Metal192k 
Lenny Kravitz1993Are You Gonna Go My Way?Alt. Rock256k 
Lenny Kravitz2004BaptismAlt. Rock256k 
Leonard Bernstein Shostakovich_ Symphonies No. 6 & 9Classic256k 
Leprosy2001Devorando SuenosDeath/Thrash, Post-Thrash256k 
Leprosy2003La MaldicionDeath/Thrash, Post-Thrash256k 
Lethal1990ProgrammedProgressive Power Metal256k 
Letzte Instanz2001Kalter GlanzGothic/Folk Metal256k 
Letzte Instanz2006Ins LichtGothic/Folk Metal256k 
Liar2001Liar's HellPower/Speed/Thrash256k 
Liar of Golgotha2000Ancient WarsBlack Metal192k 
Libitina2006ParhelionGothicVBR 185 
Lifelover2007ErotikExperimental Black Metal / Depressive RockVBR 214 
Lighthouse Family1997Postcards From HeavenRock128k 
Like Drone Razors Through Fles2007Ex Nihilo Nihil, Ad Nihilum NiDrone/Doom/AmbientVBR 175 
Lilitu2004The Dolores LesionMelodic Death MetalVBR 229 
Limbonic Art1996Moon in the ScorpioBlack Metal160k 
Limbonic Art2002The Ultimate Death WorshipSympho-Black Metal192k 
Limp Bizkit2005The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)AlternativeVBR 242 
Lindisfarne2005Heading The AttackViking Black MetalVBR 226 
Linkin Park2000Hybrid TheoryPost-Grunge192k 
Linkin Park2002ReanimationCrossover192k 
Linkin Park2002Under AttackAlternative320k 
Linkin Park2003MeteoraPost-Grunge192k 
Linkin Park2004Collision Course (with Jay-Z)Alternative256k 
Liv Kristine 3 AM Fan EditionGothic160k 
Liv Kristine Massacre Special Shaped EPGothic160k 
Liv Kristine Take Good CareGothic160k 
Liv Kristine1998Deus Ex MachinaGothic128k 
Liv Kristine2006Enter My ReligionPop/Gothic256k 
Livonia1992His Name Is AliveGothic128k 
Livores Mortis2003The Garden of EmotionAtmospheric Melodic Doom/Death MetalVBR 192 
Lloyd Brevett & The Skatalites1997African RootsSka192k 
Lockup1999Pleaures Pave SewersGrindcore256k 
Lockup2002Hate Breeds SufferingGrindcore256k 
Loits2002Ei Kahetse MidagiBlack Metal256k 
Loits2004Vere Kutse KohustabPagan Metal256k 
London Symphony Orchestra, Maxim Shostakovich, cond1991Dmitri Shostakovich_ Symphony No. 15, Incidental Music to 'The Gadfly'Classic256k 
Londonbeat2003Back In The Hi-lifeDance/Club256k 
Longing for Dawn2006One Lonely PathFuneral Doom/Death MetalVBR 223 
Longing for Dawn2007A Treacherous AscensionFuneral Doom/Death MetalVBR 208 
Lord Belial1998Enter The Moonlight GateBlack Metal256k 
Lord Belial2000Unholy CrusadeBlack Metal256k 
Lord Belial2002AngelgrinderBlack Metal256k 
Lord Belial2004The Seal of BelialBlack Metal256k 
Lord Belial2007RevelationBlack MetalVBR 224 
Lordi2005The Monster ShowHeavy Metal256k 
Lordi2006ArockalypseHeavy Metal256k 
Loreena McKennitt1997The Book Of SecretsCeltic192k 
Los Chikatilos2001Guten OrganElectronic256k 
Lostprophets2004Start SomethingAlt. Rock192k 
Loudblast1991DisincarnateMelodic Death Metal256k 
Loudblast1993Sublime DementiaDeath Metal256k 
Loudblast2004Planet PandemoniumDeath Metal256k 
Loudness1992Loud 'n' RareTraditional Metal256k 
Louis Chedid2001Bouc Bel AirFrench Pop256k 
Louise Attaque Ton InvitationRock128k 
Louise Attaque2000Comme On A DitRock128k 
Louise Attaque2000Louise AttaqueRock128k 
Love Lies Bleeding2002Ex NihiloBlack Metal192k 
Love Lies Bleeding2004EllipseAtmospheric Black/Doom Metal256k 
Love Spirals Downwards1995ArdorGothic128k 
Love Spirals Downwards1997EverGothic256k 
Love Spirals Downwards1998FluxGothic256k 
Low Twelve2006This Side Toward EnemyDeath MetalVBR 199 
Lowbrow2000Victims At PlayDeath Metal192k 
Lowbrow2002Sex, Violence, DeathDeath Metal256k 
LP2004Ot Morya do SolntsaNew Wave/Electro-Pop256k 
LTJ Bukem Good Looking Records [GLR001]Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem Good Looking Records [GLR003]Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem Good Looking Records [GLR004]Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem Good Looking Records [GLR038]Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem1995Mixmag Live vol.3Electronic128k 
LTJ Bukem1996Earth vol.1Electronic160k 
LTJ Bukem1996Logical Progression Level 1 [2xCD]Electronic128k 
LTJ Bukem1997Earth vol.2Electronic128k 
LTJ Bukem1998Logical Progression Level 3 [CD2] (incomplete)Electronic128k 
LTJ Bukem2000Earth vol.4ElectronicVBR 
LTJ Bukem2000Journey Inwards [2xCD]Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem2000Suspended SpaceElectronic192k 
LTJ Bukem2001Earth vol.5Electronic192k 
LTJ Bukem2001Producer 01JungleVBR 
LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad2001Progression SessionsDrum & Bass192k 
Luca Turilli1999King of the Nordic TwilightSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Luca Turilli2002DemonheartSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Luca Turilli2002Prophet of the Last EclipseSymphonic Power Metal256k 
Luca Turilli2006The Infinite Wonders Of CreationSymphonic Power MetalVBR 215 
Luciferian2006Supreme Infernal LegionsBlack MetalVBR 221 
Luciferion1994Demonification _The ManifestBlack Metal160k 
Luciferion2003The ApostateDeath Metal192k 
Ludwig van Beethoven VariousClassical128k 
Lueger2005Kill Worship DieBlack MetalVBR 198 
Lullacry2003Crucify My HeartGothic-Rock192k 
Lullacry2004Fire Within [EP]Gothic RockVBR 210 
Lullacry2005Vol. 4Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal256k 
Lunar Aurora2004Elixir of SorrowBlack Metal192k 
Lunaris2002The InfiniteBlack Metal128k 
Lunaris2004Cyclic (promo)Black MetalVBR 
Lunatica2004Fables And Dreams (promo)Gothic Rock256k 
Lunatica2006The Edge of InfinityMelodic Gothic Power MetalVBR 207 
Lungorthin2004MorgromBlack MetalVBR 225 
Lust Of Decay2002Infesting The ExhumedDeath Metal256k 
Lustmord1997Lustmord vs Metal BeastIndustrial160k 
Lutomysl2006DecadenceBlack MetalVBR 180 
Lux Occulta1996Forever Alone ImmortalAvantgarde Black Metal192k 
Lux Occulta1997DionysosAvantgarde Black Metal192k 
Lux Occulta2001My Guardian AngerAvantgarde Black Metal192k 
Lux Occulta2001The Mother and the EnemyAvantgarde Black Metal192k 
Lycia1995The Burning Circle & Then Dust (2xCD)Gothic160k 
Lykathea Aflame2000ElvenefrisDeath Metal192k 
Lymphatic Phlegm2001Pathologist's Cadaveric FleshfeastBrutal256k 
L`Orchestre Noir1998CantosGothic192k 
L`Orchestre Noir199911Gothic192k 
M2003Qui De Nous DeuxPop256k 
Macabre1993Sinister Slaughter / Behind Walls Sleep (Dig)Grindcore256k 
Macabre2003Murder MetalGrindcore192k 
Macbeth1998Romantic Tragedy'S CrescendoBlack/Gothic Metal256k 
Macbeth2001VanitasBlack Metal192k 
Macbeth2005Malae ArtesBlack/Gothic Metal256k 
Mach Tiver2004One Beat One ChordHardcoreVBR 210 
Machinae Supremacy2006Redeemer (Underground Edition)Power Metal192k 
Machine Head1993demoAlternative192k 
Machine Head1994Burn My EyesAlt. Metal128k 
Machine Head1994Radio StockholmAlternative160k 
Machine Head1997The More Things ChangeAlt. Metal128k 
Machine Head1999The Burning RedAlt. Metal160k 
Machine Head2001SuperchargerAlternative192k 
Machine Head2003HellaliveAlt. Metal192k 
Machine Head2003Through the Ashes of Empires [2xCD2]Alternative Metal256k 
Machine Head2003Through The Ashes Of Empires [2xCD]AlternativeMPC 
Machine Head2007The BlackeningHalf-Thrash/Groove MetalVBR 223 
Machinery2006DegenerationThrash/Groove MetalVBR 255 
Mactatus2000The Complex BewitchmentBlack Metal192k 
Mad Professor1997Under the Spell of DubDub192k 
Madball1994Set It OffHeavy Metal128k 
Madball2005LegacyHardcoreVBR 242 
Madder Mortem2000All Flesh is GrassMetal192k 
Madder Mortem2006DesiderataAtmospheric Dark MetalVBR 216 
Madonna1984Like a VirginPop-Rock256k 
Madonna1986True BluePop-Rock256k 
Madonna1992Erotica (Remixes)Pop/Rock256k 
Madonna1994Bedtime StoriesPop-Rock192k 
Madonna1995Something to RememberPop-Rock128k 
Madonna1998Ray of LightPop-Rock128k 
Madonna2003American LifePop192k 
Madonna2005Confessions on a Dance FloorPop256k 
Madrigal2001I die, You SoarMelodic Death/Gothic Metal256k 
Mael Mordha2007Mael MordhaCeltic/Doom MetalVBR 206 
Magic Affair1994Omen (the story continues...)Club/Dance160k 
Magnanimus2006Storms of Chaotic RevelationsDeath MetalVBR 227 
Magnetrixx2003Phase Shift (Promo)Psychedelic192k 
Magnificat2006Superior EntitiesBlack MetalVBR 210 
Mago De Oz2005Gaia IIFolk/Celtic Metal256k 
Mainline2007From Oblivion to SalvationMetalcoreVBR 230 
Maire Brennan1999Whisper to the wild waterNew Age192k 
Majesty2003Reign in GloryPower Metal192k 
Majesty2004Metal Law [2xCD]Power Metal192k 
Makai1998MilleniumDrum & Bass128k 
Makina1994AnabiosisGroove Metal, Death/Thrash256k 
Malasangre2005InversusSludge/Doom MetalVBR 216 
Malevolent Creation1991The Ten CommandmentsDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1992RetributionDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1993StillbornDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1995EternalDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1996Joe BlackDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1997In Cold BloodDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation1998The Fine Art Of MurderDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation2000EnvenomedDeath Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation2000Manifistation [2xCD]Death Metal192k 
Malevolent Creation2004WarkultDeathcoreVBR 
Man With No Name1998Earth Moving the SunGoa128k 
Mandator1989Perfect ProgenySpeed/Thrash Metal256k 
Mandragora Scream2001Fairy Tales from hell's CavesGothic Rock192k 
Mandragora Scream2003A Whisper Of DewGothic Rock192k 
Manegarm2000Havets vargarBlack Metal192k 
Manegarm2000Nordstjarnans TidsalderViking/Black/Folk Metal256k 
Manegarm2003DodsfardViking Metal192k 
Manegarm2004Vargaresa - The BeginningViking/Black/Folk Metal256k 
Manhattan Transfer1991The Offbeat of AvenuesJazz128k 
Maniac1989Look OutHeavy Metal192k 
Manic Depression2001Who Deals The PainThrash Metal192k 
Manilla Road2002Spiral CastleEpic traditional/Power Metal256k 
Manilla Road2003Atlantis RisingEpic traditional/Power Metal256k 
Manilla Road2005Gates Of FireEpic traditional/power metal256k 
Manngard2006Circling BuzzardsDeath/Doom MetalVBR 251 
Manngard2007European CowardsDeath/Doom MetalVBR 231 
Mano Solo1999Les Annoes SombresFolk192k 
Manowar1982Battle HymnsHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1983Into Glory RideHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1984Hail To EnglandHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1984Sign Of The HammerHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1987Fighting The WorldHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1988Kings Of MetalHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1992The Triumph Of SteelHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1994Hell of Steel: The Best of ManowarHeavy Metal256k 
Manowar1996Louder Than HellHeavy Metal192k 
Manowar1996Return Of The WarlordHeavy Metal256k 
Manowar2002Warriors Of The WorldHeavy Metal192k 
Mansun2000Little KixBrit Pop192k 
Manticora2005Darkness With Tales to Tell (Remastered with Bonus)Progressive Power/Speed MetalVBR 252 
Manticora2005Roots of Eternity (Remastered with Bonus)Progressive Power/Speed MetalVBR 250 
Manu Chao1999ClandestinoRock128k 
Manu Chao2001Proxima Estacion_ EsperanzaLatin192k 
Manu Chao2005Siberie M'etait ConteeeWorld Music/Latin256k 
Mar De Grises2003The Tatterdemalion ExpressMelodic Doom/Death Metal256k 
Marc Almond199312 Years of Tears (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)Dance-Pop192k 
Marduk Le Grande Dance MacabreBlack Metal192k 
Marduk1991Heres No PeaceBlack Metal192k 
Marduk1993Those Of The UnlightBlack Metal128k 
Marduk1995Fuck Me JesusBlack Metal192k 
Marduk1996Heaven Shall BurnDeath Metal128k 
Marduk1998NightwingBlack Metal128k 
Marduk1999Dark EndlessBlack Metal128k 
Marduk1999Opus NocturneBlack Metal160k 
Marduk1999Panzer Division MardukBlack Metal128k 
Marduk2000Live At Waldrock (Bootleg)Black Metal192k 
Marduk2000Obedience (EP)Black Metal160k 
Marduk2003World FuneralBlack Metal192k 
Marduk2004Plague AngelBlack MetalVBR 244 
Marduk2007Rom 5:12Black MetalVBR 232 
Marea200428000 pualadasAlt. RockVBR 264 
Marilyn Manson1995Manson MassacreIndustrial256k 
Marilyn Manson1996AntiChrist SuperstarIndustrial128k 
Marilyn Manson1998Mechanical AnimalsIndustrial160k 
Marilyn Manson2000Holy WoodIndustrial192k 
Marilyn Manson2000The 5000 Fingers OfIndustrial256k 
Marilyn Manson2003The Golden Age of GrotesqueAlternativeMPC 
Marilyn Manson2004Lest We Forget (The Best Of)IndustrialVBR 236 
Marilyn Manson2007Eat Me Drink Me PromoAlt. RockVBR 195 
Marilyn Manson Live1995UrinationIndustrial160k 
Mark Knopfler1996Golden HeartRock128k 
Mark Knopfler2000Sailing To PhiladelphiaRock192k 
Mark Knopfler2004Shangri LaRock256k 
Markus Schulz2005Miami '05Tribal-House256k 
Maroon 52002Songs About JaneAlternative-Rock256k 
Maroon 520041.22.03 AcousticAlternative-Rock256k 
Martin L. Gore1989Counterfeit (EP)Rock128k 
Martin L. Gore2003Counterfeit2Alt. Rock192k 
Marty Friedman1992ScenesRock160k 
Marty Friedman1995IntroductionRock160k 
Martyr1997Hopeless HopesTechnical Death MetalVBR 233 
Martyr2000Warp ZoneTechnical Death MetalVBR 224 
Marzuraan2006Solid Wood LPDrone/Doom MetalVBR 190 
Mashina Vremeni2000Yubilejnyj kontsert v Olimpyjskom (XXX let) [2xCD]Rock256k 
Massacra1990Final HolocaustDeath Metal192k 
Massacra1991Enjoy The ViolenceDeath Metal192k 
Massacra1992Signs Of The DeclineDeath Metal192k 
Massacra1994SickDeath Metal192k 
Massacra1995Humanize HumanDeath Metal192k 
Massacre1992Inhuman ConditionDeath Metal256k 
Massacre2006Tyrants of DeathDeath MetalVBR 195 
Massemord2007Let the World BurnBlack MetalVBR 203 
Massive Attack1997Remix AlbumTrip-Hop256k 
Master Musicians of Jajouka2000Master Musicians of Jajouka feat. Bachir AttarEthnic/WorldVBR 
Masterplan2003MasterplanPower Metal256k 
Masterplan2005AeronauticsPower Metal256k 
Masterplan2007Mk IIPower Metal256k 
Masters Of Reality2004Give Us BarabbasStoner Rock192k 
Mastodon2002RemissionStoner/Death MetalVBR 189 
Mastodon2004Leviathan (promo)Stoner/Death MetalVBR 236 
Mastodon2006Blood MountainProgressive Sludge/Metal256k 
Mastodon2006Call of the MastodonProgressive Sludge/Metal256k 
Masturbation2006Putrified Vaginal InfibulationBrutal Death MetalVBR 194 
Matricide2006Holy VirginBlack MetalVBR 165 
Mayhem1994De Mysteriis dom SathanasBlack Metal256k 
Mayhem1997Wolf's Lair AbyssBlack Metal256k 
Mayhem1999Mediolanum Capta EstBlack Metal160k 
Mayhem2000Grand Declaration of WarBlack Metal256k 
Mayhem2004ChimeraBlack Metal256k 
Mayhem2007Ordo Ad ChaoBlack MetalVBR 192 
Maze Of Torment2007Hidden CrueltyDeath/Thrash MetalVBR 234 
MC Hammer1990Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'EmRap128k 
MC Hammer2001Active DutyRap192k 
MC Rage With Digital Boy and DJ Bike2002September Forever (Vinyl)Hardcore192k 
Meduza2004Upon the World (Japanese Release)Heavy Metal192k 
Megadeth1985Killing Is My BusinessHeavy Metal224k 
Megadeth1986Peace Sells... But Who's BuyingHeavy MetalVBR 
Megadeth1988So Far, So Good... So What!Heavy Metal128k 
Megadeth1990Rust In PeaceHeavy Metal128k 
Megadeth1992Basic Dreams (bootleg)Heavy Metal256k 
Megadeth1992Countdown To ExtinctionHeavy Metal192k 
Megadeth1992Skin O My TeethHeavy MetalVBR 
Megadeth1994YouthanasiaHeavy Metal192k 
Megadeth1995Hidden TreasuresHeavy MetalVBR 
Megadeth1995The Other Side (bootleg)Heavy Metal256k 
Megadeth1997Cryptic WritingsHeavy/Thrash Metal160k 
Megadeth1999RiskHeavy Metal192k 
Megadeth1999Woodstock '99Heavy Metal160k 
Megadeth2000Capitol PunishmentHeavy Metal192k 
Megadeth2001The World Needs A HeroHeavy Metal192k 
Megadeth2002Killing Is My Business (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Megadeth2002Rude Awakening [2xCD]Heavy Metal192k 
Megadeth2004The System Has Failed (promo)Thrash MetalVBR 239 
Megaherz1997Wer Bist DuIndustrial256k 
Megaherz2000HimmelfahrtIndustrial/Gothic Metal256k 
Megaherz2002Herzwerk IIIndustrial/Gothic Metal256k 
Melancholy2003Fear Of EmptinessDoom/Gothic Metal256k 
Melancholy Pessimism1999InconsistentWorld 192k 
Melanie C1999Northern StarRock128k 
Melechesh2003SphynxBlack MetalVBR 232 
Melechesh2006EmissariesBlack/Death/Middle-Eastern Folk MetalVBR 241 
Melted2006Kill The RomanticsHardcore MetalVBR 243 
Memento Mori2004DiscographyHardcoreVBR 
Memories of Apocalypse2004Bleeding Through the PastDeath/Black MetalVBR 240 
Memory Garden1996TidesDoom/Power Metal256k 
Memory Garden1999Verdict of PosterityDoom/Power Metal256k 
Memory Garden2001MirageDoom/Power Metal256k 
Mendelssohn Felix VariousClassical128k 
Mental Care Foundation2006Hair Of The DogThrashy Groove MetalVBR 247 
Mercenary2002EverblackDeath Metal192k 
Mercenary200411 DreamsMelodic Death Metal256k 
Mercyful Fate1981House Of SatanHeavy Metal160k 
Mercyful Fate1982House Of Satan (Live)Black Metal256k 
Mercyful Fate1984Don't Break the OathHeavy Metal160k 
Mercyful Fate1996Into The UnknownHeavy MetalVBR 
Mercyful Fate1998Dead AgainHeavy MetalVBR 
Mercyful Fate19999Heavy Metal256k 
Mercyless1993Coloured FuneralDeath Metal/Post-Thrash256k 
Mercyless2004Abject Offerings (Reissue)Death Metal256k 
Meridian2002The Seventh SunBlack Metal192k 
Merlin2004Brutal ConstructorDeath Metal192k 
Merrimack2004Obsecrations to the hornedBlack MetalVBR 223 
Meshuggah1994SelfcagedDeath MetalVBR 253 
Meshuggah1995Destroy Erase ImproveThrash Metal256k 
Meshuggah1997The True Human Design E.PDeath Metal256k 
Meshuggah1998ChaosphereThrash Metal256k 
Meshuggah1999Contradictions Collapse & NoneDeath Metal/Hardcore256k 
Meshuggah2001Rare TraxDeath Metal/Hardcore192k 
Meshuggah2002NothingDeath Metal256k 
Meshuggah2004I [EP]Death MetalVBR 
Meshuggah2005Catch 33Technical Post-Thrash192k 
Metal Church1989Blessing in DisguiseTraditional/Power/Thrash Metal256k 
Metal Church1991The Human FactorTraditional/Power/Thrash Metal256k 
Metal Church1999MasterpeaceTraditional/Power/Thrash Metal256k 
Metal Church2006A Light in the DarkTraditional/Power/Thrash MetalVBR 223 
Metal Majesty2004This Is Not A DrillRockVBR 
Metalheadz Presents1997Platinum Breakz IIDrum & Bass160k 
Metallica No Life Till Leather [Demo]Heavy Metal128k 
Metallica1983Jump In The FireHeavy Metal112k 
Metallica1983Kill Em AllHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1984Ride The LightningHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1986Master Of PuppetsHeavy Metal192k 
Metallica1988...And Justice For AllHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1988And Justice For AllHeavy Metal192k 
Metallica1992MetallicaHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1993Live Shit Binge And PurgeHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1996LoadThrash Metal, Modern Rock256k 
Metallica1997ReloadHeavy Metal128k 
Metallica1999The Ecstasy Of Gold [2xCD]Heavy Metal128k 
Metallica1999Woodstock 99Heavy Metal128k 
Metallica2003St. AngerNu Metal192k 
Metallica2004Some Kind of MonsterThrash Metal256k 
Metallica2004The Unnamed Feeling [EP]MetalVBR 
Methods of Mayhem1999Methods of MayhemAlternative192k 
Metsatoll2006Lahinguvaljal Naeme RaiskFolk influenced Heavy MetalVBR 223 
Michael Pinnella2004Enter By the Twelfth GateNeo-Progressive256k 
Mick Jagger1987Primitive CoolRockVBR 
Microstoria1995Init DingElectronic192k 
Midnattsol2005Where Twilight DwellsGothic/Folk Metal256k 
Mighty Goat Obscenity2006Dogma SataniBlack MetalVBR 236 
Mike & Rich1996Expert Knob TwiddlersElectronic128k 
Mike Oldfield1973Tubular BellsElectronicVBR 
Mike Oldfield1975OmmadawnElectronicVBR 
Mike Oldfield2005Light And Shade Cd 1: LightElectronic256k 
Mike Oldfield2005Light And Shade Cd 2: ShadeElectronic256k 
Mike Portnoy2005Prime CutsNeo/Progressive Metal256k 
Miles Davis1949Birth Of The CoolJazz128k 
Miles Davis1960Sketches of SpainJazz256k 
Miles Davis1969Filles De KilimanjaroJazz256k 
Miles Davis1986TutuJazz256k 
Miles Davis1998The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions [4xCD]Jazz256k 
Miles Davis1999Panthalassa_The RemixesJazz160k 
Miles Davis2002Amandla (Remastered 1989)Jazz256k 
Miles Davis Quintet1966Miles SmilesJazz256k 
Milla Jovovich The Divine ComedyPop128k 
Minas Morgul2002Das Dunkle Reich Des PaganlordsBlack Metal192k 
Minas Tirith2004Dissertatio ProphetaeAvant-garde Black Metal192k 
Mindless Self Indulgence2005You Ll Rebel to AnythingIndustrial Dance, Industrial Metal256k 
Ministry1983With SympathyIndustrial112k 
Ministry1983Work for LoveIndustrial256k 
Ministry1988The Land Of Rape and HoneyIndustrial128k 
Ministry1989Burning InsideIndustrial112k 
Ministry1989The Mind is a Terrible thing to TasteIndustrial320k 
Ministry1995Filth PigIndustrial256k 
Ministry1995Filth PigIndustrial112k 
Ministry1996Psalm 69Industrial192k 
Ministry1999Dark Side Of The SpoonIndustrial256k 
Ministry2004Houses Of The MoleIndustialVBR 
Ministry2004Side TraxIndustrial256k 
Ministry2006Rio Grande BloodIndustrialABR 256 
Ministry of Sound Galaxy Mix (mixed by boy george) [2xCD]Trance128k 
Ministry of Sound Trance Nation vol.1 [2xCD]Trance128k 
Ministry of Sound Trance Nation vol.2 [2xCD]Trance128k 
Ministry of Sound1999The Year of Trance [2xCD]Trance128k 
Minotauri2007IIDoom MetalVBR 213 
Miranda1997Real RushClub/Dance128k 
Miriada2006Illusion Of LoveMelodic Power/Speed MetalVBR 237 
Misanthrope2000Immortal Misanthrope (MPC Q8)Sympo Doom/Death MetalVBR 258 
Misanthrope2000Recueil D'ecueilsSympo Doom/Death MetalMPC 
Misanthrope2003Sadistic Sex Daemon (MPC Q8)Sympo Doom/Death MetalVBR 248 
Misanthrope2004Therapie (MPC Q8)Sympo Doom/Death MetalVBR 238 
Misanthropic Art2006HomicidesBlack MetalVBR 236 
Misericordia2000Painful DreamDeath/Doom Metal192k 
Misericordia2004DechristianizeBlack Metal192k 
Misteltein2000Rape in RaptureSympho Black Metal192k 
Misteria2002Universe FuneralBlack Metal192k 
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra1999The Key to the Gates of ApocalypseBlack Metal128k 
Mistress of the Dead & Quercus2006SplitFuneral Doom MetalVBR 200 
Mithotyn1997In the Sign of RavensViking/Folk Metal256k 
Mithotyn1998King of the distant forestDeath Metal128k 
Mnemic2003Mechanical Spin PhenomenaNu MetalVBR 257 
Mnemic2004The Audio Injected SoulNu-MetalVBR 244 
Mnemic2007PassengerNu-MetalVBR 224 
Mo-Do1995Was Its DasTechno128k 
Mob Rules2006Ethnolution A.D.Melodic Power MetalVBR 245 
Moby1995Everything Is WrongElectronic128k 
Moby1999I Like To ScoreElectronic128k 
Moby2000Play (limited edition 2cd box set)Electronic192k 
Moby2005Hotel (Limited Edition Mit Bonus-CD)Ambient Techno, Downtempo256k 
Moby2005Lift Me UpAmbient Techno, Downtempo256k 
Modern Talking1985Let's Talk About LoveClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1985The 1st AlbumClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1986In The Middle Of NowhereClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1986Ready For RomanceClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1987In The Garden Of VenusClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1987Romantic WarriorsClub/Dance128k 
Modern Talking1998Back for goodClub/Dance128k 
Modest Mouse2004Good News For People Who Love Bad NewsBritPopVBR 
Mog Ruith2005Catatonic Stellar IllusionsBlack/Thrash MetalVBR 234 
Moksha2005AnsiumHeavy Metal256k 
Moloko1995Do You Like My Tight SweaterClub/Dance160k 
Molotov1997Donde Jugaran Las NinasLatin192k 
Molotov2003ApocalypshitAlt. Metal/Rap MetalVBR 221 
Monkey Mafia1998Shoot the BossDrum & Bass128k 
Monolith2003One Nation Under MetalThrash Metal192k 
Monolithe2003Monolithe IDoom MetalMPC 
Monster Magnet2001God Says NoStoner Metal256k 
Monster Magnet2004Monolithic BabyStoner Metal256k 
Monsterworks2006The Precautionary PrincipleThrash/Death/Heavy MetalVBR 234 
Monstrosity2007Spiritual ApocalypseDeath MetalVBR 232 
Montefiori Coctail2000Raccolta N.2Jazz192k 
Moon1999Satan's WeptSymphonic Black Metal256k 
Moonsorrow2001Suden uniBlack Metal192k 
Moonsorrow2001Voimasta Ja KunniastaPagan Metal192k 
Moonsorrow2003KivenkantajaPagan MetalVBR 
Moonsorrow2005VerisakeetDeath MetalVBR 227 
Moonsorrow2007Chapter V: RavagedViking/Folk MetalVBR 245 
Moonspell Unreleased TracksGothic Rock128k 
Moonspell1994Anno Satanae (Demo)Death Metal192k 
Moonspell1994Under The MoonspellGothic Rock128k 
Moonspell1995WolfheartGothic Rock128k 
Moonspell1996IrreligiousGothic RockVBR 
Moonspell19972econd SkinGothic Rock128k 
Moonspell1998SIN_PecadoGothic RockVBR 
Moonspell1999The Butterfly EffectGothic RockVBR 
Moonspell2001Darkness and HopeGothic MetalVBR 
Moonspell2003The AntidoteGothic Rock192k 
Moonspell2006MemorialGothic MetalVBR 233 
Moonspell2007Anno SatanaeGothic/Black MetalVBR 226 
Moray Eel2006Priest HunterThrash/Death MetalVBR 234 
Morbid Angel2003Heretic (promo)Death Metal192k 
Morcheeba1996Who Can You TrustTrip-Hop128k 
Morcheeba1998The Big CalmTrip-Hop160k 
Morcheeba2000Fragments of FreedomTrip-Hop128k 
Morcheeba2001Back to MineTrip-Hop128k 
Morcheeba2005The AntidoteTrip-Hop256k 
Mord2004MordeBlack Metal192k 
Morda2003Eighty SixMetalcore192k 
Mordhell2004Rehearsal_15_02_04 (demo)Black Metal192k 
Morgion1997Among Majestic RuinDeath/Doom Metal256k 
Morgion2004Cloaked By Ages,Crowned In EarthDoom Metal192k 
Morgoth1990The Eternal FallHeavy Metal192k 
Morgoth1991CursedDeath Metal192k 
Morgoth1993OdiumDeath Metal192k 
Morgoth1996Feel Sorry for the FanaticHeavy Metal192k 
Morgue1999BonecrunchDeath Metal192k 
Morgul1998Parody of the MassBlack Metal256k 
Morgul2000The Horror GrandeurBlack Metal192k 
Morgul2001The Sketch Of The Supposed MurdererBlack Metal192k 
Moribund Oblivion2006Machine BrainBlack MetalVBR 221 
Morkriket2005HassgardBlack MetalVBR 193 
Morphia1998Unfulfilled DreamsDeath Metal256k 
Morphia2002Frozen DustDeath Metal, Symphonic Doom Metal256k 
Morphia2004Fading BeautyDeath Metal, Symphonic Doom Metal256k 
Morrigan2006CeltsBlack MetalVBR 233 
Morrissey1997Suedehead: The Best of MorrisseyPop256k 
Mors Principium Est2003InhumanityDeath Metal256k 
Mors Principium Est2004UnbornMelodic Death Metal256k 
Mors Principium Est2007Liberation = TerminationMelodic Death MetalVBR 223 
Mors Principium Est2007Liberation = TerminationMelodic Death MetalVBR 223 
Mortal Love2005I Have LostGothic Metal256k 
Mortalized2007DeathvilleDeath/Grind MetalVBR 196 
Mortem2005CorpsophagiaBrutal Death Metal256k 
Morten Harket1995Wild SeedRock128k 
Morthound1994The Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World BeautifulGothic160k 
Mortician1996Hacked up for barbecueDeath Metal192k 
Mortician1999Chainsaw DismembermentHeavy Metal128k 
Mortifer2006CybernizedDeath MetalVBR 259 
Mortification2006Erasing the GoblinDeath MetalVBR 195 
Mortiis1993Fodt Til A HerskeGothic192k 
Mortiis1995Anden Som Gjorde OpprorGothic192k 
Mortiis1995Keiser Av En Dimension UkjentGothic192k 
Mortiis1996Crypt Of The WizardGothic192k 
Mortiis1999The StargateGothic192k 
Mortiis2001The Smell Of RainElectronic Darkwave192k 
Mortiis2004The Grudge (promo)GothicVBR 207 
Moss2005Cthonic RitesDoom MetalVBR 179 
Motorhead1980Another Perfect DayHeavy Metal160k 
Motorhead1996Another Perfect Day (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1996Bomber (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1996Fast Loose and LiveHeavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1996Iron Fist (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1996March Or DieHeavy Metal128k 
Motorhead1996Overkill (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1996The Best of Motorhead (Live)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1997Orgasmatron (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead1997Rock'N'Roll (Remastered)Heavy Metal192k 
Motorhead2006Kiss of DeathHeavy/Speed MetalVBR 254 
Mournful Congregation1999Tears From A Grieving HeartDoom Metal192k 
Mournful Congregation2005The Monad of CreationFuneral Doom MetalVBR 197 
Mournful Gust2005She's My GriefMetal192k 
Mourning Beloveth2001DustDoom/Death Metal192k 
Mourning Beloveth2002The Sullen SulcusDoom/Death Metal192k 
Mourning Beloveth2005A Murderous CircusDoom/Death MetalVBR 225 
Mourning Dawn2006The Freezing Hand Of ReasonDark/Black MetalVBR 198 
Mourning Dawn2007Mourning DawnBlack MetalVBR 183 
Mouse on Mars1997AutoditackerElectronic160k 
Mouse on Mars2001IdiologyElectronic256k 
Mozart1980Die Zauberflote [3xCD]Classical256k 
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus VariousClassical128k 
Mr Electric Triangle1996Kosmosis of the DubElectronic256k 
Mr.Bungle1999CaliforniaAvant-Garde/Fusion Metal256k 
Mudvayne2000L.D. 50Alternative/Heavy Metal256k 
Mudvayne2001Beginning of All Things to EndAlternative/Heavy Metal256k 
Mudvayne2002The End of All Things to ComeAlternative/Heavy Metal256k 
Mudvayne2005Lost and FoundAlternative/Heavy Metal256k 
Munruthel2004Orianas TalesBlack Metal192k 
Murder One2006Some Things Are Better Left UnsaidDeath/Hardcore/Sludge MetalVBR 220 
Murderdolls2002Beyond the Valley of the MurderdollsRap-Metal256k 
Muse1999ShowbizAlt. Rock192k 
Muse2001Origin of SymmetryAlt. Rock192k 
Muse2002Hullabaloo OST [2xCD]Alt. Rock192k 
Mushroomhead2006Savior SorrowAlt. MetalVBR 182 
Muslimgauze1999Muslimgauze VS Species Of FishesAmbient192k 
Musorgskiy Modest Petrovich VariousClassical128k 
My Darkest Hate2002To Whom It May ConcernDeath Metal192k 
My Darkest Hate2004At WarDeath Metal192k 
My Dying Bride Towards the Sinister [Demo]Doom Metal128k 
My Dying Bride1991Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera EmpyriumDoom Metal128k 
My Dying Bride1992As the Flower WithersDoom Metal192k 
My Dying Bride1993Turn Loose The SwansDoom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride1995The Angel & The Dark RiverDoom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride1995Trinity (remastered)Doom MetalVBR 
My Dying Bride1996Like Gods Of The SunDoom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride199834.788 % ... CompleteDoom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride1999The Light at the End of the WorldDoom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride2001The Dreadful HoursDoom/Goth192k 
My Dying Bride2004Songs of Darkness Words of LightDoom256k 
My Dying Bride2005Anti-Diluvian Chronicles [3xCD]Doom Metal256k 
My Dying Bride2006A Line of Deathless KingsDoom MetalVBR 226 
My Shameful2004...Of DustDoom/Death Metal128k 
My Shameful2006The Return To NothingDeath MetalVBR 234 
My Threnody2002An Angel and the Eternal SilenceSympho Doom Metal192k 
My Threnody2005The Dawn of UnderstandingOrchestral Dark Metal192k 
Mygrain2006Orbit DanceMelodic Death/GothenburgVBR 257 
Mykorrhiza2006Northern RemembranceDeath MetalVBR 227 
Myon1998Heavens GardenMetal192k 
Myon2002Ghost in ParadiseHard Rock192k 
Myriads1996In Spheres Without TimeDoom192k 
Myriads2002IntrospectionGothic Metal192k 
Mystic Circle1997Morgenrte (Der Schrei nach Finsternis)Black Metal192k 
Mystic Circle2001The Great BeastBlack Metal256k 
Mystic Circle2002DamienBlack Metal256k 
Mystic Circle2003Open the gates of hellDeath Metal256k 
Mystic Prophecy2001VengeanceProgressive Metal256k 
Mystic Prophecy2003RegressusPower Metal256k 
Mystic Prophecy2004Never EndingPower MetalVBR 247 
Mystic Prophecy2006Savage SoulsPower/Speed/Thrash Metal256k 
Mystica2006Carol AnneMelodic Death/Black MetalVBR 230 
Mystical Gate2004In Sadness Gloom...Doom/Progressive Metal256k 
Mysticum2004In The Streams Of InfernoBlack Metal192k 
Mnegarm2004Vargaresa - The BeginningBlack Metal256k 
Naastrand2006Chants d'EuropeFolkish Black MetalVBR 212 
Nachtfalke2006First BattlesBlack Metal, Viking MetalVBR 245 
Nachtmystium2006Instinct: DecayBlack MetalVBR 210 
Naer Mataron2004Awaken in Oblivion 'Up from the Ashes' [2xCD]Black Metal256k 
Nagelfar1997Huenengrab Im HerbstBlack Metal192k 
Naglfar1998Diabolical (japanese retail)Black Metal192k 
Naglfar2002Vittra (re-release with bonus)Black Metal192k 
Naglfar2003SheolBlack Metal192k 
Nahemah2000ChrysalisBlack MetalABR 184 
Nahemah2007The Second PhilosophyProgressive Death MetalVBR 206 
Nailbomb1994Point BlankIndustrial Metal192k 
Nailbomb1995Proud To Commit Commercial SuicideIndustrial Metal192k 
Napalm Death1988From Enslavement to ObliteratiGrindcore, Death Metal256k 
Napalm Death1990Harmony CorruptionGrindcore256k 
Napalm Death1992Utopia BanishedGrindcore256k 
Napalm Death1994Fear, Emptiness, DespairGrindcore256k 
Napalm Death1995Greed Killing [EP]Thrash Metal256k 
Napalm Death1996DiatribesGrindcore192k 
Napalm Death1997Inside the Torn ApartGrindcore192k 
Napalm Death1999Leaders Not Followers [EP]Thrash Metal192k 
Napalm Death1999Words From The Exit WoundThrash Metal256k 
Napalm Death2000Enemy of the Music BusinessHeavy Metal192k 
Napalm Death2002Order of the leechDeath Metal256k 
Napalm Death2003Noise for musics sake [2xCD]Death MetalMPC 
Napalm Death2006Smear CampaignGrindcore/Death MetalVBR 227 
Narcosis2006RomanceGrindcoreVBR 247 
Nargaroth2004Rasluka Part I (CDM)Black Metal192k 
Narnia1998AwakeningPower, Neo-classical metal256k 
Narnia2001Desert LandPower, Neo-Classical Metal256k 
Narnia2003The Great FallPower, Neo-Classical Metal256k 
Nasty Savage2004Psycho PsychoThrash MetalVBR 260 
Nasum2004Shift (promo)Death MetalVBR 259 
Natalie Imbruglia1998Left Of The MiddleRock128k 
Natalie Imbruglia1999The BestRock160k 
Natalie Imbruglia2005Counting Down the DaysPop-Rock256k 
Nattefrost2004Blood & VomitBlack Metal256k 
Naumachia2005WrathornMelodic Black/Death Metal256k 
Nazxul2006Black Seed (Reissue)Black MetalVBR 170 
Neablis2007Sketches Of RealityBlack MetalVBR 234 
Necromantia1996Scarlet Evil Witching BlackBlack Metal192k 
Necromicon1998Realm Of SilenceBlack Metal256k 
Necromicon1998SightveilerBlack Metal192k 
Necromicon2001Peccata MundiDeath Metal128k 
Necronomicon2003The Sacred MedicinesDeath Metal256k 
Necronomicon2004Construction of Evil (promo)Thrash MetalVBR 225 
Necrophagia1998Holocausto De La MorteBlack/Death Metal192k 
Necrophagia2003Divine Art Of TortureDeath/Black Metal256k 
Necrophagist2001Onset of PutrefactionTechnical Brutal Death Metal256k 
Necrophagist2004EpitaphDeath Metal256k 
Necrophobic1997DarksideDeath/Black Metal256k 
Necrophobic2002BloodhymnsDeath Metal256k 
Necrophobic2003Tour EP 2003Death/Black Metal256k 
Negative Creeps2004Mutual AnnihilationTrash MetalVBR 237 
Negura Bunget2006OmBlack MetalVBR 232 
Nehemah2004Requiem TenebraeBlack Metal256k 
Nekrokrist SS2007SuicideBlack MetalVBR 231 
Neolithic1996For Destroy The LamentDoom Metal192k 
Neolithic2002My Beautiful EnemyDeath/Doom MetalMPC 
Neoplasmah2002The Sideral PassageDeath Metal192k 
Neotropic199515 Levels of MagnificationElectronic160k 
Neuraxis2004Truth Imagery Passage (Discography, 2xCD)Brutal/Death/ThrashVBR 246 
Neuromotor2001Neuro DamagePsychedelic192k 
Neurosis2004The Eye Of Every StormAlternative/AvantgardeVBR 243 
Never Is A Promise2005The Murder DiariesHardcoreVBR 211 
Neverland2007SchizophreniaMelodic Progressive MetalVBR 221 
Nevermore2000Dead Heart In A Dead WorldHeavy Metal192k 
Nevermore2005This Godless EndeavorPower/Thrash/Groove Metal256k 
Nevermore2006In Memory (remastered)Power/Thrash MetalVBR 203 
Nevermore2006Nevermore (remastered)Power/Thrash MetalVBR 223 
Nevermore2006The Politics of Ecstasy (remastered)Power/Thrash MetalVBR 233 
New Order1994(the best of) NewOrderAlt. Rock192k 
New Order1995(the rest of) NewOrderAlt. Rock256k 
New Order1995Best of New OrderAlt. Rock160k 
New Order2002InternationalAlt. Rock256k 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds1988Tender PreyRock192k 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds1990The Good SonRock192k 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds1992Henry's DreamRock256k 
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds1997The Boatmans CallRock128k 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds2001The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds [Bonus CD]Rock256k